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曬 Early reader series Ҧ ePUB By Jenny Han ऋ 曬 Early reader series Ҧ ePUB By Jenny Han ऋ P.S I Still Love You 1 KITTYS BEEN A LITTLE COMPLAINER all morning, and I suspect both Margot and Daddy are suffering from New Years Eve hangovers And me Ive got hearts in my eyes and a letter thats burning a hole in my coat pocket As were putting on our shoes, Kittys still trying to weasel her way out of wearing a hanbok to Aunt Carrie and Uncle Victors Look at the sleeves Theyre three quarter length on me Unconvincingly Daddy says, Theyre supposed to be that way Kitty points to me and Margot Then why do theirs fit she demands Our grandma bought the hanboks for us the last time she was in Korea Margots hanbok has a yellow jacket and apple green skirt Mine is hot pink with an ivory white jacket and a long hot pink bow with flowers embroidered down the front The skirt is voluminous, full like a bell, and it falls all the way to the floor Unlike Kittys, which hits right at her ankles Its not our fault you grow like a weed, I say, fussing with my bow The bow is the hardest thing to get right I had to watch a YouTube video multiple times to figure it out, and it still looks lopsided and sad My skirts too short too, she grumps, lifting the bottom The real truth is, Kitty hates wearing a hanbok because you have to walk delicately in it and hold the skirt closed with one hand or the whole thing comes open All of the other cousins will be wearing them, and it will make Grandma happy, Daddy says, rubbing his temples Case closed In the car Kitty keeps saying I hate New Years Day, and it puts everyone but me in a sour mood Margot is already in a semi sour mood because she had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get home from her friends cabin in time Theres also the matter of that maybe hangover Nothing could sour my mood, though, because Im not even in this car Im somewhere else entirely, thinking about my letter to Peter, wondering if it was heartfelt enough, and how and when Im going to give it to him, and what hell say, and what it will mean Should I drop it in his mailbox Leave it in his locker When I see him again, will he smile at me, make a joke of it to lighten the mood Or will he pretend he never saw it, to spare us both I think that would be worse I have to keep reminding myself that, despite everything, Peter is kind and he is easygoing and he wont be cruel no matter what Of that much I can be sure What are you thinking so hard about Kitty asks me I barely hear her Hello I close my eyes and pretend to be asleep, and all I see is Peters face I dont know what I want from him exactly, what Im ready forif its boyfriend girlfriend heavy duty serious love, or if its what we had before, just fun and some here and there kisses, or if its something in between, but I do know I cant get his Handsome Boy face out of my mind The way he smirks when he says my name, how when hes near me I forget to breathe sometimes Of course, when we get to Aunt Carrie and Uncle Victors, none of the other cousins are wearing hanboks, and Kitty practically turns purple with the effort of not yelling at Daddy Margot and I give him some side eye too Its not particularly comfortable to sit around in a hanbok all day But then Grandma gives me an approving smile, which makes up for it As we take off our shoes and coats at the front door, I whisper to Kitty, Maybe the adults will give us money for dressing up You girls look so cute, Aunt Carrie said as she hugs us Haven refused to wear hers Haven rolls her eyes at her mom I love your haircut, she says to Margot Haven and I are only a few months apart, but she thinks shes so much older than me Shes always trying to get in with Margot We get the bowing out of the way first In Korean culture, you bow to your elders on New Years Day and wish them luck in the new year, and in return they give you money The order goes oldest to youngest, so as the oldest adult, Grandma sits down on the couch first, and Aunt Carrie and Uncle Victor bow first, then Daddy, all the way down the line to Kitty, who is youngest When its Daddys turn to sit on the couch and receive his bows, theres an empty couch cushion next to him as there has been every New Years Day since Mommy died It gives me an achy feeling in my chest to see him sitting there alone, smiling gamely, handing out ten dollar bills Grandma catches my eye pointedly and I know shes thinking the same thing When its my turn to bow, I kneel, hands folded in front of my forehead, and I vow that I will not see Daddy alone on that couch again next year We get ten dollars from Aunt Carrie and Uncle Victor, ten from Daddy, ten from Aunt Min and Uncle Sam, who arent our real aunt and uncle but second cousins or is it cousins once removed Theyre Mommys cousins, anyway , and twenty from Grandma We didnt get for wearing hanboks, but all in all a good take Last year the aunts and uncles were only doing five apiece Next we do rice cake soup for good luck Aunt Carrie also made black eyed pea cakes and insists we try at least one, though no one wants to The twins, Harry and Leonour third cousins Cousins twice removed refuse to eat the soup or the black eyed pea cakes and are eating chicken nuggets in the TV room There isnt enough room at the dining table, so Kitty and I eat on stools at the kitchen island We can hear everyone laughing from over here As I begin to eat my soup, I make a wish Please, please let things work out with me and Peter Why do I get a smaller bowl of soup than everyone else Kitty whispers to me Because youre the littlest Why dont we get our own bowl of kimchi Because Aunt Carrie thinks we dont like it because were not full Korean Go ask for some, Kitty whispers So I do, but mainly because I want some too While the adults drink coffee, Margot, Haven, and I go up to Havens room and Kitty tags along Usually she plays with the twins, but this time she picks up Aunt Carries Yorkie, Smitty, and follows us upstairs like one of the girls Haven has indie rock band posters on her walls most Ive never heard of Shes always rotating them out Theres a new one, a letterpressed Belle and Sebastian It looks like denim This is cool, I