ᥒ Definition of text ᙊ Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga pdf ᦢ By Hunter S Thompson ᦯

ᥒ Definition of text ᙊ Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga pdf ᦢ By Hunter S Thompson ᦯ ᥒ Definition of text ᙊ Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga pdf ᦢ By Hunter S Thompson ᦯ Roll em, boysCalifornia, Labor Day weekend early, with ocean fog still in the streets, outlaw motorcyclists wearing chains, shades and greasy Levis roll out from damp garages, all night diners and cast off one night pads in Frisco, Hollywood, Berdoo and East Oakland, heading for the Monterey peninsula, north of Big Sur The Menace is loose again, the Hell s Angels, the hundred carat headline, running fast and loud on the early morning freeway, low in the saddle, nobody smiles, jamming crazy through traffic and ninety miles an hour down the center stripe, missing by inches like Genghis Khan on an iron horse, a monster steed with a fiery anus, flat out through the eye of a beer can and up your daughter s leg with no quarter asked and none given show the squares some class, give em a whiff of those kicks they ll never know Ah, these righteous dudes, they love to screw it on Little Jesus, the Gimp, Chocolate George, Buzzard, Zorro, Hambone, Clean Cut, Tiny, Terry the Tramp, Frenchy, Mouldy Marvin, Mother Miles, Dirty Ed, Chuck the Duck, Fat Freddy, Filthy Phil, Charger Charley the Child Molester, Crazy Cross, Puff, Magoo, Animal and at least a hundred tense for the action, long hair in the wind, beards and bandanas flapping, earrings, armpits, chain whips, swastikas and stripped down Harleys flashing chrome as traffic on 101 moves over, nervous, to let the formation pass like a burst of dirty thunder .They call themselves Hell s Angels They ride, rape and raid like marauding cavalry and they boast that no police force can break up their criminal motorcycle fraternity True, The Man s Magazine August 1965 They re not bad guys, individually I tell you one thing I d rather have a bunch of Hell s Angels on my hands than these civil rights demonstrators When it comes to making trouble for us, the demonstrators are much worse Jailer, San Francisco City PrisonSome of them are pure animals They d be animals in any society These guys are outlaw types who should have been born a hundred years ago then they would have been gunfighters Birney Jarvis, a charter member of the Hell s Angels who later became a San Francisco Chronicle police reporterWe re the one percenters, man the one percent that don t fit and don t care So don t talk to me about your doctor bills and your traffic warrants I mean you get your woman and your bike and your banjo and I mean you re on your way We ve punched our way out of a hundred rumbles, stayed alive with our boots and our fists We re royalty among motorcycle outlaws, baby A Hell s Angel speaking for the permanent record The run was on, outlaws from all over the state rolled in packs toward Monterey north from San Bernardino and Los Angeles on 101 south from Sacramento on 50 south from Oakland, Hayward and Richmond on 17 and from Frisco on the Coast Highway The hard core, the outlaw elite, were the Hell s Angels wearing the winged death s head on the back of their sleeveless jackets and packing their mamas behind them on big chopped hogs They rode with a fine, unwashed arrogance, secure in their reputation as the rottenest motorcycle gang in the whole history of Christendom.From San Francisco in a separate formation came the Gypsy Jokers, three dozen in all, the number two outlaw club in California, starved for publicity, and with only one chapter, the Jokers could still look down on such as the Presidents, Road Rats, Nightriders and Question Marks, also from the Bay Area, Gomorrah with Sodom five hundred miles to the south in the vast mad bowl of Los Angeles, home turf of the Satan s Slaves, number three in the outlaw hierarchy, custom bike specialists with a taste for the flesh of young dogs, flashy headbands and tender young blondes with lobotomy eyes the Slaves were the class of Los Angeles, and their women clung tight to the leather backs of these dog eating, crotch busting fools as they headed north for their annual party with the Hell s Angels, who even then viewed the L.A bunch with friendly condescension which the Slaves didn t mind, for they could dump with impunity on the other southern clubs the Coffin Cheaters, Iron Horsemen, Galloping Gooses, Comancheros, Stray Satans and a homeless fringe element of human chancres so foul that not even the outlaw clubs north or south would claim them except in a fight when an extra chain or beer bottle might make the crucial difference.Over and over again I have said that there is no way out of the present impasse If we were wide awake we would be instantly struck by the horrors which surround us We would drop our tools, quit our jobs, deny our obligations, pay no taxes, observe no laws, and so on Could the man or woman who is thoroughly awakened possibly do the crazy things which are now expected of him or her every moment of the day Henry Miller, in The World of Sex 1,000 copies printed by J.N.H., for friends of Henry Miller, 1941 People will just have to learn to