⇱ ⑂ The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body text ⑂ The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body ⩼ Book By Dana James ⪾

⇱  ⑂ The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body text ⑂ The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body  ⩼ Book By Dana James ⪾ ⇱ ⑂ The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body text ⑂ The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body ⩼ Book By Dana James ⪾ How Your Mind Shapes Your Body I know what Im supposed to eat, but I just cant seem to lose weight This is the most common refrain I hear from my female clients As a board certified nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner with offices in Manhattan and Los Angeles, I have worked with than three thousand women of all ages, sizes, and socioeconomic backgrounds These clients come to me because, no matter what they do, they cant seem to change the shape of their bodies and are plagued by physical ailments from lack of energy to breakouts to perpetual bloating Theyve tried every diet, detox, and exercise program under the sun, and while they might achieve some measure of success, they inevitably plateau or succumb to old habits that caused them to gain weight in the first place These are educated women who know that eating pizza and drinking soda wont help them lose weight At the same time, theyre ashamed that their appearance matters so much to them Shouldnt they, as empowered, twenty first century women, be focusing on their careers and their families instead of stressing over a bit of belly fat or the shape of their thighs This is where traditional diet plans fail most women They focus exclusively on the physicalwhat and how much to eatwithout acknowledging the role that your emotions play in helping you stick to a plan Losing weight and keeping it off is only partly a physical process Yes, what you eat or dont eat matters, but the main reason so many women struggle with food despite knowing better is psychological In the than ten years that Ive been working with women, I have found that the number one factor that determines whether a woman will succeed on her dietand be able to sustain it over timeis where she sources her self worth from Whether shes a successful woman who rewards herself with a glass of wine or three every night after another long day at the office, or a kind and caring woman who finds herself in the kitchen at ten p.m eating leftovers because she didnt have time to sit down and eat a real meal since everyone elses needs came before her own, these women have developed a dysfunctional relationship with food that prevents them from achieving their goalsdietary and otherwise It may sound like a stretchhow is it possible that our feelings about ourselves can so profoundly affect what our body looks like or how much fat we put onbut time and again Ive seen this pattern in my clients Heres what I mean How you feel affects how you behaveincluding the way you eatand the results eventually show on your body You already know this intuitively When you feel worthy of love and acceptance, you radiate confidence and energy and move through the world with ease You take pleasure in caring for yourself and are present and purposeful in the choices you make, dietary and otherwise When your self worth takes a nosedive because you think you are not pretty enough or smart enough or simply not good enough, you retreat into patterns that you hope will make you feel better but rarely do You might skip meals, comfort eat, reward eat, or restrict food to compensate for these feelingsand then beat yourself up for not being disciplined Before long, youve given up on even the best laid diet plan The way we source our self worth is determined very early in our lives, typically in childhood, and is therefore so fully integrated into our identities that it can be difficult, if not impossible, to see how it drives our behavior If you believe that your value as a person depends on some external factorlike good looks, intelligence, making others happy, or being uniqueyou will always be drawn to behave in ways that you think will increase that value and this will often influence how you approach food Through my work with clients, I have found that there are four primary ways that women derive their self worth which I have distilled into four essential archetypes Archetypes, as defined by Carl Jung, are patterns of instinctual behavior The first archetype is the Nurturer, who values herself on her ability to care for others While this is a lovely and much needed trait, if she is not conscious of her behaviors, she can end up prioritizing other peoples needs and feelings to the point where she is depleted and exhausted The second archetype is the Wonder Woman, who is a powerful female that derives her sense of self from what she has achieved in life But, in her quest to not be a nobody, she can become overwhelmed and emotionally disconnected from others The third archetype is the sensual and playful Femme Fatale, who sources her self worth from her physical body This can make her incredibly alluringbut debilitatingly self conscious The fourth archetype is the Ethereal, who is dreamy and creative but highly sensitive to the world, making her feel discombobulated and anxious Each of the archetypes embody a particular set of personality traits positive and negative The problem occurs when the primary archetype starts to hijack your actions and thoughts to the exclusion of other things that make for a balanced life The dominant your archetype is i.e., the your sense of self worth is wrapped up in one particular facet of your life , the its negative attributes will show up in your behaviors as you seek to validate yourself by acting in a way that supports your self worth In many cases, this behavior will affect your approach to food as well For example, if youre a Wonder Woman and measure your value through your accomplishments, you may work through dinner in an effort to meet a deadline or check one task off your todo list When your stomach starts rumbling at nine p.m., youll order Thai takeout and then kick yourself ten minutes later for sabotaging your diet The next day, when the pressure of work starts building yet again, youll repeat the cycle your sense of self worth and the emotions associated with it have won out, yet again, over your rational mind Traditional diet programs focus on how your eating behaviors affect your bodychange your behavior, change your body shapebut they fail to consider the beginning of the behavior cycle Yes, if you eat nutrient dense foods that rebalance your hormones and help