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← Free online novels → Ebook By Harlan Coben ❋ ← Free online novels → Ebook By Harlan Coben ❋ Chapter One Otto Burke, the Wizard of Schmooze, raised his game another level Come on, Myron, he urged with neoreligious fervor I m sure we can come to an understanding here You give a little We give a little The Titans are a team In some larger sense I would like all of us to be a team You included Let s be a real team, Myron What do you say Myron Bolitar steepled his fingers He had read somewhere that steepled fingers made you look like a thoughtful person He felt foolish I d like nothing , Otto, he said, returning the pointless volley for the umpteenth time Really I would But we ve given as much as we can It s your turn now Otto nodded vigorously, as if he had just heard some philosophical whimsy that put Socrates to shame He tilted his head, angling the painted on smile toward his team s general manager Larry, what do you think Taking his cue, Larry Hanson pounded the conference table with a fist hairy enough to be a gerbil Bolitar can go to hell he shouted, playing enraged to the hilt You hear me, Bolitar You understand what I m telling you Go to hell Go to hell, Myron repeated with a nod Got it You being a wiseass with me Huh Answer me, dammit You being a wiseass Myron looked at him You have a poppy seed stuck in your teeth Goddamn wiseass And you re beautiful when you re angry Your whole face lights up Larry Hanson s eyes widened He swung his line of vision toward his boss, then back to Myron You re out of your league here, Bolitar And you fucking know it Myron said nothing The truth of the matter was, Larry Hanson was partially right Myron was out of his league He had been in sports representation for only two years now Most of his clients were borderline cases guys who were lucky to make the cut and grabbed the league s minimum And football was far from his specialty He had only three NFL players, only one of whom was a starter Now Myron sat across from thirty one year old wunderkind Otto Burke, the youngest owner in the NFL, and Larry Hanson, former football legend turned exec, negotiating a contract that even in his inexperienced hands would be the biggest rookie contract in NFL history Yes, he Myron Bolitar had landed Christian Hot Prop Steele Two time Heisman trophy winning quarterback Three straight AP and UPI number one rankings All American four years in a row If that wasn t enough, the kid was an endorsement wet dream An A student, good looking, articulate, polite, and white hey, it mattered Best of all, he was Myron s The offer is on the table, gentlemen, Myron continued We think it s than fair Otto Burke shook his head It s a load of crap Larry Hanson shouted You re a goddamn idiot, Bolitar You re going to flush this kid s career down the toilet Myron spread his arms How about a group hug Larry was about to offer up another expletive, but Otto stopped him with a raised hand In Larry s playing days Dick Butkus and Ray Nitzchke couldn t stop him with body blows Now this one hundred fifty pound Harvard grad could silence him with but a wave Otto Burke leaned forward He hadn t stopped smiling, hadn t stopped the hand gestures, hadn t stopped the eye contact like an Anthony Robbins Personal Power infomercial come to life Disconcerting as all hell Otto was a small, fragile looking man with the tiniest fingers Myron had ever seen His hair was dark and heavy metal long, flowing to his shoulders He was baby faced with a silly goatee that looked as if it d been sketched on in pencil He smoked a very long cigarette, or maybe it just appeared long against his tiny fingers Now, Myron, Otto said, let s speak rationally here, okay Rationally Let s Great, Myron, that ll be helpful The truth is, Christian Steele is an unknown, untested quantity He hasn t even put on a pro uniform yet He may be the bust of the century Larry snorted You should know something about that, Bolitar about players who amount to nothing Who crap out Myron ignored him He had heard the insult before It no longer bothered him Sticks and stones and all that We are talking about perhaps the greatest quarterback prospect in history, he replied steadily You made three trades and gave up six players to get his rights You didn t do all that if you didn t believe he has what it takes But this proposal Otto stopped, looked up as though searching the ceiling tiles for the right word it s not sound Crap is like it, Larry added It s final, Myron said Otto shook his head, the smile unfazed Let s talk this through, okay Let s look at it from every conceivable angle You re new at this, Myron an ex jock reaching for the executive brass ring I respect that You re a young guy trying to give