stay out of our way We ll bust up everyone who gets in our way A Hell s Angel talking to policeOn the morning of the Monterey Run, Labor Day 1964, Terry the Tramp woke up naked and hurting all over The night before he d been stomped and chain whipped outside an Oakland bar by nine Diablos, a rival East Bay cycle club I d hit one of their members earlier, he explained, and they didn t appreciate it I was with two other Angels, but they left a little bit before me, and as soon as they were gone, these bastard Diablos jumped me outside the bar They messed me up pretty good, so we spent half the night lookin for em.The search was futile, and just before dawn Terry went back to Scraggs small house in San Leandro, where he was living with his wife and two children Scraggs, a thirty seven year old ex pug who once fought Bobo Olson, was the oldest Angel then riding, with a wife and two children of his own But when Terry came down from Sacramento that summer to look for a job in the Bay Area, Scraggs offered bed and board The two wives got along the kids meshed, and Terry found a job on the assembly line at a nearby General Motors plant in itself a tribute to whatever human flexibility remains at the shop level in the American labor movement, for Terry at a glance looks hopelessly unemployable, like a cross between Joe Palooka and the Wandering Jew.He is six feet two inches tall, 210 pounds heavy, with massive arms, a full beard, shoulder length black hair and a wild, jabbering demeanor not calculated to soothe the soul of any personnel specialist Beyond that, in his twenty seven years he has piled up a tall and ugly police record a multitude of arrests, from petty theft and battery, to rape, narcotics offenses and public cunnilingus and all this without a single felony conviction, being officially guilty of nothing than what any spirited citizen might commit in some drunk or violent moment of animal weakness.Yeah, but that rap sheet s all bullshit, he insists Most of those charges are phony I ve never thought of myself as a criminal I don t work at it I m not greedy enough Everything I do is natural, because I need to And then, after a moment But I guess I m pushin my luck, even if I m not a criminal Pretty soon they ll nail me for one of these goddamn things, and then it s goodbye, Terry, for a whole lot of years I think it s about time I cut out, went East, maybe to New York, or Australia You know, I had a card in Actors Equity once, I lived in Hollywood Hell, I can make it anywhere, even if I am a fuck up.On another Saturday he might have slept until two or three in the afternoon, then gone out again, with a dozen or so of the brethren, to find the Diablos and whip them down to jelly But a Labor Day Run is the biggest event on the Hell s Angels calendar it is the annual gathering of the whole outlaw clan, a massive three day drunk that nearly always results in some wild, free swinging action and another rude shock for the squares No Angel would miss it for any reason except jail or crippling injury The Labor Day Run is the outlaws answer to New Year s Eve it is a time for sharing the wine jug, pummeling old friends, random fornication and general full dress madness Depending on the weather and how many long distance calls are made the week before, anywhere from two hundred to a thousand outlaws will show up, half of them already drunk by the time they get there.By nine o clock that morning both Terry and Scraggs were on their feet Vengeance on the Diablos could wait Today, the run Terry lit a cigarette, examined the bumps and welts on his body, then pulled on a pair of crusty Levis, heavy black boots, no underwear and a red sweatshirt smelling of old wine and human grease Scraggs drank a beer while his wife heated water for instant coffee The children had been put with relatives the night before The sun was hot outside Across the Bay, San Francisco was still covered in a late lifting fog The bikes were gassed and polished All that remained was the gathering of any loose money or marijuana that might be lying around, lashing the sleeping bags to the bikes and donning the infamous colors.The all important colors the uniform, as it were, the crucial identity which the Attorney General of California has described with considerable accuracy in a fuzzy but much quoted official document titled The Hell s Angels Motorcycle Clubs.The emblem of the Hell s Angels, termed colors, consists of an embroidered patch of a winged skull wearing a motorcycle helmet Just below the wing of the emblem are the letters MC Over this is a band bearing the words Hell s Angels Below the emblem is another patch bearing the local chapter name, which is usually an abbreviation for the city or locality These patches are sewn on the back of a usually sleeveless denim jacket In addition, members have been observed wearing various types of Luftwaffe insignia and reproductions of German Iron Crosses Many affect beards and their hair is usually long and unkempt Some wear a single earring in a pierced ear lobe Frequently they have been observed to wear belts made of a length of polished motorcycle drive chain which can be unhooked and used as a flexible bludgeon.The Hell s Angels seem to