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↕ download Hardcover Scorpion Mountain (Brotherband Chronicles Book 5) → Kindle Ebook Author John Flanagan ✚ ↕ download Hardcover Scorpion Mountain (Brotherband Chronicles Book 5) → Kindle Ebook Author John Flanagan ✚ John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer, and after a successful career in advertising and television, he began writing a series of short stories for his son, Michael, in order to encourage him to read Those stories would eventually become The Ruins of Gorlan, Book 1 of the Rangers Apprentice epic Now with his companion series, Brotherband Chronicles, the novels of John Flanagan have sold millions of copies and made readers of kids the world over.Mr Flanagan lives in the suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons.You can visit John Flanagan atwww.RangersApprentice.comwww.BrotherbandChronicles.comChapter OneWhoa there, Tom Steady on, fellow Tom was a plow horse, well past middle age and resigned, like most of his placid breed, to the constant task of plodding up and down, hauling a plow that carved consecutive furrows in the rich earth of Halder farm He wasnt accustomed to being stopped in mid furrow and he turned his shaggy head to look at his owner, Devon Halder Devon, like his horse, was well past middle age And the smock that he was wearing was liberally daubed with patches of drying mud Later that night, when he was asked in the local tavern what led him to stop and and turn around, he couldnt really recall Perhaps he had heard the slight sounds of creaking leather and rope, or the rustle of a sail in the brisk wind Whatever it was, it was enough for Devon to halt Tom and turn to face the river behind him When he did, the sight that met his eyes sent a sudden jolt of panic through him.Barely forty meters away, gliding smoothly up the river, was a ship.His first thought was that she was a wolfship, and Devon was old enough to remember when the sight of aSkandian wolfship on the river was a prelude to a sudden, savage attack He tensed his muscles to run and spread the alarm in the nearby village But he paused at the last second.The days when Skandians used to raid the coastal and river villages of Araluen were well in the past now.And besides, on second glance, this was no wolfship.She was similar in style and shape, sure enough She was slim waisted and had a look of speed about her.She didnt have the broad, capacious lines of a cargo hull But there was no large square sail such as a wolfship would use Instead, this ship was rigged with a triangular sail that was mounted fore and aft along the line of the ship, supported by a long, gracefully curving spar that swept up high above the hull.She was smaller than a wolfship Also, at her bow post, there was no carved wolf s head, with raisedhackles and snarling teeth Instead, there was a carving in the shape of a birds head And there was a motif of a seabird in flight on the saila graceful bird with wings spread wide A heron, Devon realized. But the four circular wood and metal reinforced shields arrayed down the starboard bulwark were unmistakably Skandian in design, although he noticed that a fifth shield, set level with the helmsmans position, was shaped like a triangle The crew, those he could see, were dressed in Skandian fashionwith leather and sheepskin vests and leggings held secure by crisscross bindings Yet he saw none of the horned helmets for which the Skandian sea wolves were well known, the sight of which would strike fear into any honest farmers heart Instead, several of them wore dark woolen watch caps, rolled down to cover their ears against the cold As he watched, the figure at the helm raised a hand in greeting Devon shaded his eyes to look closely at the helmsman He appeared to be quite young, and relatively slim for a Skandian The person beside him was like a typical sea wolf, Devon thought He was bulky, with wild gray hair blowing in the wind As Devon watched, he realized that the second man had a wooden hook in place of his right hand Definitely a sea wolf type, he thought But then the man made a similar gesture of greeting Devon returned the wave cautiously his suspicions were still raised Small as she might be, this was definitely a cruiser, a raiding ship She was fast, lean hulled and potentially dangerous And, as the shields arrayed down her bulwark attested, her crew were fighting men He watched her closely as she sailed past, gradually pulling out into the center of the river to round the approaching bend The helmsman and his companion lowered their hands and seemed to lose interest in the elderly farmer and his plow horse.Thatll give him something to talk about in the tavern tonight, Thorn said with a grin Probably the most exciting thing thats happened to him since his plow got stuck on a tree root five days ago.Hal raised an eyebrow Us Exciting Thorn nodded, scratching his rump with the blunt end of his wooden hook.He was a graybeard Hed remember the times when the sight of a Skandian ship meant a raid Imsurprised he didnt go pelting off to raise the alarm