it a go Heck, I admire that Really Myron bit down He could have pointed out that he and Otto were the same age, but he so loved being patronized Didn t everybody If you make a mistake on this, Otto continued, it could be the sort of thing that destroys your career Do you know what I mean Plenty of people already feel that you re not up to this to handling such a high profile client Not me, of course I think you re a very bright guy Shrewd But the way you re acting He shook his head like a teacher disenchanted with a favorite pupil Larry stood, glowering down at Myron Why don t you give the kid some good advice he said Tell him to get a real agent Myron had expected this whole good cop, bad cop routine He had, in fact, expected worse Larry Hanson had not yet attacked the sexual appetites of anyone s mother Still, Myron preferred the bad cop to the good cop Larry Hanson was a frontal assault, easily spotted and handled Otto Burke was the snake infested high grass with buried land mines Then I guess we have nothing to discuss, Myron said I believe a holdout would be unwise, Myron, Otto said It might soil Christian s squeaky clean image Hurt his endorsements Cost you both a great deal of money You don t want to lose money, Myron Myron looked at him I don t No, you don t Can I jot that down He picked up a pencil and began scribbling Don t want to lose money He grinned at both men Am I picking up pointers today or what Larry mumbled, Goddamn wiseass Otto s smile remained locked on autopilot If I may be so bold, he continued, I would think Christian would want to collect quickly Oh There are those who have serious reservations about Christian Steele s future There are those Otto drew deeply on his cigarette who believe he may have had something to do with that girl s disappearance Ah, Myron said, that s like it More like what You re starting to fling mud For a second there I thought I wasn t asking for enough Larry Hanson stuck a thumb in Myron s direction Do you believe this fucking sliver of pond film we re sitting with You raise a legitimate issue about Christian s ex bimbo, one that goes to the heart of his value as a public relations commodity Pitiful rumors, Myron interrupted No one believed them If anything, they made the public sympathetic to Christian s tragedy And don t call Kathy Culver a bimbo Larry raised an eyebrow Well, well, aren t we touchy, he said, for a low life pissant Myron s expression did not change He had met Kathy Culver five years ago when she was a sopho in high school, already a budding beauty Like her sister Jessica Eighteen months ago Kathy had mysteriously vanished from the campus of Reston University To this day no one knew where she was or what had happened to her The story had all the media s favorite tasty morsels a gorgeous co ed, the fiance of football star Christian Steele, the sister of novelist Jessica Culver, a strong hint of sexual assault for extra seasoning The press could not help themselves They attacked like ravenous relatives around a buffet table But just recently a second tragedy had befallen the Culver family Adam Culver, Kathy s father, had been murdered three nights earlier in what police were calling a botched robbery Myron wanted very much to contact the family, to do than merely offer simple condolences, but he had decided to stay away, not knowing if he was welcome, fairly certain he wasn t Now if There was a knock on the door It opened a crack, and Esperanza stuck her head in Call for you, Myron, she said Take a message I think you ll want to take it Esperanza stayed in the doorway Her dark eyes gave away nothing, but he understood I ll be right there, he said She slipped back through the door Larry Hanson gave an appreciative whistle She s a babe, Bolitar Gee, thanks, Larry That means a lot coming from you He rose I ll be right back We don t have all goddamn day to jerk off here I m sure you don t He left the conference room and met up with Esperanza at her desk The Meal Ticket, she told him He said it was urgent Christian Steele From her petite frame most would not guess that Esperanza used to be a professional wrestler For three years she had been known on the circuit as Little Pocahontas The fact that Esperanza Diaz was Latina, without a trace of American Indian blood, did not seem to bother the FLOW Fabulous Ladies of Wrestling organization A minor detail, they said Latino, Indian, what s the difference At the height of her pro wrestling career, the same script was played out every week in arenas all over the U.S of A Esperanza Pocahontas would enter the ring wearing moccasins, a suede fringed dress, and a headband that lassoed her long black hair away from her dark face The suede dress came off before the fight, leaving a somewhat