have a preference for large heavy duty American made motorcycles Harley Davidsons Club members usually use a nickname, designated as their legal name, and are carried on club rolls under that name Some clubs provide that initiates shall be tattooed, the cost of which is included in the initiation fee Probably the most universal common denominator in identification of Hell s Angels is their generally filthy condition Investigating officers consistently report these people, both club members and their female associates, seem badly in need of a bath Fingerprints are a very effective means of identification because a high percentage of Hell s Angels have criminal records .Some members of the Hell s Angels as well as members of other disreputable motorcycle clubs belong to what is alleged to be an elite group termed One Percenters, which meets monthly at various places in California The local Hell s Angels clubs usually meet weekly Requirements for membership or authority to wear the 1% er badge are unknown at this time Another patch worn by some members bears the number 13 It is reported to represent the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, M, which in turn stands for marijuana and indicates the wearer thereof is a user of the drug.This compact description of rancid, criminal sleaziness is substantially correct except for the hocus pocus about the one percenters All Angels wear this patch, as do most other outlaws, and all it means is that they are proud to be part of the alleged one percent of bike riders whom the American Motorcycle Association refuses to claim The AMA is the sporting arm of the Motorcycle, Scooter and Allied Trades Association, a fast growing motorcycle lobby that is seeking desperately to establish a respectable image an image the Hell s Angels have consistently queered We condemn them, says an AMA director They d be condemned if they rode horses, mules, surfboards, bicycles or skateboards Regretfully, they picked motorcycles.The AMA claims to speak for all decent motorcyclists, yet its fifty thousand or so members rode less than five percent of the 1,500,000 motorcycles registered in the United States in 1965 As one of the trade magazines noted, that left a lot of outlaws unaccounted for.Terry and Scraggs left the house about ten, taking it easy on the two mile run through downtown Oakland, keeping the engine noise down, aware of the stares from passing motorists and people on street corners, observing stop signs and speed limits, then suddenly accelerating a half block from the house of Tommy, vice president of the local chapter, where the others were waiting Tommy was living on a quiet, deteriorating residential street in East Oakland an old neighborhood with small, once white frame houses sitting close to each other on tiny lots and sparse front lawns worn down by generations of newsboys delivering the Oakland Tribune Now, on this holiday morning, his neighbors were out on front porches or at living room windows, watching the awful show build up By eleven about thirty Hell s Angels were there, half blocking the narrow street, shouting, drinking beer, brushing green dye on their beards, gunning their engines, adjusting their costumes and knocking each other around to get the feel of things The girls stood quietly in a group, wearing tight slacks, kerchiefs and sleeveless blouses or sweaters, with boots and dark glasses, uplift bras, bright lipstick and the wary expressions of half bright souls turned mean and nervous from too much bitter wisdom in too few years Like the Angels, the girls were mainly in their twenties although some were obvious teen agers and a few were aging whores looking forward to a healthy outdoor weekend.In any gathering of Hell s Angels, from five to a possible hundred and fifty, there is no doubt who is running the show Ralph Sonny Barger, the Maximum Leader, a six foot, 170 pound warehouseman from East Oakland, the coolest head in the lot, and a tough, quick thinking dealer when any action starts By turns he is a fanatic, a philosopher, a brawler, a shrewd compromiser and a final arbitrator To the Oakland Angels he is Ralph Everybody else calls him Sonny although when the party gets wild and loose he answers to names such as Prez, Papa and Daddy Barger s word goes unquestioned, although many of the others could take him in two minutes if it ever came to a fight But it never does He rarely raises his voice except in a rumble with outsiders Any dissenters in the ranks are handled quietly at the regular Friday night meetings, or they simply fade out of the picture and change their life pattern so as never again to cross paths with any group of Angels.If the gathering at Tommy s was a little disorganized, it was because Sonny was serving time in the Santa Rita Rehabilitation Center, for possession of marijuana With Sonny in jail, the others were keeping the action to a minimum even though Tommy, in his quiet, disaffiliated sort of way, was running the show pretty well At twenty six he was a year younger than Barger blond, clean shaven, with a wife and two children, making 180 a week as a construction worker He knew he was only filling in for the Prez, but he also knew that the Oakland Angels