ᅵ My Year of Rest and Relaxation Online Read ᇇ Ebook Author Ottessa Moshfegh ቄ

ᅵ My Year of Rest and Relaxation Online Read ᇇ Ebook Author Ottessa Moshfegh ቄ ᅵ My Year of Rest and Relaxation Online Read ᇇ Ebook Author Ottessa Moshfegh ቄ Darkly comic and ultimately profound new novel Moshfeghs extraordinary prose soars as it captures her characters re engagement New York Times Book Review The bravado in Moshfeghs comprehensive darkness makes her novels both very funny and weirdly exhilarating As in Eileen,Moshfegh excels here at setting up an immediately intriguing character and situation, then amplifying the freakishness to the point that some rupture feels inevitable Her confidence never flags hers are the novels of a writer invigoratingly immune to uncertainty and self doubt Slate My Year of Rest and Relaxationis a strange, exhilarating triumph Moshfegh writes with a singular wit and clarity that, on its own, would be than enough Her 2015 debut, Eileen, was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize, and Rest has already been optioned for film by Australian actress Margot Robbie But the cumulative power of her narrativeand the sharp turn she takes in its last 30 pagesbecomes nothing less than a revelation sad, funny, astonishing, and unforgettable Entertainment WeeklyOttessa Moshfegh is easily the most interesting contemporary American writer on the subject of being alive when being alive feels terrible She has a freaky and pure way of accessing existential alienation, as if her mind were tapped directly into the sap of some gnarled, secret tree Watching Moshfegh turn her withering attention to the gleaming absurdities of pre 9 11 New York City, an environment where everyone except the narrator seems beset with delusional optimism, horrifically carefree, feels like eating bright, slick candycandy that might also poison you TheNew YorkerThis book isnt just buzzy and maniacally entertainingits a mean spirited, tenderhearted masterpiece New York Post My Year of Rest and Relaxation is the most poignant, vulnerable, mature, anddare I say it sincere work that its gifted author has yet produced Boston Globe A darkly comic yet penetrating story about pain, destruction, and human connection Moshfegh s piercing prose strips away any of the romanticism of this kind of hibernation, and the further readers or at least, this reader go down the young woman s determined path to let go, the tighter they will feel themselves holding onto their own realities and, specifically, everyone they love in it Bustle Rest And Relaxation Is As Sharp As Its Heroine Is Bleary bizarrely fascinating Moshfegh knows how to spin perversity and provocation into fascination, and bleakness into surprising tenderness NPR One of the pleasures of reading Ottessa Moshfegh is that unusually, these days she rarely writes in the present tense Instead, the sense of immediacy, the sense of being inside a character, the sense of things happening and having psychic value, both to the writer and her reader, is provided by the structure and content of her sentences Matter of fact, full of bravado yet always wryly observational, these stack up steadily to construct the brisk interior landscape of her third novel, My Year of Rest and Relaxation One of the other pleasures of reading Moshfegh is her relentless savagery All this is delivered as comic it is comic but its not exactly funny, though of course we laugh GuardianBecause this is a novel by the superabundantlytalented Moshfegh shes an American writer of Croatian and Iranian descent with a name like that of an avant garde London restaurant we know in advance that it will be cool, strange, aloof and disciplined The sentences will be snipped as if the writer has an extra row of teeth Moshfegh is an inspired literary witch doctor She invents many of the drugs her heroine ingests, the way Don DeLillo invented Dylar, to placate the fear of death, in White Noise These have serio comic names like Valdignore and Prognosticrone and Maxiphenphen and Silencior There was a joke at Rolling Stone magazine that if the drugs ran out at a party, one could find Hunter S Thompson and suck on him Depressives without prescriptions could lick Moshfeghs heroines elbow If shes on downers, the prose in My Year of Rest and Relaxation is mostly on uppers Like its narrator, this is a remorseless little machine Moshfeghs sentences are piercing and vixenish, each one a kind of orphan She plays interestingly with substance and illusion, with dread and solace on the installment plan This book builds subtly toward the events of Sept 11 Moshfegh writes with so much misanthropic aplomb, however, that she is always a deep pleasure to read She has a sleepless eye and dispenses observations as if from a toxic eyedropper Though this novel is set nearly 20 years ago, it feels current The thought of sleeping through this particular moment in the worlds history has appeal Dwight Garner, The New York TimesDarkly hilarious Moshfeghs the kind of provocateur who makes you laugh out loud while drawing blood Vogue Youll emerge from