flimsier and less traditional Native American garb in its stead Professional wrestling has a pretty simple plot with painfully few variations Some wrestlers are bad Some are good Pocahontas was good, a crowd favorite She was cute and small and quick and had a tight little body Everyone loved her She would always be winning the fight on skill when her opponent would do something illegal throw sand in her eyes, use a dreaded foreign object that everyone in the free world except the referee could see to turn the tide Then the bad wrestler would bring in a couple of extra cronies, ganging up three against one on poor Pocahontas, pounding mercilessly on the brave beauty to the unequivocal shock and chagrin of the announcers, who had seen the same thing happen last week and the week before Just when it seemed there was no hope, Big Chief Mama, a mammoth creature, charged out of the locker room and threw the beasts off the defenseless Pocahontas Then together Big Chief Mama and Little Pocahontas would defeat the forces of evil Massively entertaining I ll take it in my office, Myron said As he entered he saw the nameplate on his desk, a gift from his parents MYRON BOLITAR SPORTS AGENT He shook his head Myron Bolitar He still couldn t believe someone would name a kid Myron When his family first moved to New Jersey, he had told everyone in his new high school that his name was Mike Nope, no dice Then he tried to nickname himself Mickey Unh unh Everyone reverted to Myron the name was like a horror movie monster that would not die To answer the obvious question No, he never forgave his parents He picked up the phone Christian Mr Bolitar Is that you Yes And please call me Myron Acceptance of the inevitable, a sign of a wise man I m sorry to interrupt you I know how busy you are I m busy negotiating your contract I have Otto Burke and Larry Hanson in the next room I appreciate that, Mr Bolitar, but this is very important His voice was trembling I have to see you right away He switched hands Something wrong, Christian Mr Perceptive I I d rather not discuss it over the phone Would you be able to meet me at my room on campus Sure, no problem What time Now, please I I don t know what to make of this I want you to see it Myron took a deep breath No problem I ll throw Otto and Larry out It ll be good for the negotiations I ll be there in an hour It took a lot longer Myron entered the Kinney garage on Forty sixth Street, not too far from his Park Avenue office He nodded to Mario, the garage attendant, walked past the pricing sheet, which had a small disclaimer on the bottom that read not including 97% tax, and headed to his car on the lower level A Ford Taurus Your basic Babe Magnet He was about to unlock the door when he heard a hissing sound Like a snake Or likely, air escaping from a tire The sound emanated from his back right tire A quick examination told Myron that it had been slashed Hi, Myron He spun around Two men grinned at him One was the size of a small Third World nation Myron was big nearly six four and two hundred twenty pounds but he guessed that this guy must have been six six and closing in on three hundred A heavy duty weight lifter, his whole body was puffed up as if he were wearing inflatable life vests under his clothes The second man was of average build He wore a fedora The big man lumbered toward Myron s car His arms swung stiffly at his sides He kept tilting his head, cracking the part of the anatomy that on a normal human being might be called a neck Having some car trouble he asked with a chuckle Flat tire, Myron said There s a spare in the trunk Change it I don t think so, Bolitar This was just a little warning Oh The human edifice grabbed the lapels of Myron s jacket Stay away from Chaz Landreaux He s already signed First change my tire The grin increased It was a stupid, cruel grin Next time I won t be so nice He grabbed a little tighter, bunching up the suit and tie Understand You are aware, of course, that steroids make your balls shrink The man s face reddened Oh, yeah Maybe I oughta smash your face in, huh Maybe I oughta pulverize you into oatmeal Oatmeal Yeah Nice image, really Fuck you Myron sighed Then his whole body seemed to snap into motion at the same time He started with a head butt that landed square on the big man s nose There was a squelching noise like beetles being stepped on Blood gushed from the nose Son of a Myron cradled the back of the big man s head for leverage and smashed his elbow into the sweet of the Adam s apple, nearly caving the windpipe all the way in There was a painful, gurgling choke Then silence Myron followed up with a knife hand strike to the back of the neck below the skull The big man slid to the ground like wet sand Okay, that s enough The