had to make a tough, full strength appearance at the Labor Day Run Anything less would forfeit the spiritual leadership back to southern California, to the San Bernardino or Berdoo chapter the founding fathers, as it were who started the whole thing in 1950 and issued all new charters for nearly fifteen years But mounting police pressure in the south was causing many Angels to seek refuge in the Bay Area By 1965, Oakland was on its way to becoming the capital of the Hell s Angels world.Prior to their ear splitting departure, there was a lot of talk about the Diablos and what manner of lunacy or strange drug had caused them to commit such a sure fatal error as an attack on a lone Angel Yet this was a routine beef, postponed and forgotten as they moved onto the freeway for an easy two hour run to Monterey By noon it was so hot that many of the riders had taken off their shirts and opened their black vests, so the colors flapped out behind them like capes and the on coming traffic could view their naked chests, for good or ill The southbound lanes were crowded with taxpayers heading out for a Labor Day weekend that suddenly seemed tinged with horror as the Angel band swept past this animal crowd on big wheels, going somewhere public, all noise and hair and bust out raping instincts the temptation for many a motorist was to swing hard left, with no warning, and crush these arrogant scorpions.At San Jose, an hour south of Oakland, the formation was stopped by two state Highway Patrolmen, causing a traffic jam for forty five minutes at the junction of 17 and 101 Some people stopped their cars entirely, just to watch Others slowed to ten or fifteen miles an hour As traffic piled up, there were vapor locks, boil overs and minor collisions.They wrote tickets for everybody they could, said Terry Things like seats too low, bars too high, no mirror, no hand hold for the passenger and like always they checked us for old warrants, citations we never paid and every other goddamn thing they could think of But the traffic was really piling up, with people staring at us and all, and finally, by God, a Highway Patrol captain showed up and chewed those bastards good for creating a hazard or whatever he called it We had a big laugh, then we took off again We get treated good here in Monterey Most other places we get thrown out of town Frenchy from Berdoo talking to a reporter not many hours before the Angels were thrown out of townBetween San Jose and the turnoff to Monterey, 101 rolls gracefully through the rich farming foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains The Hell s Angels, riding two abreast in each lane, seemed out of place in little towns like Coyote and Gilroy People ran out of taverns and dry goods stores to stare at these fabled big city Huns Local cops waited nervously at intersections, hoping the Angels would pass quietly and not cause trouble It was almost as if some far ranging band of Viet Cong guerrillas had appeared, trotting fast in a tight formation down the middle of Main Street, bound for some bloody rendezvous that nobody in town even cared to know about as long as the dirty buggers kept moving.The Angels try to avoid trouble on the road Even a minor arrest in a country town at the start of a holiday weekend can mean three days in jail, missing the party, and a maximum fine when they finally come to court They know, too, that in addition to the original charge usually a traffic violation or disorderly conduct they will probably be accused of resisting arrest, which can mean thirty days, a jail haircut and another fine of 150 or so Now, after many a painful lesson, they approach small towns the same way a traveling salesman from Chicago approaches a known speed trap in Alabama The idea, after all, is to reach the destination not to lock horns with hayseed cops along the way.The destination this time was a big tavern called Nick s, a noisy place on a main drag called Del Monte, near Cannery Row in downtown Monterey We went right through the middle of town, recalls Terry, through the traffic and everything Most of the guys knew Nick s, but not me because I was in jail the other time We didn t make it till about three because we had to wait in a gas station on 101 for some of the guys running late By the time we got there I guess we had about forty or fifty bikes Berdoo was already in with about seventy five, and people kept coming all night By the next morning there were about three hundred from all over.The stated purpose of the gathering was the collection of funds to send the body of a former Angel back to his mother in North Carolina Kenneth Country Beamer, vice president of the San Bernardino chapter, had been snuffed by a truck a few days earlier in a desert Hamlet called Jacumba, near San Diego Country had died in the best outlaw tradition homeless, stone broke, and owning nothing in this world but the clothes on his back and a big bright Harley As the others saw it, the least they could do was send his remains back to the Carolinas, to whatever family or memory of a home might be there It was the thing to do, Terry said.The recent demise of a buddy lent the 64 affair a tone of solemnity that not even the police could