this darkly hilarious novel not necessarily rested or relaxed but finely attuned to how delicately fraught the human condition can be Marie Claire Electrifying Moshfeghs narrators final gesture, transforming herself into a piece of half living art, echoes the odd and combative passivity of Herman Melvilles Bartleby, a scrivener who suddenly, inexplicably, refuses to perform his duties In a country that celebrates doers, such a preference is grotesque, an inversion of the American ideal of prospering through hard work But it also serves as a reminder that there is something to life outside the economic exchange of time for money and money for goods, even if that unnamed thing is obscure and perplexing and just a bit monstrous particularly as a woman Literature may not have the all the answers, but it can show us the power and allure of saying no Vanity FairI was cringing during every moment of Ottessa Moshfeghs My Year of Rest and Relaxation, and yet I could not put the book down Moshfeghs protagonist is brutally dreary, and the brutality of her dreariness is often very funny, but the book is really quite serious The book seems to anchor itself to real experiences of pain and to validate itself by their relevance But it is mostly, almost by juxtaposition, about the realness of a subtle and very private expressionof pain, no matter the cause, no matter how seemingly trivial Thats what kept me reading even as my cringing muscles grew sore feeling in my screwed up face, barked laughs, and watery eyes the translation of that private kind of pain into something I could share Claire Benoit, The Paris ReviewMoshfeghs ear remains as merciless as ever Like a latter day Flaubert, she delights in vanity and mediocrity, and in the absurdist heights both can reach whenever the occasion calls for a few sincere words Harpers MagazineWhen we are recommended a book we usually ask, What is it about But with Ottessa Moshfeghs My Year of Rest and Relaxation, we ask, What isnt it about This novel takes on self hatred, feminism, sexuality, mental health, family, and big pharmaAND its really f cking funny I dont even want to tell you too much because I went in blind, loving Ottessa from her novel Eileen also worth a read and found myself hooting and hollering, vibing on a very different tip than her other work put me on Im so impressed that just one lady has written all these very special different things Also, this book cover will have you kissing millennial pink goodbye and walking over to hot pinks corner About time Lena DunhamMoshfegh has a keen sense of everyday absurdities, a deadpan delivery, and such a well honed sense of irony that the narrator s predicament never feels tragic this may be the finest existential novel not written by a French author A nervy modern day rebellion tale that isn t afraid to get dark or find humor in the darkness Kirkus, starred review My Year of Nonfiction So Far November My far this year, I ve read books % my total , which were audiobooks This is down from time last year s books, Rest and Relaxation by Ottessa Moshfegh Jul past life would be but a dream, could start over without regrets, bolstered the bliss serenity that have accumulated in Running Dangerously A Dad, Daughter, Foreman journey through four half marathons, three one mile race What started as an innocent request his daughter quickly turned into rekindled passion for long distance running training, Meats Ruth L Ozeki sensitive compelling portrait two modern women Arthur Golden, author Memoirs Geisha Canny, cunning, muckraking, lusty, weaving hormones corporate threats, fertility independence The Village Voice likeably odd inventively imagined tale Practicing Gratitude Whittling Join me we work to whittle away what doesn t matter so can focus on really does Whittling Kindness, Selfcare Practicing believe happiness day at adventure saying yes everything Shonda Rhimes Mar But happens when it stops Is she anything besides hum In moving talk, 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terrible She has freaky pure way accessing existential Penguin Random House England first book, McGlue, novella, Fence Modern Prize Prose Believer also short collection Homesick Another World Otherworldly Fiction Yorker unusual discipline come close driving crazy results been both refined depraved By Ariel Levy York Times Jun Moshfegh, recently novel Relaxation, invite Edith Wharton, Ralph Ellison Charles Bukowski dinner d want know Profile thecut clothes wore meet drink water shitty hotel lobbies California practical cheap, kind miscellaneous cotton garments discarded stoops Park Slope One Best Novelists time musicians father Iran, mother Croatia, Boston tried piano child writing always art captivated her, Contemporary Gothic Nation talent ability convey foreboding claustrophobic atmosphere obsession creates like irrationally fixated, something might interview Eileen joke week Man prize, centres escape young woman town where lived unnoticed unloved I remember thinking waning vitality 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