৶ Download Paperback ु Brain Games for Dogs: Training, Tricks and Activities for your Dog’s Physical and Mental wellness(Dog training, Puppy training,Pet training books, Puppy ... games for dogs, How to train a dog Book 1) For Free ᳻ Kindle By Carrie Nichole ᔂ

৶ Download Paperback ु Brain Games for Dogs: Training, Tricks and Activities for your Dog’s Physical and Mental wellness(Dog training, Puppy training,Pet training books, Puppy ... games for dogs, How to train a dog Book 1) For Free ᳻ Kindle By Carrie Nichole ᔂ ৶ Download Paperback ु Brain Games for Dogs: Training, Tricks and Activities for your Dog’s Physical and Mental wellness(Dog training, Puppy training,Pet training books, Puppy ... games for dogs, How to train a dog Book 1) For Free ᳻ Kindle By Carrie Nichole ᔂ As a dog owner, I could say that this book is really helpful in terms of being able to train my dog and at the same time, having the bond we should have I could say that Carrie has written this book wonderfully and yet easy to understand Brain Games For Dogs is very helpful My dog Skittles at a very young age knows how to sit and go to his place whenever necessary things need to take place I would really love to give this one a kudos By Danielle on September 20, 2016 I have long been wondering how there are smart dogs and there are lazy dogs My dog Mc Steamy falls for the latter category Knowing that dogs need brain stimulation just as humans do, thats when this book comes in Theres several good ideas for games that I can apply to my lovely lazy cutie dog The part where it made me like the book is the notion that applies to all kinds of dogs As the book points out, No dog is left behind.While, the author guarantees that these tips and tricks make dogs smarter, I have doubts with my Mc Steamys capabilities LOLI realized that these games are effective in enhancing brain function of dogs They are also rewarding for both your dog and the owner It is full of fun I am taking them down now I will surely apply them as soon as I have the play time with my Mc Steamy again By KCreader on September 17, 2016 Most of all, these mind games are designed to be fun, fast and effective for all dogs to enjoy Short book but great for teaching tricks and playing games for dogs By Apple G.on September 22, 2016 This book brought up an idea which I have never heard of before, brain training for dogs I know that brain training and brain games are useful ways to become sharper and smarter but I never thought that the same tips could be adapted for my dog This book has probably 30 different games you can play with your dogs which will make them understand that they are loved and challenge their mental faculties to make sure that they stay sharp as they age Good book, highly recommendedBy Maxon June 9, 2015 Part 1 Lets get ready for the gamesTraining your pet is not only fun but challenging as well Before anything else, be aware that teaching your dog entails focus and a lot of positive reinforcement Like us, learning becomes easy with encouragement Have your props on hand for the games Then, prepare a lot of food or treat for your pet as a reward for a job well done What is a brain game A Brain Game is a fun way to test ones memory, attention, language capability, and other special skills It applies not only with humans, but with pets, like dogs, as well Why do activities are vital for dogs The brain games have many additional advantages They are a great way to bond with your pet Many of the games offer physical exercise as well as mental Dog brain games are rewarding too It is exciting for both of you when he learns a skill and even so when he masters it When you embark on these games, you will find a wonderful world of tail wagging adventures await you.Chapter 1 Introducing Brain GamesBrain games are the latest craze Studies show that these fun games are very effective ways to enhance learning skills and improve memory too Brain games for humans are steadily gaining in popularity but the ones for the family pooch adds a whole new tailspin on the subject.What are brain games for dogs Just as they do for humans, brain games provide endless hours of entertainment and sharpen the mind at the same time They are games that provoke thinking, problem solving, memory and other skills that exercise the brain But, of course, the difference is, they are designed for dogs.While crossword puzzles, Rubiks cubes, Sudoku and Memory are favorite brain games for humans, dogs prefer ones of a slightly different nature Canines love running, jumping, treats and affection, so it just makes sense that when embarking on games that will enhance your dogs brain that you do so with the goal of captivating his interests also After all, you cant really send your pup to time out for not participating in them, so its imperative to get his attention to gain his willing cooperation.How do dog brain games work First, lets examine how a dogs brain works In many ways, a canines brain resembles that of a humans For one, both are social creatures, which means that there is a portion of both human and dog brains devoted to social related information processing Neural