scoff at It was the sort of gesture that cops find irresistible final honors for a fallen comrade, with a collection for the mother and a bit of the uniformed pageantry to make the show real In deference to all this, the Monterey police had let it be known that they would receive the Angels in a spirit of armed truce.It was the first time in years that the outlaws had been faced with even a semblance of civic hospitality and it turned out to be the last, for when the sun came up on that bright Pacific Saturday the infamous Monterey rape was less than twenty four hours away from making nationwide headlines The Hell s Angels would soon be known and feared throughout the land Their blood, booze and semen flecked image would be familiar to readers of The New York Times, Newsweek, The Nation, Time, True, Esquire and the Saturday Evening Post Within six months small towns from coast to coast would be arming themselves at the slightest rumor of a Hell s Angels invasion All three major television networks would be seeking them out with cameras and they would be denounced in the U.S Senate by George Murphy, the former tap dancer Weird as it seems, as this gang of costumed hoodlums converged on Monterey that morning they were on the verge of making it big, as the showbiz people say, and they would owe most of their success to a curious rape mania that rides on the shoulder of American journalism like some jeering, masturbating raven Nothing grabs an editor s eye like a good rape We really blew their minds this time, as one of the Angels explained it According to the newspapers, at least twenty of these dirty hopheads snatched two teen age girls, aged fourteen and fifteen, away from their terrified dates, and carried them off to the sand dunes to be repeatedly assaulted.repeatedly assaultedaged 14 and 15 .stinking, hairy thugsA deputy sheriff summoned by one of the erstwhile dates said he arrived at the beach and saw a huge bonfire surrounded by cyclists of both sexes Then the two sobbing, near hysterical girls staggered out of the darkness, begging for help One was completely nude and the other had on only a torn sweater.Here, sweet Jesus, was an image flat guaranteed to boil the public blood and foam the brain of every man with female flesh for kin Two innocent young girls, American citizens, carried off to the dunes and ravaged like Arab whores One of the dates told police they tried to rescue the girls but couldn t reach them in the mobscene that erupted once the victims were stripped of their clothing Out there in the sand, in the blue moonlight, in a circle of leering hoodlums they were penetrated, again and again.The next morning Terry the Tramp was one of four Angels arrested for forcible rape, which carries a penalty of one to fifty years in the penitentiary He denied all knowledge of the crime, as did Mother Miles, Mouldy Marvin and Crazy Cross but several hours later, with bond set at a lowly 1,100 each, they were lodged in the Monterey County Jail in Salinas out there in Steinbeck country, the hot lettuce valley, owned in the main by smart second generation hillbillies who got out of Appalachia while the getting was good, and who now pay other, less smart hillbillies to supervise the work of Mexican braceros, whose natural fitness for stoop labor has been explained by the ubiquitous Senator Murphy They re built low to the ground, he said, so it s easier for them to stoop.Indeed And since Senator Murphy has also called the Hell s Angels the lowest form of animals, it presumably follows that they are better constructed for the mindless rape of any prostrate woman they might come across as they scurry about, from one place to another, with their dorks carried low like water wands Which is not far from the truth, but for different reasons than California s ex lightfoot senator might have us believe.Nobody knew, of course, as they gathered that Saturday at Nick s, that the Angels were about to make a publicity breakthrough, by means of rape, on the scale of the Beatles or Bob Dylan At dusk, with an orange sun falling fast into the ocean just a mile or so away, the main event of the evening was so wholly unplanned that the principal characters or victims attracted little attention in the noisy crowd that jammed Nick s barroom and spilled out to the darkening street.Terry says he noticed the girls and their dates only as part of the overall scene The main reason I remember them is I wondered what that white pregnant girl was doing with a bunch of suede dudes But I figured it was her business, and I wasn t hurtin for pussy anyway I had my old lady with me we re separated now, but then we were doin okay and she wouldn t have none of me hustlin anything else while she was around Besides, hell, when you re seein old friends you haven t seen in a year or two, you don t have time to pay much attention to strangers.The only thing Terry and all the other Angels agree on in relation to the victims first appearance is that they sure as hell didn t look no fourteen and fifteen, man those girls looked every bit of twenty Police later confirmed the girls ages, but all other information about them including their names was withheld in accordance with California