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ఽ Get All We Ever Wanted: A Novel online ಈ ePUB By Emily Giffin ಕ ఽ Get All We Ever Wanted: A Novel online ಈ ePUB By Emily Giffin ಕ chapter oneNINAIt started out as a typical Saturday night And by typical, I dont mean normal in any mainstream American way There was no grilling out with the neighbors or going to the movies or doing any of the things I did as a kid It was simply typical for what wed become since Kirk sold his software company, and we went from comfortable to wealthy Very wealthy.Obscene was the description my childhood best friend Julie once usednot about us, but about Melanie, another friendafter Melanie bought herself a diamond Rolex for Mothers Day and then offhandedly remarked at one of our dinner parties that homemade pottery from her kids wasnt going to cut it.She could feed a Syrian refugee camp for an entire year with that watch, Julie had groused in my kitchen after the other guests had departed Its obscene.Id nodded noncommittally, hiding my own Cartier under the edge of our marble island, as I silently reassured myself with all the ways my watch, and therefore my life, were different from Melanies For one, I didnt buy the watch for myself on a whim Kirk gave it to me for our fifteenth anniversary For another, I had always loved when our son, Finch, made me presents and cards in his younger years, and was sad that those had become relics of the past.Most important, I dont think I ever flaunted our wealth If anything, it embarrassed me As a result, Julie didnt hold our money against me She didnt know our exact worth but had a general sense of it, especially after shed gone house hunting with me when Kirk was too busy, helping me find our home on Belle Meade Boulevard, where we now lived She and her husband and girls were regular guests at our lake house and our home on Nantucket, just as she happily inherited my gently used designer hand me downs.Occasionally Julie would call Kirk out, though, not for being showy like Melanie but for having elitist tendencies A fourth generation silver spoon Nashvillian, my husband grew up ensconced in a private school, country club world, so hed had some practice at being a snob, even back when his money was merely old, and not yet obscene In other words, Kirk came from a good familythat elusive term that nobody ever came out and defined, yet we all knew was code for having old money and a certain well bred, refined taste As in hes a Browning.My maiden name, Silver, held no such status, not even by the standards of Bristol, the town on the Tennessee Virginia border where I grew up and Julie still lived We were no slouchesmy dad wrote for the Bristol Herald Courier and my mom was a fourth grade teacherbut we were squarely middle class, and our idea of living large was everyone ordering dessert at a nonchain restaurant Looking back, I wonder if that may have explained my moms preoccupation with money It wasnt that she was impressed with it, but she could always tell you who had it and who did not, who was cheap and who was living beyond their means Then again, my mom could pretty much tell you anything about anyone in Bristol She wasnt a gossipat least not a mean spirited oneshe was simply fascinated by other peoples business, from their wealth and health to their politics and religion.Incidentally, my dad is Jewish and my mother Methodist Live and let live is their mantra, an outlook that was passed on to both my brother, Max, and me, the two of us embracing the attractive elements of each religion, like Santa Claus and Seders, while punting Jewish guilt and Christian judgment This was a good thing, especially for Max, who came out during college My parents didnt miss a beat If anything, they seemed uncomfortable with Kirks money than with my brothers sexuality, at least when we first began to date My mother had insisted that she was just sad I wouldnt be getting back together with Teddy, my high school boyfriend, whom she adored, but I sometimes sensed a slight inferiority complex, and her worry that the Brownings were somehow looking down on me and my family.To be fair, a half Jewish girl from Bristol with a gay brother and no trust fund probably wasnt their first choice for their only child Hell, I probably wasnt Kirks first choice on paper, either But what can I say He picked me anyway Id always told myself that he fell in love with my personalitywith methe same way I fell in love with him But in the past couple of years I had begun to wonder about both of us, and what had brought us together in college.I had to admit that when discussing our relationship, Kirk often referenced my looks He always had So Id be nave to think that my appearance had nothing to do with why we were togetherjust as I knew, deep down, that the patina and security of a good family had, in