◤ Beading Living and Dying in Brick City: Stories from the Front Lines of an Inner-City E.R. (English Edition) essay ☮ Ebook Author Sampson Davis ♧

◤ Beading Living and Dying in Brick City: Stories from the Front Lines of an Inner-City E.R. (English Edition) essay ☮ Ebook Author Sampson Davis ♧ ◤ Beading Living and Dying in Brick City: Stories from the Front Lines of an Inner-City E.R. (English Edition) essay ☮ Ebook Author Sampson Davis ♧ 1 BROTHERS Brother, brother, brother Theres far too many of you dying Marvin Gaye, 1971 The name stopped me cold Don Moses. I knew a Don Moses And I knew right away it had to be him Id been in my residency for several months, but this was my first day on duty in the trauma unit at University Hospital, one of the training centers in Beth Israels network Id made it to the conference room early for the morning report, coffee cup in hand, my green scrubs and white lab coat spotless The least I could do was look polished There would be lots of gray hair and experience in the room, and Id heard that these sessions could be brutal Word was, the senior surgeons often challenged the medical actions taken the night before by their less experienced colleagues, and they didnt think twice about knocking an ill prepared resident down to size Fortunately for me, as a newbie I wasnt on the hot seat My plan was to lie low, watch, and learn But I couldnt take my eyes off the green chalkboard at the front of the roomand that name, in white chalk, crossed out, with a word written next to it in all caps DECEASED Don Moses. It jumped out from the long list of patient names and data The age seemed about right, thirty one, just four years older than me And he probably would have come to this hospital, since it was close to the old neighborhood Hed been shot several times, had made it through surgery, and had been in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit And then, that line through his name My eyes froze there, my knees went weak, and I eased into my seat for the morning report Suddenly, my cool began to melt The cotton lab coat that Id pulled on just moments earlier now felt like wool, and the once ice cold conference room was starting to feel like a sauna Don Moses. We called him Snake A decade had passed since Id seen him dashing past me with the police on his heels one wild summer night Id lived across the street from the eight story Dayton Street projects, one of Newarks most notorious housing developments, and I hung out there practically every day As a teenager, Snake had moved to the Seth Boyden projects, a short walk away His fearless swagger and willingness to scrap with anybody who got in his way quickly earned him the respect of the toughest dudes around The Dayton Street grammar school sat between the two housing projects, and from the time my friends and I were old enough to play outside alone, the schoolyard was our main hangout We grew up playing hide and go seek and shooting hoops there Then, as teenagers, wed sit on the concrete steps and pass the time listening to music, rapping, and talking about girls I held a gun for the first time one summer night on that playground I was seventeen Snake, Duke, Manny, and I took turns passing around the cold, hard steel It was Dukes gun hed bought it off some kid on the street Duke was the one whod introduced us to Snake Both were in their early twenties The night Duke brought the gun to the yard, he and Snake took practice shots into the schools metal door Holding the nine millimeter pistol was enough excitement for me It just didnt feel right blasting bullets through a schoolhouse door But that night sealed our bond The four of us became a team, with Manny and me as the eager to please little brothers We looked up to Snake He was a mysterious dude, about five feet ten inches tall and two hundred pounds of solid muscle He was smooth on his feet, although he moved through the neighborhood with a huge walking stick His friends knew its real purpose It would double as a whipping stick for the fools who dared to try to catch him off guard He usually wore baseball caps to cover a patch of missing hair from a permanent scalp injury, which probably happened during a street fight Snake was always down to fight But his allegiance was flighty at best Hed scrap one on one against a neighborhood rival or battle with a group targeting another gang But hed sometimes do an about face and attack guys I thought were his boys You never knew what to expect from Snake or how far he would go During battle, the dude seemed to have no emotions hed beat an opponent mercilessly, past the point where even a little bit of human empathy might have said, Thats enough In that sense, he was a real warrior, and back then it felt good to be on Snakes side There was a fun part of him, too He was the first to pull a prank or talk music and girls, but even then he never revealed much about himself I sometimes saw him with his sister, but he never talked about his family or home life I dont know whether Snake ever finished high school, but neither he nor Duke worked a real nine to five they mostly hustled drugs and did odd jobs to keep cash and make themselves appear legitimate The summer before my senior year in high school, the four of us were hanging out in the schoolyard one night as usual, when Duke came up with a moneymaking scheme to rob drug dealers I knew it was wrong, but we wouldnt be hurting anybody, I reasoned They were just drug dealers And something about the idea made me feel powerful and strong At fifteen, Manny already had some prior arrests he was game right away Part of me was becoming as comfortable as my friends with this thug life, but there was another side of me, too As quiet as Id kept it, I was also an honor student at University High School, where Id become best friends with two other guys, Rameck and George Wed ended up in some of the same classes and clicked right away because all