your body function properly, you will lose weight But if you dont change how you use food e.g., as a reward, distraction, desensitizer, comfort, or punishment , and important, why you use food in this way, you will eventually revert to eating the same way you always have, ending up frustrated because you know better You cant master step three in the cycle until you understand how you got there You need to start at step oneunderstanding where you source your self worth fromif you want to have a balanced relationship with food and yourself Although every woman is unique, my work with my female clients has helped me identify certain patterns within each archetype Specifically, women who source their self worth from the same place tend to approach food in similar ways In practical terms this means that, if they are out of balance and using food as a coping mechanism, they tend to suffer from the same physical imbalances and gain weight in the same way This discoverythe link between self worth and body shapemade me realize that theres no such thing as a one size fits all diet plan Women need customized programs in order to address their distinct goals and challenges from both a physical and a psychological perspective That is why I developed the Archetype Model, a road map of what to eat for weight loss, vitality, hormonal balance, and an overall sense of well being At its core, this model, which has become the foundation for how I treat all of my female clients, is about understanding why you eat the way you do by identifying your archetype and how that behavior affects your body Then you adopt a food plan designed specifically for your archetype The model also gives you the tools to examine how you came to source your self worth in a particular way so you can free yourself from the hold that these beliefs had on you The Archetype Model addresses the body and the mind, and its all backed up by science and psychology Putting self worth at the center of the weight loss conversation is eye opening This book is a must read for any woman struggling with her body image Learn how to value yourself and your body through Dana s soulful wisdom and guidance Gabrielle Bernstein, 1 New York TimesBestselling author of The Universe Has Your BackIm so excited for all the women who will read The Archetype Dietand say to themselves, Finally, someone understands me Having shared hundreds of patients with Dana, I have known the quality of her work as a nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner for over a decade now She empowers women to see and accept themselves for who they are through psychology and nutrition And now you have access to this brilliant guidance in her much needed first book.The Archetype Dietembodies the element of individuality we all strive for in functional medicine It will certainly change the way you look at yourself and dieting forever Vincent Pedre, MDgut guru and bestselling author of Happy GutThe Cleansing Program to Help You Lose Weight, Gain Energy, and Eliminate PainDana James reveals the simplebut powerful wisdom of the feminine archetypes This is a bold, fresh take oninner and outerbeauty for women at any age, with an effective diet andlifestyle plan to back it up, and plenty of emotional support as well a wholeprogramthat addresses mind, body, and spirit Dana guides women on a newpath toward self discovery, helping them to rediscover their inner radianceandrebalance their lives FrankLipman, M.D., author of the New York Timesbestselling The New Health Rulesand10Reasons You Get Old and Feel FatDana James is one of the foremost experts in functional nutrition I have personally witnessed how she has been able to help transform women s perspectives on food, their bodies and themselves, helping them experience a lasting shift in their weight energy and mood This is a book every woman should read Robin Berzin MD, founder and CEO of Parsley HealthImagine expressing all of your feminine energy in a balanced way the compassionate, the sensual, the creative, and the intellectual all parts of youwould be expressed and you would feel whole If, however, you overly rely on one of them to feel worthy, you quickly get out of balanceemotionally, become stressed and lose the ability to prioritize yourself and self care.Dana James wants to help you break this cycle that leaves you stuck in a lifestyle and a body that leaves you drained and frustrated Herbook will help you understandthe connectionbetween your personality type, entrenched behavioral patterns, emotional triggers andweight struggles so you can give yourself the support you truly need to make lasting change for sustained weight loss from the most selfaware and kind place Alisa Vitti, Best Selling Author of WomanCode, Founder ofFLOliving.com, Creator of MyFLO period appYou are your bestnutrition guru The trouble is that many of us need help listening to ourbodies.DanaJames is a beacon in the fog of confusing and conflicting dietary guidance Sheoffers women a comprehensive path backto their most radiant selves Kelly Brogan, M.D., holistic psychiatristand author of the New York Times bestselling Mind of YourOwnDanaJames is a nutrition guru and the wisdom conveyed in her book will guide yourindividualized journey to vibrant health and wellbeing Jeffery Morrison, M.D.,author of Cleanse Your Body, Clear YourMind Dana James draws on her decades of experience coaching women from around the world to reclaim nourishment This book is a must read for those seeking the deeper understanding of their bodies and food behaviors Drew Ramsey, MD psychiatrist and author of Eat Compete and Eat to Beat Depression.There s no one size fits all approach to nutrition so it s great to finally see a book that explains why different body types need different diets Jason Wachob, Founder CEO, mindbodygreen Author of Wellth The Archetype Diet Reclaim Your Self Worth and Change the The Shape of Body Dana James, Mark Hyman on FREE shipping qualifying offers Discover your unique female archetype to combat emotional eating, lose weight, become happiest happiest, healthiest you In working with thousands women who wanted weight change shape their bodies, leading nutritionist functional medicine practitioner James observed a striking trend no matter how diligent they were in sticking diet exercise plans Occult Called Vaccination Prepare For Change many past 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nutritionist, therapist, believes After Spokeo found California, Texas other states state below easily The Archetype Diet: Reclaim Your Self-Worth and Change the Shape of Your Body

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