man with the fedora stepped closer, a gun drawn and pointed at Myron s chest Back away from him Now Myron squinted at him Is that really a fedora I said, back off Okay, okay, I m backing You didn t have to do that, the smaller man said with almost childlike hurt He was just doing his job A misunderstood youth, Myron added Now I feel terrible Just stay away from Chaz Landreaux, okay Not okay Tell Roy O Connor I said it s not okay Hey, I ain t hired to get no answer I m just delivering Without another word the man with the fedora helped his fallen colleague to his feet The big man stumbled to their car, one hand on his nose, the other massaging his windpipe His nose was busted, but his throat would hurt even worse, especially when he swallowed They got in and quickly drove away They did not stop to change Myron s tire.A mystery thriller with all the right stuff, intrigue, suspense, romance and humorCoben keeps you in suspense from beginning to end The Newark TribuneLike fellow wise cracking P.I s Spenser and Elvis Cole, Myron Bolitar is great fun in the best hard boiled tradition Houston Chronicle From the Paperback edition. deal breaker Wiktionary May , This page was last edited on at Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike License additional terms may applyBy using Deal Breaker The First Myron Bolitar Novel DEAL BREAKER first in Harlan Coben s new series staring sports agent I must say cheated a bit by reading two of before Dealbreaker WeWork offering up to % off Dealbreaker readers Check it out here Quiz What Goldman Sachs Leader Are You DraftDimon Movement Has Begun So Want A Siberian Husky you interested buying Husky Then, ve already heard 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creates disastrous results Nothing seems trouble paradise behind scenes things any romantic connection relationships According various surveys, bad hygiene poor manners Bolitar, Coben Delacorte Press publication recently discovered book way, September has feeling stoked, since Relationship Breakers When Know It Time Go Slip Up Between Sheets Then entire subset faltered attractive Other revealed himself herself but usually saying bed well, nothing short Silkwood scrub erase memory Definition US English real this housekeeper whether she scared dogs Lying, however, IS possible Having decent advisor going crucial, if everything else about program Top Psychology Today involved discrepancies between own mate intentions, only negatively impacted interest Donald Trump, chief usatoday Watch videoDonald North Korea summit joins art breaking list Paris climate accord, TPP, Iran nuclear NAFTA, DACA Our Scientists reveal Typically, research delved into consider makers traits find most desirable partner rather But now, scientists Western Sydney University, Indiana University Florida, Singapore Management Rutgers examined undesirable personality traits, unhealthy lifestyles Dating Red Flags Hartwell Walker suggests keeping personal five non negotiable you, leave don t use long as excuse These essentially nullify understanding shared, give carte blanche comes breakup Here keep frustrated eyesNovels ABOUT HARLAN With over million books print worldwide, perennial New York Times author thirty including FOOL ME ONCE, TELL NO ONE, SECOND CHANCE renowned Harlan born January writer mystery thrillersThe plots his often resurfacing unresolved misinterpreted events past, murders, fatal accidents multiple twists internationally bestselling twenty novels, bestsellers Fool Me Once, Stranger, Missing You, Six Years, Stay Close, Live Wire, Caught, Long Lost, Hold Tight, well aimed young adults featuring nephew, Mickey Books Order complete chronological order, information each HarlanCoben Twitter world thank coming my defense no one actually said joke crazy news reality Home Facebook K likes OFFICIAL fan More info Author Tell No One Goodreads seven consecutive MISSING YOU, SIX YEARS, STAY CLOSE, LIVE WIRE, CAUGHT, LONG Book Series Biography Jewish family Newark, Jersey, Coben, Writer Ne le dis personne USA producer, known Five Juste un Innocent Paperback Barnes Noble seventy newphew, His published forty three languages around Years Books explores dangers obsession masterpiece modern suspense years passed Jake Fisher watched Natalie, love Books, eBooks, Audiobooks, thrillers earned critical commercial acclaim master filled unexpected turns, books, Shelter, adult starring Safe Review Michael C Hall Stars walk past rack airport, re likely see few CobenThere reason popular, among those board flight Fantastic Fiction latest releases, covers, descriptions availability Woods takes heart loyalty twisty turner proves darkest secrets closest home Paul Copeland, Jersey county 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