⑇ Format Kindle [ ᓂ Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls ] ⑥ Ebook Author Lynn Weingarten ┇

⑇ Format Kindle [ ᓂ Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls ] ⑥ Ebook Author Lynn Weingarten ┇ ⑇ Format Kindle [ ᓂ Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls ] ⑥ Ebook Author Lynn Weingarten ┇ Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls Chapter 1 Id forgotten what it was like to be that alone For the ten days of winter break, I drove I made my way past the crumbling houses in my neighborhood, the mansions a few miles away, out toward the hills and then back again through stretches of cold, flat land Up and down the Schuylkill River and up and down the Delaware, I cranked the radio and sang loud I needed to hear a live human voice, and I was my own best hope But now break is over Im walking up toward school from the far lot, and Im happy because Im here, because its done I know youre supposed to like vacation, but it was lonely, thats the thing, like I was floating off into space, tethered to nothing My phone buzzes in my pocket I fish it out, a text from Ryan who I havent seen yet because he only got home last night by the way got somehting in vermont I want to give you Then a second later another one not herpes I write back good because it would be really awkward if we got each other the same present I click send with one frozen finger Warm puffs of air escape through my smile I walk into homeroom, and Krista looks up like shes been waiting for me Oh my God, June, she says Her eyes are half open, and shes wearing a pair of red plastic glasses instead of her usual contacts Is it possible, medically, that Im still hungover from Tuesday That was two entire days ago She takes her big orange purse off the chair next to her so I can sit Given everything, yeah, that seems likely, I say She grins as though I mean this as a compliment The only thing I did over break, other than drive, was go to a party at Kristas boyfriends house, which is a little weird since were not close friends or anything But we talk in homeroom sometimes, and neither of us has a lot of other options, is I guess the truth of it When I got the text about her boyfriends party, Id been alone for so many days that I just said yes Her boyfriend, Rader, lives thirty five minutes away, right at the edge of Philly, in a run down apartment that he shares with friends Hes older, and his friends are too, some of them in their twenties The party was mostly guys and the air was hazy with a few kinds of smoke When I walked in, Krista was already trashed and going upstairs to Raders bedroom And I felt all these guys turn and give me the up down And I suddenly understood why Id been invitednot for her, but for them I spent the whole night leaning against the wall, not really talking to anyone, watching the party like a movie Rader asked me to get your number for Buzzy, she says She rubs her eyes I have no idea who Buzzy is Maybe hes the tall guy who kept coming out of the bathroom sniffling and wiping his nose, or the guy with A S S S tattooed on his knuckles, or the one in the velvet shirt who kept asking if I wanted to touch it I didnt and who tried to put a shot of tequila in the fish tank I stopped him I have a boyfriend, I say Wait, you do Who Ryan Fiske Krista raises her eyebrows like maybe Im joking Seriously, I say She tips her head No shit I shrug Im not surprised that shes surprised Weve been a couple for over a year, but mostly no one knows about us I guess we dont exactly seem like people who would be together I wouldnt have thought youd be dating someone so normal Krista means this as an insult, to him Well, you dont know him, I say But the truth is, he is normal And it is comforting, somehow Ryan is one of those people who slides effortlessly into whatever social group he wants without even thinking about it He is comfortable everywhere, and tall and handsome in the sort of way where even if he isnt your type, you can probably appreciate the bones in his face and the fact that theyre all exactly where theyre supposed to be to make a face pleasing Hes a little bit of everything, I guess is what it is And Im not sure what I am I dont think most people give me much thought at all, which is fine by me I hope hes at least secretly into something freaky, Krista says And then she winks and lets out a pained little moan My eyes are not ready for winking yet A second later the announcements begin Good morning, North Orchard students and faculty Can I please have everyones attention Vice Principal Graham Theres something strange in his tone I sit up and listen It is with deep sorrow and a heavy heart that I must deliver some very sad news A member of the North Orchard High community passed away over break He pauses to clear his throat And in that moment, I stop breathing I think everyone does In that moment it could be any of us Junior Delia Cole passed away yesterday Ms Dearborn and Mr Finley and the rest of the counseling staff will be available for anyone who needs to talk, and my door is always open as well Our thoughts and prayers go out to Ms Coles friends and family during this difficult time The loudspeaker clicks off And then there is silence, and the ding of the bell The school day has officially begun My head detaches from my body It rises right up into the air and floats toward the door, and so I follow it He didnt say how, someone whispers What could have happened They sound confused, as though her death was so unlikely But I can so easily imagine a million ways Delia might have died Maybe she climbed up onto the old closed off bridge that stretches over the reservoir and went out onto the rotted part beyond the DO NOT PASS sign Or she was up on someones roof looking up at a big bright moon and teetered onto the delicate edge, even as they begged her not to Maybe she walked across the road with her eyes closed, playing a game of chicken like she used to, her final moment the howl of a horn, a rush of adrenaline, and sudden blinding light Ryan is waiting for me outside homeroom We lock eyes and he stands there staring, frozen, like he isnt really sure what to do with his face And Im not sure what to do with mine, either, because it doesnt even feel like my face any I start walking toward him and he pulls me against him into a hug His arms are strong and warm like always, but right now I can barely feel them I say, This is And I stop because my brain has run out of words, and theres nothing in my head but air completely nuts, he says He is shaking his head And it occurs to me that this is the first time either of us has mentioned Delia, referred to her at all even, in over a year I thought we would at some pointthat it would be so strange when we finally did We make our way across campus, and he drops me off at the door of the English building, where my next class is He leans in and hugs me again The nylon of his jacket is smooth and cold against my cheek When he lets go, he looks down at the ground I cant believe this happened But the thing is, now that it has, it seems like it was always going to Like somehow all along, Delia was far ahead of us, dead, and we are only just now catching up I dont know if its weird to say this now, he says, but I really missed you And I know in a different version of the world than the one we are in, this would send a jolt of pleasure up my spine So I say, Me too, but being apart from him and winter break and everything that happened before this moment seems very far away I cant really remember what missing feels like, or any other feelings either.Weingarten keeps the tension taut every time June resolves to answer a question, it raises two The novel is quietly suspenseful readers will be draw to the well written and well rounded characterseven the supporting players Thoughtful and provocative, this will be a hard book for teen readers to put down until the thrilling, twisted end School Library Journal Simultaneously a pulse pounding, breathtakingly twisty thriller and a complex, unflinching, heart breaking examination of female friendship, Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls is a story of love, damage, and an all consuming relationship with the power to save or destroy and it s unforgettable Robin Wasserman Twisted and intense in all the right ways, Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls will keep you guessing and your pulse racing until its stark, shocking conclusion Micol Ostow, author of the NYPL Favorite Spooky Tale AMITY A taut, sophisticated thriller BCCB, starred review Suicide Notes Michael Thomas Praise for With a sprinkling of dark humor and full measure humanness, is quirky, surprising, riveting read Ellen Hopkins, New York Times bestselling author Fallout Crank from Beautiful Girls The taut, sophisticated thriller BCCB, starred review packed with twists turns that will leave you breathless They say Delia burned herself to death in her stepfather s shed it was suicide But June doesn t believe used be closer than anything Jim Carrey Girlfriend Note Shows Despair Over Jul , Jim ex girlfriend who killed wrote note she did not want go on after 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