control mechanisms in both brains possess verbal auditory awareness in verbal communication That is to say they both have voice areas While dogs cannot actually engage in verbal communication, like conversations, as humans do, studies prove that they do comprehend much of what is said to them Not only that, they detect the meanings of tones as well Dog owners can attest to the fact that their dog knows their voice, their tone and usually, the underlying meaning behind what is being said Love is another thing humans and dogs share While love is an emotion, it originates in the brain Brain scans have even been performed that confirm that love stems from the same part of the brain in both canines and humans Likewise, the part of the brain where positive emotions come from called the caudate nucleus, a part of the brain associated with positive emotions called the caudate nucleus is quite similar in both species While a dogs brain is actually only about one tenth the size of a human brain, the analogous structures are much like a human They have very similar brain waves, and in dreaming If you have a dog, you have probably noted him paddling his hind legs as if he is running or even whining in his sleep Dogs have memories, too He may not be up to recalling his whole week or year as humans are able to do, but he certainly recognizes people, places, and things Many dogs get very excited when in route to a favorite spot He begins to see and smell things that are familiar along the way and kicks into high gear, anticipating where he is going.Yet one aspect that the two brains have in common is the fact that when an area of the brain is neglected, it becomes less useful or of no use at all Like muscles that are not working, the function is eventually lost That is why brain games are so important in both humans and dogs Its like use it or lose it, as the old saying goes As a dog owner, it is up to you to keep your four legged friends brain active and alive After all, he would do the same for you and in many ways, he already does Research shows that dogs stimulate human brains also, so its only right to stimulate his in return.Chapter 2 The Basic SkillsNow that it is clear what brain training games for dogs are and why it is so important to engage your dog in them, its time to let the games begin The first step in doing so is to decide what games you are going to introduce as well as when and where you will do so Be sure that it is at a time that your dog is at ease and in a place he is comfortable A noisy, crowded dog park is not going to be a very productive place for your dog to concentrate nor is a spot that is crawling with cats if he is excited by them or where strangers are roaming The privacy of his own turf is often the best place, especially when the games are new to him So find a relaxed and familiar place and be sure your dog is in a calm state Above all, make the games fun and rewarding for both you and your furry friend.WORD GAMES There are many brain training games to choose from that will stimulate your dogs brain, but it is best to start with a very basic one Think of your dog as a baby or young child and teach him accordingly One good place to start is with word games If your dog already knows the names of some of his toys, begin by reviewing them If not, its time to learn them.Keep in mind that dogs vary in temperament and in intelligence too Some dogs are extremely smart and focused, others are a bit lacking in one of both areas Be patient and work at the level your dog is at, but encourage him to go further each time.To teach him the name of a toy, engage his interest Toss a ball into the air and say Ball Repetition is of essence so do this over and over, having him to bring the ball back to you or if he is not a good fetcher, simply allowing him to play with the ball When you feel he has the word ball down and clearly associates it with the object, have him go get the ball or whatever object you are working with When he has mastered the challenge, introduce him to another toy such as a squeaky lamb or a baby Again, repeat the name of the object over and over and encourage him to participate.For some dogs, it may take minutes to associate the correct toy with the name of it For others, it may take much longer But once he has mastered name and object association for a group of toys, mix them up and call the name of one so that he will go and pick it out Again, some dogs will do this activity like a pro and othersnot so much When he picks the correct object, praise him and give him a treat if you want to Make a big deal over his accomplishment and he will want to do it over and over again Dogs aim to please It is said that dog owners need training as much or as the dogs do Train yourself to verbalize things with your dog which will enhance his awareness of what the verbal name for things are For instance, when it is time to feed him, talk to him You might ask him if he is hungry like you would a young child Hungry , you can say or Eat Soon you will notice that when you say the keywords, he will head to his food bowl. 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