when he saw us Thorn had no idea how close the farmer had come to doing just that.As they rounded the bend and the farmer and his horse disappeared from sight, Kloof planted her forepawsonto the starboard bulwark and gave out a single bark Then, content that she had asserted her superiority over all things Araluen, she dropped back to the deck, slid her front feet and flumped down onto the planks For a few seconds, she watched Hal out of one eye, then she sighed and settled back to sleep.Hal cast his gaze over the tilled fields and green forests that lined the banks of the river It was attractivecountry, he thought.Did you ever raid in Araluen, Thorn he asked.The old sea wolf shook his head Erak preferred to raid the Iberian coast, and sometimes Gallica orSonderland And now that Ive seen Gilan in action with that bow of his, Im glad he did Maybe Erak knew something Imagine facing half a dozen archers with Gilans skill and speed.Facing one would be bad enough, Hal agreed.Stig was sitting on a coil of rope several meters away, idly putting an edge on his already razor sharp saxeknife as he listened to their conversation.Dyou think Gilan will be at Castle Araluen yet he asked.Originally, they had planned to leave Cresthaven Bay at the same time as the Ranger, who was ridingoverland back to the capital But theyd had a long, hard voyage south to Socorro and Hal wanted the Heron in tip top shape for her first appearance at Castle Araluen There were some sections of running rigging that had frayed and needed splicing and repairing, and there was a large, splintered gash in one of the planks on the waterline, where they had nearly run aground pursuing Tursguds renegade ship Nightwolf through the shoals It took half a day to plane that smooth and repaint the timber so there was no sign of the damage. In addition, Edvin wanted to replenish their stores and fresh food and suggested that they should do it at Cresthaven, where the village was contracted to supply their needs as part of the duty ship agreement No point spending our money elsewhere when theyll provide it for nothing here, Edvin had said, and Hal agreed As a result, they sailed out of Cresthaven and headed north to the river mouth some two days after Gilan had ridden off, waving farewell as he topped the rise above the bay where they were moored He should be, Hal replied to Stigs question Its a little over a days ride and Im told those Ranger horses cover ground at a prodigious rate He can have the welcome committee ready for us then, Thorn added Maybe this king of theirs will come down to the jetty to greet us.Hal smiled sidelong at his old friend From what Ive heard of kings, they dont stand around on windyjetties waiting for roughneck sailors to arrive.Do you consider yourself a roughneck Thorn asked Ive always thought of you as quite sophisticated.I may be But youre roughneck enough for all of us, Hal told him and Thorn grinned contentedly.Yes Im glad to say I am.Farther forward, in the waist of the ship and with no responsibilities to attend to during this current longreach of the river, the twins were bickering, as they were wont to do They had been silent for some time, much to the crews relief, but that was a situation too good to last.You know that brown eyed girl who was sitting on your lap at the welcome home feast Ulf began.Wulf eyed him suspiciously, before replying Yes What about her Ulf paused, smiling quietly to himself, preparing to throw out his verbal challenge Well, she fancied me,he said.Wulf looked at him, eyebrows raised She fancied you Ulf nodded emphatically So you noticed too Wulf snorted in annoyance I wasnt agreeing, he said I was querying you That was why I raised myvoice at the end of the sentence It signified that I was saying, What do you mean, she fancied you I mean she found me attractiveactually, very attractive It was obvious, after all.Wulf paused for several seconds If it was so obvious that she fancied youthat she found you attractivewhy was she sitting on my lap Ulf waved his hand in a dismissive gesture Thats what makes it so obvious She wanted to make mejealous, so she played up to you She was playing hard to get. Well, she played it very well You certainly didnt get her, his brother told him, with some heat in his voice He had noticed Ulf admiring the girl early in the evening and had swooped, successfully, before his brother could act Lydia, who was leaning on the bulwark several meters away, groaned audibly as the exchange continued Ulf laughed I could have if I wanted to She was overwhelmed by my devilish good looks Devilish good looks Youre as ugly as a mange ridden monkey, Wulf told him But his brother was already shaking his head Its odd that someone as unattractive as yourself would say that, he replied That was why she chose to sit with you when she planned to make me jealous She chose the most unattractive person she could see Then obviously, Wulf retorted, she couldnt see you Of course, what made this discussion puzzling for the rest of the crew was that Ulf and Wulf were identical in every respect For one of them to call the other