ಪ Read Format Kindle ᘦ What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: A Memoir For Free ೃ Kindle Ebook By Haruki Murakami ೭

ಪ Read Format Kindle ᘦ What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: A Memoir For Free ೃ Kindle Ebook By Haruki Murakami ೭ ಪ Read Format Kindle ᘦ What I Talk About When I Talk About Running: A Memoir For Free ೃ Kindle Ebook By Haruki Murakami ೭ AUGUST 5, 2005 KAUAI, HAWAIIWho s Going to Laugh at Mick Jagger I m on Kauai, in Hawaii, today, Friday, August 5, 2005 It s unbelievably clear and sunny, not a cloud in the sky As if the concept clouds doesn t even exist I came here at the end of July and, as always, we rented a condo During the mornings, when it s cool, I sit at my desk, writing all sorts of things Like now I m writing this, a piece on running that I can pretty much compose as I wish It s summer, so naturally it s hot Hawaii s been called the island of eternal summer, but since it s in the Northern Hemisphere there are, arguably, four seasons of a sort Summer is somewhat hotter than winter I spend a lot of time in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and compared to Cambridge so muggy and hot with all its bricks and concrete it s like a form of torture summer in Hawaii is a veritable paradise No need for an air conditioner here just leave the window open, and a refreshing breeze blows in People in Cambridge are always surprised when they hear I m spending August in Hawaii Why would you want to spend summer in a hot place like that they invariably ask But they don t know what it s like How the constant trade winds from the northeast make summers cool How happy life is here, where we can enjoy lounging around, reading a book in the shade of trees, or, if the notion strikes us, go down, just as we are, for a dip in the inlet.Since I arrived in Hawaii I ve run about an hour every day, six days a week It s two and a half months now since I resumed my old lifestyle in which, unless it s totally unavoidable, I run every single day Today I ran for an hour and ten minutes, listening on my Walkman to two albums by the Lovin Spoonful Daydream and Hums of the Lovin Spoonful which I d recorded on an MD disc.Right now I m aiming at increasing the distance I run, so speed is less of an issue As long as I can run a certain distance, that s all I care about Sometimes I run fast when I feel like it, but if I increase the pace I shorten the amount of time I run, the point being to let the exhilaration I feel at the end of each run carry over to the next day This is the same sort of tack I find necessary when writing a novel I stop every day right at the point where I feel I can write Do that, and the next day s work goes surprisingly smoothly I think Ernest Hemingway did something like that To keep on going, you have to keep up the rhythm This is the important thing for long term projects Once you set the pace, the rest will follow The problem is getting the flywheel to spin at a set speed and to get to that point takes as much concentration and effort as you can manage.It rained for a short time while I was running, but it was a cooling rain that felt good A thick cloud blew in from the ocean right over me, and a gentle rain fell for a while, but then, as if it had remembered, Oh, I ve got to do some errands , it whisked itself away without so much as a glance back And then the merciless sun was back, scorching the ground It s a very easy to understand weather pattern Nothing abstruse or ambivalent about it, not a speck of the metaphor or the symbolic On the way I passed a few other joggers, about an equal number of men and women The energetic ones were zipping down the road, slicing through the air like they had robbers at their heels Others, overweight, huffed and puffed, their eyes half closed, their shoulders slumped like this was the last thing in the world they wanted to be doing They looked like maybe a week ago their doctors had told them they have diabetes and warned them they had to start exercising I m somewhere in the middle.I love listening to the Lovin Spoonful Their music is sort of laid back and never pretentious Listening to this soothing music brings back a lot of memories of the 1960s Nothing really special, though If they were to make a movie about my life just the thought of which scares me , these would be the scenes they d leave on the cutting room floor We can leave this episode out, the editor would explain It s not bad, but it s sort of ordinary and doesn t amount to much Those kinds of memories unpretentious, commonplace But for me, they re all meaningful and valuable As each of these memories flits across my mind, I m sure I unconsciously smile, or give a slight frown Commonplace they might be, but the accumulation of these memories has led to one result me Me here and now, on the north shore of Kauai Sometimes when I think of life, I feel like a piece of driftwood washed up on shore.As I run, the trade winds blowing in from the direction of the lighthouse rustle the leaves of the eucalyptus over my head.I began living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at the end of May of this year, and running has once again been the mainstay of my daily routine ever since I m seriously running now By seriously I mean thirty six miles a week In other words, six miles a day, six days a week It would be better if I ran seven days, but I have to factor in rainy days, and days when work keeps me too busy There are some days, too, when frankly I just feel too tired to run Taking all this into account, I leave one day a week as a day off So, at thirty six miles per week, I cover 156 miles every month, which for me is my standard for serious running.In June I