s policy of denying press access to rape victims I can t even say if those girls were pretty or not, Terry went on I just don t remember All I can say for sure is that we didn t have no trouble at Nick s The cops were there, but only to keep people away It was the same old story as every place else we go traffic piling up on the street outside, local bad asses prowling around, young girls looking for kicks, and a bunch of Nick s regular customers just digging the party The cops did right by staying around Everywhere we go there s some local hoods who want to find out how tough we are If the cops weren t there we d end up having to hurt somebody Hell, nobody wants trouble on a run All we want to do is to have some fun and relax.It is said, however, that the Hell s Angels have some offbeat ideas about fun and relaxation If they are, after all, the lowest form of animals, not even Senator Murphy could expect them to gather together in a drunken mass for any such elevated pastimes as ping pong, shuffleboard and whist Their picnics have long been noted for certain beastly forms of entertainment, and any young girl who shows up at a Hell s Angels bonfire camp at two o clock in the morning is presumed, by the outlaws, to be in a condition of heat So it was only natural that the two girls attracted attention when they arrived at the beach than they had earlier in the convivial bedlam at Nick s.One aspect of the case overlooked in most newspaper accounts had to do with elementary logistics How did these two young girls happen to be on a deserted midnight beach with several hundred drunken motorcycle thugs Were they kidnapped from Nick s And if so, what were they doing there in the first place, aged fourteen and fifteen, circulating all evening in a bar jammed wall to wall with the state s most notorious gang of outlaws Or were they seized off the street somewhere perhaps at a stoplight to be slung over the gas tank of a bored out Harley and carried off into the night, screaming hysterically, while bystanders gaped in horror Police strategists, thinking to isolate the Angels, had reserved them a campsite far out of town, on an empty stretch of dunes between Monterey Bay and Fort Ord, an Army basic training center The reasoning was sound the beasts were put off in a place where they could whip themselves into any kind of orgiastic frenzy without becoming dangerous to the citizenry and if things got out of hand, the recruits across the road could be bugled out of bed and issued bayonets The police posted a guard on the highway, in case the Angels got restless and tried to get back to town, but there was no way to seal the camp off entirely, nor any provision for handling local innocents who might be drawn to the scene out of curiosity or other, darker reasons not mentioned in police training manuals.The victims told police they had gone to the beach because they wanted to look at the cyclists They were curious even after several hours at Nick s, which was so crowded that evening that most of the outlaws took to pissing in the parking lot rather than struggle inside to the bathroom.Hell, those broads didn t come out there for any sing song, said Terry They were loaded and they wanted to get off some leg, but it just got to be too many guys To start with, it was groovy for em Then and guys came piling over the dunes yea, pussy, you know, that kinda thing and the broads didn t want it The suede dudes just split we never saw em again I don t know for sure how it ended All I knew then was that they had some mamas out there in the dunes, but me and my old lady went and crashed pretty early I was so wasted I couldn t even make it with her.No family newspaper saw fit to quote the Angel version, but six months later, playing pool in a San Francisco bar, Frenchy remembered it this way One girl was white and pregnant, the other was colored, and they were with five colored studs They hung around Nick s about three hours on Saturday night, drinking and talking with our riders, then they came out to the beach with us them and their five boy friends Everybody was standing around the fire, drinking wine, and some of the guys were talking to them hustling em, naturally and pretty soon somebody asked the two chicks if they wanted to be turned on you know, did they want to smoke some pot They said yeah, and then they walked off with some of the guys to the dunes The spade went with a few guys, and then she wanted to quit, but the pregnant one was really hot to trot the first four or five guys she was really draggin into her arms, but after that she cooled off too By this time, though, one of their boy friends had got scared and gone for the cops and that s all it was.The next morning, said Terry, I rode in with somebody I forget who to some drive in on the highway, where we got some breakfast When we got back to the beach they had a roadblock set up with those two broads sittin there in the cop car, lookin at everybody I didn t know what was goin on, but then a cop said, You re one, and they slapped the cuffs on me Those goddamn girls were gigglin, righteously laughin you know, Ha ha, that s one of em So off I went to the bucket, for rape.When we got to the jail I said, Hey, I