ugly was for him to call himself ugly as well But they never seemed to grasp that fact As they continued speaking, their voices, at first lowered, rose in volume so that the entire crew could listen to their meaningless drivel Hal decided that enough was enough Ingvar he called The massively built boy was sitting forward of the mast, leaning back against it, his long legs splayed out on the deck before him He turned and peered back toward the steering position.Yes, Hal Would you say that sailing down a river counts the same as being at sea The rules of the ship were that if the twins carried on one of their idiotic arguments at sea, Ingvar waswithin his rights to throw one of them overboard In fact, some of the crew felt, he was obliged to throw one overboard Usually, a reference to this fact was enough to stop the mindless discussions they enjoyed so much.Ingvar shrugged Eh Oh, I dont know I suppose so.His voice was distracted and flat Lydia, a few meters away, noticed this and turned to look at him,frowning Hal mirrored the expression Usually Ingvar was good tempered and cheerful Now he sounded listless and bored Hal wondered if something was on the big boys mind.Ulf and Wulf fell instantly silent These days, they were never quite sure how much rope Hal would givethem before he ordered the huge Ingvar to toss one or the other, or even both, overboard Discretion was the better part of valor in such a case.Hal noted that they had stopped arguing, and he nodded in Ingvars direction But the young giant wasntlooking his way any He had resumed his seat against the mast, and Hal heard him give vent to a loud sigh Hal looked at Stig, who was also watching Ingvar curiously.Have you noticed Ingvars been acting strangely for the past few days Hal asked his first mate.Stig nodded, a slightly worried look on his features Something definitely seems to be on his mind Ivebeen wondering .Whatever it was that he had been wondering was forgotten as the ship swept past a high bluff In the neardistance, set among tailored and carefully tended parkland, stood the majestic, beautiful Castle Araluen, a mass of graceful spires, soaring turrets, flying buttresses and fluttering pennants. Gorlogs earwax Jesper said Will you take a look at that Scorpion Mountain Brotherband Chronicles, by John Scorpion continues the Series which spins off from Flanagan s tightly written Ranger Apprentice books They may not be greatest ever but they have charm, character and are fun reads all to themselv Wiki FANDOM powered Wikia is fifth book in Chronicles Summary Edit Hal , his crew, Gilan freed twelve Araluens sold into slavery Book Dec Parents need know that companion series popular After taking on malicious slave traders Slaves of Socorro, Captain crew Heron engage a cult assassins hidden set kill princess Wikipedia instalment novel Australian author It was released December United States From Flanagan, worldwide bestselling an new adventure featuring one our favorite Rangers The The world Available Now Hal, Returning Araluen, given mission King Duncan protect daughter life Princess Cassandra has survived attempt her already, now PDF Download PDF EPUB Formats for free also available Read Online, mobi, docx mobile kindle reading PenguinRandomHouse About Kindle edition it once read your device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note highlighting while Brotherband reaching Royal Palace, group none them expect recently scorpion mountain brotherband chronicles ebook Format mobi online, includes Herons, Lydia, Thorn, Gilan, Duncan, Cassandra, Selethen, Iqbal, Hellenese Corsair named Phillip, Cult Start Discussion Discussions about Read An Exclusive Excerpt Mountain hits shelves grew up Sydney, Australia, hoping writer, after successful career advertising television, he began writing short stories son, Michael, encourage him scorpion eBay Find great deals eBay Shop with confidence Caldera John FREE shipping qualifying offers Herons take high seas fend pirates rescue heir empire newest Ranger WHO IS THE ROYAL RANGER ruins gorlan ranger apprentice By first epic New York Times Will friends Castle Redmont John Anthony born May fantasy best known children His work medieval novels its He Autor Mai ist ein australischer Jugendbuchautor Sorcerer North Plot summary starts rescuing dog finds wounded side road, injured spear then goes castle been assigned meeting Baron whispers secondJohn Official Site Join Club perfect choice school library based clubs J NY State Senate represents Second Senate District, Town Smithtown portions Towns Brookhaven Huntington elected colleagues serve as Temporary President Majority Leader Prior becoming Leader, Senator served Chairman Author Ruins Gorlan Librarian Note There than GoodReads database this name See thread information For mysteries same author, see A writer Biography, Books Facts fiction who made TV advertisement industry before embarking Flanagan Australia wasn t until wrote highly uncomplimentary poem senior executive at agency Scorpion Mountain (Brotherband Chronicles Book 5)

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