⤬ Format Kindle Read @Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared For Free ⦢ E-Pub Author Jessica Honegger 䏅

⤬ Format Kindle Read @Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared For Free ⦢ E-Pub Author Jessica Honegger 䏅 ⤬ Format Kindle Read @Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared For Free ⦢ E-Pub Author Jessica Honegger 䏅 OneChoose Courage Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway John WayneIts the summer of 2017, and our group has just arrived in Uganda, returning to the place where Noonday Collection all began I hear the drums beating in the distance, and my heartbeat falls into rhythm with the percussionists tempo Our group has come from all over the United States social entrepreneursat Noonday, we call them ambassadorswho have achieved some serious sales goals to arrive at this moment and finally put faces to the names of the artisans theyve known only from photographs The surreal nature of the moment hits me as we step out of the van onto the red dirt road that leads to the jewelry workshop Its a journey that seven years ago I couldnt have imagined, as I sat hunkered in my guest bedroom with nothing but a handful of paper bead necklaces.I sneak behind the gate before the rest of my group and I are met with a tidal wave of tight hugs, swishing skirts, and joyful laughter As the ambassadors emerge and are swept up in this celebratory parade, I tell them to resist the urge to get out their phones and snap photos Just be present I insist, raising my voice above the music I dont want us to miss a nanosecond of this experience.As I scan the familiar faces of my artisan friendsMama Sham with her impossibly bright grin, Bukenya with a trace of a joke always on his face, Latifa with her eager smile, Caleb and his sturdy handshake, Rosetta with her freshly cut hair, Mama Jabal with her ever changing head covering, and Nakato with her shy countenanceI think of the long journey weve all been on together Seven years ago, I couldnt imagine starting a business that fostered a global sisterhood My little jewelry business had become than I had ever dreamed it could be After the first trunk show, things really took offwomen showed increased interest, I had multiple trunk shows after that, and the business emerged as one that was real. After a few months work, demand grew not just in Austin but in cities across the country I began to dream of what it would be like to work this business with other impact hungry people like me If I could multiply myself, then jobs across the world would multiply too, I figured I was determined to see if I was right But before I had a chance to start recruiting, I received an email from a woman in Seattle who had gotten wind of Noonday via another moms adoption blog She wrote, My name is Sara I would be interested in hosting a Noonday trunk show, but Im also wondering if it would be possible to do than that Im interested in working with your company to host Noonday trunk shows in the Seattle areato earn income toward my familys own adoption, to help others raise funds, and to make a difference in the lives of women in Uganda and around the world Like you, Ive had the opportunity to travel and to volunteer in places such as Argentina, Guatemala, and Pakistan Im passionate about the not just for profit business model and would be excited to work with your company Would you be interested in talking about what that could look like Why, yes, I wouldSara and I began to exchange emails, exploring a compensation model for this impromptu arrangement, and within a couple of months, Sara became the first Noonday Collection ambassador and held the first ever Noonday trunk show outside of Texas.My vision was beginning to spread, and soon, women were saying yes to launching their own Noonday businesses Without realizing it, they had become Noondays first official ambassadors In the next seven years, Noonday Collection would grow to add artisan partners in Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Ecuador, Peru, India, Vietnam, Nepal, Afghanistan, and we would add ambassadors in every state across America and we would sell nearly two million accessories, ship than six hundred thousand orders, and raise than half a million dollars for adoptive families through the adoption fundraiser trunk shows we continue to hold to this day In Uganda, as I watch my artisan friends dance, I reflect on how hopeful Jalia and I were seven years prior regarding the possibilities for this little endeavor, yet I was aware then that we each had taken wild risks to make it happen Although the idea had gained traction, to be sure, most of the time I felt utterly incapable of leading the way While I was passionate about my businesss success, I still had so much fear I wondered about the outcome, whether that be failure or success, and I lay awake many nights worrying about both Failure would mean lost livelihoods and perhaps a waste of all this time and effort Success would mean responsibility and a dramatic shift in how I spent my timeless Play Doh and PowerPoint Was I really qualified to run a global business My rsum said an emphatic no Was I able to be an attentive