want to be checked Let s see a doctor I ain t had no intercourse in two days But they wouldn t go for it Marvin and Miles and Crazy Cross were already there and we figured we were deep in the shit until they told us bail was only eleven hundred dollars Then we knew they didn t have much of a case.Meanwhile, out on Marina Beach, the rest of the Angels were being rounded up and driven north along Highway 156 toward the county line Laggards were thumped on the shoulders with billy clubs and told to get moving Side roads were blocked by state troopers while dozens of helmeted deputies many from neighboring counties ran the outlaws through the gauntlet Traffic was disrupted for miles as the ragged horde moved slowly along the road, gunning their engines and raining curses on everything in sight The noise was deafening and it is hard to imagine what effect the spectacle must have had on the dozens of out of state late summer tourists who pulled over to let the procession come through Because of the proximity of an Army base, they undoubtedly thought they were making way for a caravan of tanks, or at least something impressive and military and then to see an army of hoodlums being driven along the road like a herd of diseased sheep ah, what a nightmare for the California Chamber of Commerce.At the county line on U.S 101 a reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle talked with Tommy, and with another Angel, named Tiny, a six foot six, 240 pound outlaw with a shoulder length pigtail who later gained nationwide fame for his attack on a Get Out of Vietnam demonstration in Berkeley.We re ordinary guys, said Tommy Most of us work About half are married, I guess, and a few own their homes Just because we like to ride motorcycles, the cops give us trouble everywhere we go That rape charge is phony and it won t stick The whole thing was voluntary.Shit, our bondsman will have those guys out in two hours, said Tiny Why can t people let us alone, anyway All we want to do is get together now and then and have some fun just like the Masons, or any other group.But the presses were already rolling and the eight column headline said hell s angels gang rape The Masons haven t had that kind of publicity since the eighteenth century, when Casanova was climbing through windows and giving the brotherhood a bad name Perhaps the Angels will one day follow the Freemasons into bourgeois senility, but by then some other group will be making outrage headlines a Hovercraft gang, or maybe some once bland fraternal group tooling up even now for whatever the future might force on them.What is the trend in Kiwanis There are rumors in Oakland of a new militancy in that outfit, a radical ferment that could drastically alter the club s image In the drift and flux of these times it is easy enough to foresee a Sunday morning, ten or twenty years hence, when a group of middle aged men wearing dark blazers with Hell s Angels crests on the pockets will be pacing their mortgaged living rooms and muttering sadly at a headline saying kiwanis gang rape four held, others flee, ringleaders sought.And in some shocked American city a police chief will be saying as the Monterey chief said in 1964 of the Hell s Angels They will not be welcomed back, because of the atmosphere created.Thompson has presented us with a close view of a world most of us would never encounter His language is brilliant, his eye remarkable The New York Times Book ReviewSuperb and terrifying Studs Terkel, Chicago Tribune Hell s Angels A Strange and Terrible Saga Hunter S Hell Thompson on FREE shipping qualifying offers Gonzo journalist literary roustabout flies with the angels The of Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs is a book written by Thompson, first published in Random HouseIt was widely lauded for its up close uncompromising look at Hells motorcycle club, during time when gang highly feared accused numerous criminal activities New York Times described The Nation Last Labor Day weekend newspapers all over California gave front page reports heinous rape moonlit sand dunes near town Seaside Monterey Peninsula Two girls, aged Hells MC World HELLS ANGELS skull logo are trademarks owned Club Corporation, registered USA many other countries London R rd Bomb Group H Molesworth, England This website contains separate web pages five million words, which fully indexed easily searchable I hope you enjoy your visit welcome comments questions Overview rd BG Lt Carlton M Smith, an effort to proficient understanding his duties, one few Ground Pounders who flew combat missionsHe came home Air Medal As member Intelligence Staff , he eyewitness history He 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been lionized feature films, model running character Doonesbury Paintings, Sculptures Photography Galleries HYATT REGENCY LONDON THE CHURCHILL THOMPSON ART PARTNERSHIP October Gallery partnered Hyatt Regency Churchill supply art interior prestigious hotel year Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga

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    • Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga
    • Hunter S Thompson
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