part, attracted me to him.I hated everything about that admission, but it was definitely on my mind that Saturday night as Kirk and I took an Uber to the Hermitage Hotel for about our fifth gala of the year We had become that couple, I remember thinking in the back of that black Lincoln Town Carthe husband and wife in an Armani tux and a Dior gown who were barely speaking Something was off in our relationship Was it the money Had Kirk become too obsessed with it Had I somehow lost myself as Finch grew older and I spent less time mothering him and time in the role of full time philanthropist I thought about one of my dads recent remarks, asking why my friends and I didnt just skip the galasand give all the money to charity My mom had chimed in that we might be able to accomplish meaningful work in blue jeans than black tie I had gotten defensive, reminding them that I did that sort of hands on work, too, such as the hours I spent every month answering calls on Nashvilles suicide helpline Of course I hadnt admitted to my parents that Kirk sometimes minimized that kind of volunteering, insisting that I was better off just writing the check In his mind, a donation of dollars always trumped time the fact that it came with splash and credit was beside the point.Kirk was a good man, I told myself now, as I watched him take a swallow of the bourbon roadie that hed poured into a red Solo cup I was being too hard on him On both of us.You look fabulous, he suddenly said, looking over at me, softening me further That dress is incredible.Thanks, honey, I said in a low voice.I cant wait to take it off you, he whispered, so the driver wouldnt hear him He gave me a seductive look, then took another drink.I smiled, thinking that it had been a while, and resisted the urge to tell him that he might want to slow down on the booze Kirk didnt have a drinking problem, but it was a rare night that he didnt at least catch a red wine buzz Maybe that was it, I thought We definitely both needed to ease up on our social calendars Be less distracted More present Maybe that would come when Finch went to college in the fall.So Who have you told About Princeton he asked, clearly thinking about Finch, too, and the acceptance letter hed just received the day before.Other than family, only Julie and Melanie, I said What about you Just the guys in my foursome today, he said, rattling off the names of his usual golf buddies I didnt want to brag but I couldnt help myself.His expression mirrored the way I felta mix of pride and disbelief Finch was a good student, and had gotten into Vanderbilt and Virginia earlier that winter But Princeton had been a long shot, and his admittance felt like a culmination and validation of so many parenting decisions, beginning with applying Finch to Windsor Academy, the most rigorous and prestigious private school in Nashville, when he was only five years old Since then, we had always prioritized our sons education, hiring private tutors when needed, exposing him to the arts, and taking him to virtually every corner of the globe Over the past three summers, we had sent him on a service trip to Ecuador, to a cycling camp in France, and on a marine biology course in the Galpagos Islands I recognized, of course, that we were at a distinct financial advantage over so many other applicants, and something about that especially the check wed written to Princetons endowment made me feel a little guilty But I told myself that money alone couldnt gain a kid admission to the Ivy League Finch had worked hard, and I was so proud of him.Focus on that, I told myself Focus on the positive.Kirk was looking at his phone again, so I pulled mine out, too, checking Instagram Finchs girlfriend, Polly, had just posted a photo of the two of them, the caption reading Were both Tigers, yall Clemson and Princeton, here we come I showed the picture to Kirk, then read aloud some of the congratulatory comments from children of our friends who would be in attendance tonight.Poor Polly, Kirk said They wont last a semester.I wasnt sure if he meant the distance between South Carolina and New Jersey or the mere reality of young love, but I murmured my agreement, trying not to think of the condom wrapper that Id recently found under Finchs bed The discovery was far from a surprise, but it still made me sad, thinking of how much he had grown up and changed He used to be such a little chatterbox, a precocious only child regaling me with every detail of his day There was nothing I hadnt known about him, nothing he wouldnt have shared But with puberty came an onset of remoteness that never really cleared, and in recent months, wed talked very little, no matter how hard I tried to break down his barriers Kirk insisted it was normal, all part of a boys preparation to leave the nest You worry too much, he always told me.I put my phone back