three of us did well in school and still managed to be popular and cool At the end of the previous school year, our junior year, George had talked Rameck and me into applying together to a scholarship program that would provide almost a full ride to college and medical school if we wanted to become doctors None of us could have afforded college otherwise even if the medical school part still seemed iffy for me , and so wed taken the leap, sure of just one thing Whatever we didnt know we could figure out together I hadnt dared to mention any of those plans to Snake and the boys, though They would have laughed me off the stoop Marshall, going to college Becoming a doctor Who did I think I was Some rich white dude or one of those Cosby kids on TV Around my way, it was all about the here and now Tomorrow wasnt promised, and you did what you had to do today to survive For the moment, robbing drug dealers was the plan What happened next seemed part of some bad dreamfrom us jumping out one night on the young Montclair drug boys to Snake and Duke brandishing the firepower to my patting down pockets and snatching jewelry and cash All four of us had dressed in black to blend in with the darkness We were just about to make our getaway when I noticed a brown four door Chevy Citation pull up to the curb on the street in front of us Two men in jeans and polo shirts shouted some questions about being lost I moved discreetly toward the car and noticed a police radio on the floor I immediately began backing away from the scene, yelling 21 Jump 21 Jump Undercover cops Wed taken the code from the name of a popular television series Within seconds, we were practically surrounded by police cars My ten second jump start helped me distance myself from the scene and appear like a spectator The police focused on my three friends As Snake sprinted past me, his sweaty face glistening, his gold chain bouncing on his chest, he looked shocked and desperate It had never occurred to us that we might get caught Keep your head straight, Sam, I told myself Keep walking Dont run just yet Blend in with the surroundings Youre seconds away from freedom. All three of my boys were arrested that night, and their loyalty ended there Police found my ride, the would be getaway car, at the scene and put out the word that they were coming for me I turned myself in the next day Because of their ages, Snake and Duke were taken to jail Manny and I were transported to a juvenile detention center To this day, I thank God that I was only seventeen and a half If this had occurred a few months later, my future would have been a very different story Since all three had serious priors, Snake was sentenced to seven years, Duke got five years, and Manny four With just a misdemeanor shoplifting charge to my name, I got probation and, after four weeks in juvenile detention, another chance.A pull no punches look at health care from a seldom heard sector Living and Dying isnt a sky is falling chronicle Its a real, gutsy view of a city hospital Essence Gripping a prescription to help kids dream bigger than their circumstances, from someone who really knows People Dr Davis is really a local hero His story has inspired so many of our young people, and hes got his finger on the pulse of what is a challenge in Newark, and frankly all across America I think his book is going to make a big impact.Cory BookerSome memoirs are heartfelt, some are informative and some are even important Few, however, are all three As rare as it is for a book to be heartfelt, well written and inspirational, its even rarer for a critic to say that a book should be required reading This ought to be included in high school curriculafor the kids in the suburbs who have no idea what life is like in the inner cities, and for the kids in the inner cities to know that there is a way out The Star Ledger Dramatic and powerful.New York Daily NewsThis is one of the best books I have read in a long time Sampson Daviss personal story is powerful, and his experiences in the ER room underscore the lack of effective health care in our underserved communities Newark is lucky to have him as a citizen, and we are all lucky that he has shared his insights and expertise with us in Living and Dying in Brick City His is an important voice in the conversation on health care in this country.Wes Moore, author of The Other Wes Moore This book just might save your life Sampson Davis shares fascinating stories from the E.R and addresses the inner city health crisis His book is an important investment in your most valuable resource your health.Suze Orman, author of The Money Class This book is living proof that behind the boarded up windows of one of Americas most neglected cities, beyond the sorrow and the pain, there is much than weve come to expect There is hope There is change There is redemption for Brick City The book will open your eyes to a part of the world that most of us only see from behind the wheel of a tightly locked car Sampson Davis is not afraid to lift heavy objects in this world Im glad he shared his journey with us, so that we know it is possible.James McBride, author of The Color of Water Living and Dying in Brick City provides a fascinating look at the interesting but often terrifying life of a medical professional in a tough inner city hospital More importantly it provides excellent and very practical advice about healthcare issues that are relevant to people of every socioeconomic group It is entertaining while being helpful Benjamin S Carson Sr., MD, The Benjamin S Carson Sr MD and Dr Evelyn Spiro RN Professor and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery,The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions From the Hardcover edition. 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related bands RIP Living and Dying in Brick City: Stories from the Front Lines of an Inner-City E.R. 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