and caring mom while also leading the company During that time of uncertainty, on the other side of the world, Jalia too had taken a leap of faith in our partnership by hiring her first employees, all people who were living in acute poverty and for whom I felt the high stakes of their success It was painfully clear to me that if I failed in this endeavor, there was at stake than just my personal success In moments of despair, that singular thought kept me from caving in It fueled my earnest belief, and it bolstered my determination that nothing was going to keep me from building this thing I was buildingnot financial desperation, not mom of two kids under three so far exhaustion, not direct sales cynicism, not unfavorable odds of anykind If I was going to make it, I couldnt wait around for my fears to dismiss themselves Courage cornered me, and I accepted its challenge, regardless of what the cost would be One of my favorite thinkers and mentors, Andy Crouch, has a saying that my family has adopted for ourselves, which is that the only thing money can buy is bubble wrap.Andys sentiment is aimed primarily at North Americans who, by being born here, are among the most affluent in the world Affluence and privilege can be used for incredible goodand I hope that by the end of this book you will awaken to the power your privilege can wieldbut it can also insulate us from the best and worst things that life may bring our way I know that being born in a wealthy zip code to two white, resourced parents certainly insulated me from the realities of racism, poverty, and injustices that many people around the world face daily Truly, no matter how broke Joe and I may have felt during our real estate demise and adoption journey, we were not selling our prized possession leather bound Bible to get money for the only meal our family would have that week, which is what Jalia and Daniel once had to do.Ive always been passionate about going in lifegoing out of my comfort zone, going straight through my fears, going scared. And yet even I acknowledge that there are myriad benefits to staying put comfort, safety, and plush couches, to name a few.Take Netflix, for example Is there anything satisfying than tucking yourself into a comfy couch, remote in one hand, smartphone in the other, binge watching Friday Night Lightsand scrolling through your social media feeds Comfort Safety Security Alrightness Call it the siren song of the recliner When we are seated, we cannot fall Am I right My own children, accident prone though they may be, have never broken an arm while watching TV.Its tempting to bubble wrap our lives Layer upon layer of protection means we stay unbroken, right through to the end We wrap ourselves in fear We wrap ourselves in isolation We wrap ourselves in nightly glasses of wine or in our beloved Instagram feed We avoid real issues involving real people who live in the real world because, What if I get hurt And yet what does this approach yield for us A life of boredom, a lack of impact, spiritual death.Amidst safety the world has never before known, Andy wrote, the greatest spiritual struggle many of us face is to be willing to take off our bubble wrap.We know that outside our front door, something much fulfilling lies in wait But instead of pursing the desires of our heart, we spend our energy in defense mode, trying to avoid disappointment, betrayal, and pain Something in us clings to these places of safety and makes it difficult to standeven as something deeper within us longs to stand up, to eventually rise.Here on the couch, you and me, we cant make a misstep We cant break a limb here We cant get shamed here And yet. Here is where I may gently tug that cozy blanket off you We know down in the marrow of our bones that we were made for something My original motivation for writing this book hinged on a single thought There is a whole world out there begging for us to use the opportunity we have been given to create opportunity for others so that we all of uscan flourish So, while comfort may beckon us, choosing courage will always be the route to impact.When we first step out of our comfort zones to embrace our larger world, a small but meaningful revolution takes place inside us as formerly invisible injustices are juxtaposed against a bubble wrapped reality Even now, when I think back to the day when my teenage eyes were first opened to the harsh realities faced by so many people in our world, I can feel the weight of it hitting me afresh, like being plunged into ice cold water after spending my whole life comfortably warm.When I was fifteen years old, I signed up to volunteer on a trip to Kenya with my church There in East Africa, I would witness the obstacles faced by many people living in poverty and see with fresh perspective just how many resources I had at my disposal Where I grew up, many kids received new cars on their sixteenth birthday, friends spent their weekends four wheeling around ranches that had been passed down through generations of Texans, and life revolved around the Fiesta social events of San Antonio It was a far cry from what I would see in Kenya My world was about to get rocked.When my