followed this plan exactly, running 156 miles on the nose In July I increased the distance and covered 186 miles I averaged six miles every day, without taking a single day off I don t mean I covered precisely six miles every day If I ran nine miles one day, the next day I d do only three At a jogging pace I generally can cover six miles in an hour For me this is most definitely running at a serious level And since I came to Hawaii I ve kept up this pace It had been far too long since I d been able to run these distances and keep up this kind of fixed schedule.There are several reasons why, at a certain point in my life, I stopped running seriously First of all, my life has been getting busier, and free time is increasingly at a premium When I was younger it wasn t as if I had as much free time as I wanted, but at least I didn t have as many miscellaneous chores as I do now I don t know why, but the older you get, the busier you become Another reason is that I ve gotten interested in triathlons, rather than marathons Triathlons, of course, involve swimming and cycling in addition to running The running part isn t a problem for me, but in order to master the other two legs of the event I had to devote a great deal of time to training in swimming and biking I had to start over from scratch with swimming, relearning the correct form, learning the right biking techniques, and training the necessary muscles All of this took time and effort, and as a result I had less time to devote to running.Probably the main reason, though, was that at a certain point I d simply grown tired of it I started running in the fall of 1982 and have been running since then for nearly twenty three years Over this period I ve jogged almost every day, run in at least one marathon every year twenty three up till now and participated in long distance races all around the world than I care to count Long distance running suits my personality, though, and of all the habits I ve acquired over my lifetime I d have to say this one has been the most helpful, the most meaningful Running without a break for than two decades has also made me stronger, both physically and emotionally.The thing is, I m not much for team sports That s just the way I am Whenever I play soccer or baseball actually, since becoming an adult this is almost never I never feel comfortable Maybe it s because I don t have any brothers, but I could never get into the kind of games you play with others I m also not very good at one on one sports like tennis I enjoy squash, but generally when it comes to a game against someone, the competitive aspect makes me uncomfortable And when it comes to martial arts, too, you can count me out.Don t misunderstand me I m not totally uncompetitive It s just that for some reason I never cared all that much whether I beat others or lost to them This sentiment remained pretty much unchanged after I grew up It doesn t matter what field you re talking about beating somebody else just doesn t do it for me I m much interested in whether I reach the goals that I set for myself, so in this sense long distance running is the perfect fit for a mindset like mine.Marathon runners will understand what I mean We don t really care whether we beat any other particular runner World class runners, of course, want to outdo their closest rivals, but for your average, everyday runner, individual rivalry isn t a major issue I m sure there are garden variety runners whose desire to beat a particular rival spurs them on to train harder But what happens if their rival, for whatever reason, drops out of the competition Their motivation for running would disappear or at least diminish, and it d be hard for them to remain runners for long.Most ordinary runners are motivated by an individual goal, than anything namely, a time they want to beat As long as he can beat that time, a runner will feel he s accomplished what he set out to do, and if he can t, then he ll feel he hasn t Even if he doesn t break the time he d hoped for, as long as he has the sense of satisfaction at having done his very best and, possibly, having made some significant discovery about himself in the process then that in itself is an accomplishment, a positive feeling he can carry over to the next race.The same can be said about my profession In the novelist s profession, as far as I m concerned, there s no such thing as winning or losing Maybe numbers of copies sold, awards won, and critics praise serve as outward standards for accomplishment in literature, but none of them really matter What s crucial is whether your writing attains the standards you ve set for yourself Failure to reach that bar is not something you can easily explain away When it comes to other people, you can always come up with a reasonable explanation, but you can t fool yourself In this sense, writing novels and running full marathons are very much alike Basically a writer has a quiet, inner motivation, and doesn t seek validation in the outwardly visible.For me, running is both exercise and a metaphor Running day after day, piling up the races, bit by bit I raise the bar, and by clearing each level I elevate myself At least that s why I ve put in the effort day after day to raise my own level I m no great runner, by any means I m at an ordinary or perhaps like mediocre level But that s not the point The point is whether or not I improved over yesterday In long distance running the only opponent you have to beat is yourself, the way you used to be.Since my forties, though, this system of self assessment has gradually changed Simply put, I am no longer able to improve my time I guess it s inevitable, considering my age At a certain age everybody reaches their