in my bag, sighed, and said, Are you ready for tonight Ready for what he asked, draining his bourbon as we turned onto Sixth Avenue.Our speech I said, meaning his speech, though I would be standing beside him, offering him moral support.Kirk gave me a blank stare Speech Remind me Which gala is this, again I hope youre kidding Its hard to keep them all straightI sighed and said, The Hope Gala, honey.And we are hoping for what, exactly he asked with a smirk.Suicide awareness and prevention, I said Were being honored, remember For what he asked, now starting to annoy me.The work we did bringing mental health experts to Nashville, I said, even though we both knew it had much to do with the fifty thousand dollar donation wed given after a freshman at Windsor took her life last summer It was too horrible for me to process, even all these months later.Im kidding, Kirk said, as he reached out to pat my leg Im ready.I nodded, thinking that Kirk was always ready Always on The most confident, competent man Id ever known.A moment later, we pulled up to the hotel A handsome young valet swung open my door, issuing a brisk welcome Will you be checking in tonight, madame he asked.I told him no, we were here for the gala He nodded, offering me his hand, as I gathered the folds of my black lace gown and stepped onto the sidewalk Ahead of me, I saw Melanie chatting amid a cluster of friends and acquaintances The usual crowd She rushed toward me, giving me air kisses and compliments.You look amazing, too Are those new I reached up to her face, my fingertips grazing the most gorgeous chandelier diamond earrings.Newly acquired but vintage, she said Latest apology from you know who.I smiled and glanced around for her husband Where is Todd, anywayA gripping, thought provoking journey.Jodi PicoultGiffin is a worldwide best selling author because she gets under your skinby creating relatable characters wrestling within believable situations Giffin crafts an unpredictable page turner that unfolds in the voices of three superbly distinct characters Her latest is destined for greatness The Atlanta Journal ConstitutionPage turning Timely and thought provoking, its Giffins best yet People Nina Browning has it all the handsome husband, the Ivy League bound teenage son, and the big house in the Nashville suburbs But with one unthinkable social media post from her beloved child, could it all fall apart Dealing with issues of class, money, and race, All We Ever Wanted is the book everyone will be talking about PopSugar This complex and layered novel will give you all the feels Brit Co This thought provoking novel follows two Nashville families as they struggle with the fallout from a horrible incident Their wealthy community quickly becomes divided, with people eager to assign blame and take sides as the families struggle with loyalty and staying true to their values It s one of Giffin s most topical, gripping books yet Good Housekeeping A page turning exploration of wealth and privilege Entertainment Weekly Giffins novel has style and substance Truly excellent The Washington Post If youre looking for a book club selection, All We Ever Wantedis bound to spark meaningful and meaty discussions The Augusta Chronicle Giffin draws the reader in like few storytellers can, and All We Ever Wantedis no exception She effortlessly captures the voices of a struggling single father, a strong yet vulnerable teenage girland a mother desperate to know the truth about her own child All We Ever Wantedis a deeply moving cautionary tale about the perils of privilege.BookPageStellar an excellent page turning story a nuanced, thoughtful take on family and social dynamics Publishers Weekly starred review A compelling portrait of a woman facing the difficult limits of love Kirkus Reviews A timely and absorbing portrait of the complexities of modern life This is Emily Giffin at her very best.Kristin HannahRiveting and poignant, Emily Giffin s latest novel paints an impossible dilemma that will make readers ponder hard questions about loyalty and love I was captivated by every page.Harlan CobenA compelling, fascinating story told through blue ribbon dialogue and the dual gifts of intelligence and goodness I loved this novel.Elinor Lipman ever English Spanish 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When news truck killings Nice, France, broke last week, started seeing variations same sentiment Twitter this year ever, DearWhere We Belong Novel Emily Giffin Where FREE shipping qualifying offers author five blockbuster novels, Giffin, delivers unforgettable two women All Wanted Giffin has ratings reviews Melissa said stars With her ninth novel, takes ambitious step away Emily Official Website Welcome official website New York Times author, info books, All We Ever Wanted: A Novel

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