church group landed in Nairobi, I took in the bustling city Amid the dizzying scene, the image of one woman stood out to me, the contrast of her bright eyes impossible to miss Set against a backdrop of dusty shanties and corrugated metal roofed lean tos, one crawling on top of the next as far as the eye could see, was a makeshift set of wooden shelves, held erect by sawed off tree limbs that supported a well worn tarp Positioned precariously but with great intention on those shelves were baskets of fruits and vegetablestomatoes and bananas, avocados and mangos, potatoes and cabbagestheir vibrant hues catching my eye.One of my Kenyan friends explained that this woman was a new entrepreneur, her bustling stand made possible by a microcredit loan she had recently received Evidently, the womans husband, an abusive man who drank any earnings he brought home from odd jobs, was not providing for his children So she had decided to take matters into her own hands I was immediately inspired by this womans spirit Though our lives and motivations were very different, I too had an entrepreneurial itch From the jewelry stands I set up as a kid where I would hawk my handmade banana clips and conch earrings to the no frills day camp I launched in junior high for grade schoolers in my neighborhood, I had always been attracted to the idea of multiplying whatever resources I had into something much And this woman was taking what she had been given and running with it, transforming simple fruits and vegetables into economic empowerment.My fifteen year old self would have been incredulous had she been told that one day shed return to those very same streets as an adult, offering up entrepreneurial opportunities for other Kenyans living in the slums The fact that Noonday now partners with eighty five talented metalworkers in Nairobi is one of the sweetest serendipities Ive known in life And its a beautiful reminder that you and I can take the resources weve been given and invest them for good in this world Yes, such investments will cost us somethingcomfort, security, control But impact doesnt come from the couch dweller, right It comes from those with imperfect courage who choose to go scared In the same way that a toddler learns to walk by walking, we get our courage legs under us only when we stand to our feet and move.Jessicas perspective of global sisterhood and the power of lifting one another up in the midst of fear and scarcity is exactly what we need today This book is both an invitation and a challenge to bravely show up for ourselves, for the people we love, and for the strangers that we will one day call family I say, Amen Bren Brown, PhD, 1 New York Times best selling author of Braving the Wilderness I absolutely love this book Jessica is smart, brave, honest, and funny, and this book is the perfect mix of listening ear and kick in the pants Equal parts compassion and challenge, this is a must read for all of us who want to make a difference with our lives but sometimes find fear and anxiety standing in the way Shauna Niequist, New York Times best selling author of Present Over Perfect and Bread and Wine Sometimes a desperate need creates an opportunity to transform the world Jessicas story provides a beautifully imperfect tapestry for understanding what surrender and courage can look like when unexpected need tests our faith She shows us that stepping into our stories can build a path to change someone elses story Learn how to harness your fear and transform it into courage that will change the world LaTasha Morrison, founder and president of Be the Bridge Pick your reason to read this book you care about the world, you are an entrepreneur, you love fashion, you love women, you have big ideas, you have a global mind set, you are a builder, a dreamer, a visionary, a Texan there is plenty of Texas in Jessicas story Imperfect Courage is fuel for all of these It is as generous and adventurous as Jessica, who is the greatest leader, creator, and friend Ive ever known Jen Hatmaker, New York Times best selling author of Of Mess and Moxie and host of the For the Love podcast Jessica inspires me to think so much bigger than my own two hands Im so inspired by her heart and tenacity as an entrepreneur and by her commitment to connecting, empowering, and inspiring women around the world Emily Ley, founder of Simplified and best selling author of Grace, Not Perfection and A Simplified Life Jessica Honegger has written a must read account of how the work of justice goes hand in hand with womens empowerment And it all starts with steps of imperfect courage Melissa Russell, chief advancement officer for International Justice Mission Jessica is such an incredible example of what a leader in business should be Not only because shes had the courage to push herself to create a company from the ground up, but because she made her way down the road to success and then turned around and held a lantern up to light the way for the rest of us This is a must read for anyone whos chasing big dreams on a road that feels unsteady Rachel Hollis, New York Times best selling author of Girl, Wash Your Face As the CEO of Noonday Collection, Jessicas lack