physical peak There are individual differences, but for the most part swimmers hit that watershed in their early twenties, boxers in their late twenties, and baseball players in their mid thirties It s something everyone has to go through Once I asked an ophthalmologist if anyone s ever avoided getting farsighted when they got older He laughed and said, I ve never met one yet It s the same thing Fortunately, the peak for artists varies considerably Dostoyevsky, for instance, wrote two of his most profound novels, The Possessed and The Brothers Karamazov, in the last few years of his life before his death at age sixty Domenico Scarlatti wrote 555 piano sonatas during his lifetime, most of them when he was between the ages of fifty seven and sixty two My peak as a runner came in my late forties Before then I d aimed at running a full marathon in three and a half hours, a pace of exactly one kilometer in five minutes, or one mile in eight Sometimes I broke three and a half hours, sometimes not often not Either way, I was able to steadily run a marathon in or less that amount of time Even when I thought I d totally blown it, I d still be in under three hours and forty minutes Even if I hadn t trained so much or wasn t in the best of shape, exceeding four hours was inconceivable Things continued at that stable plateau for a while, but before long they started to change I d train as much as before but found it increasingly hard to break three hours and forty minutes It was taking me five and a half minutes to run one kilometer, and I was inching closer to the four hour mark to finish a marathon Frankly, this was a bit of a shock What was going on here I didn t think it was because I was aging In everyday life I never felt like I was getting physically weaker But no matter how much I might deny it or try to ignore it, the numbers were retreating, step by step.Besides, as I said earlier, I d become interested in other sports such as triathlons and squash Just running all the time couldn t be good for me, I d figured, deciding it would be better to add variety to my routine and develop a all around physical regimen I hired a private swimming coach who started me off with the basics, and I learned how to swim faster and smoothly than before My muscles reacted to the new environment, and my physique began noticeably changing Meanwhile, like the tide going out, my marathon times slowly but surely continued to slow And I found I didn t enjoy running as much as I used to A steady fatigue opened up between me and the very notion of running From the Hardcover edition.A fascinating portrait of Murakamis working mind and how he works his magic on the page The Plain DealerA brilliant meditation on how his running and writing nurture and sustain each other With spare, engaging prose Murakami shares his runner s high Sports IllustratedEnthralling A quirky, brilliant gem Time Out New YorkMurakami s descriptive eye is as acute as ever Fascinating A glimpse into the creative process of one of the world s great writers The Hartford CourantA genuine memoir, filled with gentle minutiae that truly communicates the rhythm of Murakami s daily life and workMurakami actually offers himself whole Jesse Jarnow, Paste MagazineA felicitous, casual series of reflections and anecdotes Murakami has a Warholian way of tinting the mundane with mystery and restrained humorDo still waters run deep This paean to a runner s life keeps us, pleasurably, wondering Joel Rice, The Tennessean What I Talk About When I Talk About Running is a graceful explanation of Mr Murakami s intertwining obsessions, conveyed with his characteristic ability to draw unexpected connections Running may be a matter of placing one foot in front of the other on the ground, but, as is so often the case with Mr Murakami, terrestrial objects have a tendency to take flight Chlo Schama, New York SunBeautifully written and full of great running aphorismsAnyone who knows perseverance can appreciate this work Helen Montoya, San Antonio Express NewsEngaging, insightfulWhat I Talk About When I Talk About Running extends Murakami s winning streak Jenny Shank, Sunday CameraMurakami constructs this piecemeal narrative with the same masterful, accessible prose marked by humor and streaks of magic which has made him a household name, the same staggering insights, the same fascinating connectionsthis is exactly what makes Murakami so special his ability to render everything a part of everything else, and to end with monumental poignancyIn an extremely personal, candid and moving way, the book makes one want to read and run at the same time Reynard Seifert, Austin Fit Magazine What I Talk About When I Talk About Running provides a fascinating portrait of Murakami s working mind and how he works his magic on the page a charming, sober little book John Freeman, Newark Star LedgerHighly recommendedPractical philosophy from a man whose insight into his own character, and how running both suits and shapes that character, is revelatory and can provide tools for readers to examine and improve their own lives Library Journal Google My Business Help Official Google Help Center where you can find tips and tutorials on using other answers to frequently asked questions Opinion Balti Sun Read the Sun Opinion section BaltiSun Elizabeth Gilbert Your elusive creative genius TED Talk Elizabeth muses impossible things we expect from artists geniuses shares radical idea that, instead of rare person being a genius, all us have It s funny, personal surprisingly moving talk Bren Brown The power vulnerability Bren studies human connection our ability empathize, belong, love In poignant, funny 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