of pretense and commitment to transparency have earned the trust of artisans and consumers alike She brings that same approach to Imperfect Courage each chapter feels like a personal invitation to ride alongside Jessica as she recounts memories that tell of her infectious passion for using entrepreneurship to empower women all over the globe Her deep conviction for equality and justice is contagious and will change the lives of so many Mica May, founder and CEO of May Designs Jessica Honegger will captivate you with her adventure of building a company that is shaping and changing the world You will find yourself crying, laughing, and wondering why youve played it so safe in life She makes you want to risk it all for the good of people and the world, because doing so doesnt just make life meaningful it makes it fun Jennie Allen, author of Nothing to Prove and founder and visionary of IF Gathering This book is your road map to uncovering and pursuing your big dream Jessica teaches us all how to get past the lies that keep us from living our full potential in the world As Imperfect Courage illustrates, the each of us broadens our circle of compassion and embraces the entire globe, the faster the love of God makes it to every corner of the world Amy Brown, co host of The Bobby Bones Show In this lovely book, Jessica opens up about the rocky journey of starting Noonday Collection, what she has learned along the way, and how shes better because of the people shes met Im so excited for you to read this story not just so youll know about Jessica and Noonday but so youll know about yourself and how you, too, can do big thingseven if you are scared Jamie Ivey, author of If You Only Knew and host of The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey podcast Jessica Honeggers journey is an inspiration not just to entrepreneurs and business leaders but to anyone seeking to pursue the dreams God puts in their hearts Imperfect Courage is living proof that fashion can play an important part in changing the world and business can be an incredible force for good The world needs businesses like Noonday Collection and mindfully ambitious leaders like Jessica Honegger Megan Tamte, founder and co CEO of EVEREVE Imperfect is so much than book business and adoption It raw look at going scared in life but the key word being GOING The honesty looking others as equals, believing gifts we have been given steppin Jessica Honegger writes wonderful ups downs journey to through Noonday, her fair trade Honegger exactly what need today This both an invitation challenge bravely show up for ourselves, people love, Basically, this combo s story bring home son from Rwanda doing starting stories our amazing artisans they endured, encouragement love ourselves loving kick pants towards imperfect live lives were made courage purpose leaving Get library comfort In , Inc magazine recognized Noonday Collection one fastest growing companies America But years earlier, stood pawn shop counter Austin, Texas, refusing let fear hinder goals, found necessary if she needed along way leave embrace risk impact Discover Your Courage, takes you hand invites your zone meaning Comfort Going Scared audiobook written Narrated instant access all favorite books No monthly commitment Listen online or offline with Android, iOS, web, Chromecast, Google Assistant Try Play Audiobooks Aug on FREE shipping qualifying offers Want make move blinkist shares inspiring purposeful WaterBrook Multnomah story, heartening encouragement, compelling new book, IMPERFECT COURAGE LIVE A LIFE OF PURPOSE BY LEAVING COMFORT AND SCARED, available August each week Podcast Download any other file Books category HTTP download also fast speeds Stream audiobooks computer, tablet mobile phone Bestsellers latest releases try Free Audiobook fuel these generous adventurous Jessica, who greatest leader, creator, friend I ve ever known Jen Hatmaker, New York Times best selling author Of Mess Moxie host For Love podcast Hi there, m glad re here of Courage Founder socially conscious fashion brand CollectionOver years, met many women are letting their fears sideline them Jessica jessicahonegger Instagram About noondaycollection grew San Antonio, Texas daughter granddaughter loved style Some earliest memories digging grandmother treasure trove jewelry curated adventures around world Twitter Tweets am a social entrepreneur founder over noondaystyle mission inspire step outside zones TX Home Facebook Honegger, likes talking about YouTube Nov Magazine RightNow Media co CEO Collection, company that uses design create economic opportunity vulnerable first traveled Kenya age witnessing firsthand was like Nairobi slums without running water, toilets Risen Magazine As little girl remember playing my grandma What didn t realize time, family enjoyed unique accessories can self View profile LinkedIn, largest professional community has job listed See complete LinkedIn discover Conference Women JESSICA HONEGGER award winning entrepreneur, Live Life Purpose by Leaving dedicated designing inspired collection Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared

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