say I was just about to switch that one out, Haven says You can have it if you want Thats all right, I tell her I know shes only offering it to feel above me, as is her way Ill take it, Kitty says, and Havens face pulls into a frown for a second, but Kittys already peeling it off the wall Thanks, Haven Margot and I look at each other and try not to smile Havens never had much patience for Kitty, and the feeling is infinitely mutual Margot, have you been to any shows since youve been in Scotland Haven asks She plops down on her bed and opens up her laptop Not really, Margot says Ive been so busy with classes Margots not much of a live music person anyway Shes looking at her phone the skirt of her hanbok is fanned around her Shes the only one of us Song girls still fully clothed Ive taken off my jacket, so Im just in the slip and skirt, and Kittys taken off both the jacket and the skirt and is just wearing an undershirt and bloomers I sit down on the bed next to Haven so she can show me pictures from their vacation to Bermuda on Instagram As shes scrolling through her feed, a picture from the ski trip pops up Havens in the Charlottesville Youth Orchestra, so she knows people from a lot of different schools, including mine I cant help but sigh a little when I see ita picture of a bunch of us on the bus the last morning Peter has his arm around me, hes whispering something in my ear I wish I remembered what All surprised, Haven looks up and says, Oh, hey, thats you, Lara Jean Whats this from The school ski trip Is that your boyfriend Haven asks me, and I can tell shes impressed and trying not to show it I wish I could say yes But Kitty scampers over to us and looks over our shoulders Yes, and hes the hottest guy youve ever seen in your life, Haven She says it like a challenge Margot, who was scrolling on her phone, looks up and giggles Well, thats not exactly true, I hedge I mean, hes the hottest guy Ive ever seen in my life, but I dont know what kind of people Haven goes to school with No, Kittys right, hes hot, Haven admits Like, how did you get him No offense I just thought you were the non dating type I frown The non dating type What kind of type is that A little mushroom who sits at home in a semidark room growing moss Lara Jean dates plenty, Margot says loyally I blush I date never, Peter barely even counts, but Im glad for the lie Whats his name Haven asks me Peter Peter Kavinsky Even saying his name is a remembered pleasure, something to savor, like a piece of chocolate dissolving on my tongue Ohh, she says I thought he dated that pretty blond girl Whats her name Jenna Werent you guys best friends when you were little I feel a pang in my heart Her name is Genevieve We used to be friends, not any And she and Peter have been broken up for a while So then how long have you and Peter been together Haven asks me She has a dubious look in her eye, like she 90 percent believes me but theres still that niggling 10 percent that has doubt We started hanging out in September At least that much is true Were not together right now were kind of on a break But Im optimistic Kitty pokes my cheek, makes a dimple with her pinky Youre smiling, she says, and shes smiling too She cuddles closer to me Make up with him today, okay I want Peter back Its not that simple, I say, though maybe it could be Sure its that simple He still likes you a lotjust tell him you still like him, too, and boom Youre back together and itll be like you never kicked him out of our house Havens eyes go even wider Lara Jean, you broke up with him Geez, is it so hard to believe I narrow my eyes at her, and Haven opens and then wisely closes her mouth She takes another look at the picture of Peter Then she gets up to go to the bathroom, and as she closes the door, she says, All I can say is, if that boy was my boyfriend, Id never let him go My whole body tingles when she says those words I once had that exact same thought about Josh, and look at me now Its like a million years have gone by and hes just a memory to me I dont want it to be like that with Peter The farawayness of old feelings, like even when you try with all your might, you can barely make out his face when you close your eyes No matter what, I always want to remember his face When its time to go, Im putting on my coat and Peters letter falls out of my pocket Margot picks it up Another letter I blush In a rush I say, I havent figured out when I should give it to him, if I should leave it in his mailbox, or if I should actually mail it Or face to face Gogo, what do you think You should just talk to him, Margot says Go right now Daddy will drop you off You go to his house, you give him the letter, and then you see what he says My heart pumps wildly at the thought Right now Just go over there, without calling first, without a plan I dont know, I hedge I feel like I should think it over Margot opens her mouth to respond, but then Kitty comes up behind us and says, Enough with the letters Just go get him back Dont let it be too late, Margot says, and I know shes not just talking about me and Peter Ive been tiptoeing around the subject of Josh because of everything thats happened with us I mean, Margots forgiven me, but theres no sense in rocking the boat So these past couple of days Ive stayed silently supportive and hoped that was enough But Margot leaves for Scotland again in less than a week The thought of her leaving without at least talking to Josh doesnt feel right to me Weve all been friends for so long I know Josh and I will mend things, because were neighbors, and thats how it goes with people you see a lot They mend, almost on their own But not so for Margot and Josh, with her so far away If they dont talk now, the scar will only harden over time, it will calcify, and then theyll be like strangers who never loved each other, which is the saddest thought of all While Kittys putting on her boots, I whisper to Margot, If I talk to Peter, you should talk to Josh Dont go back to Scotland and leave things like this with him Well see, she says, but I see the hope that flares in her eyes, and it gives me hope too.An ultimately compelling exploration of teenage growth and young love Kirkus, on To All the Boys I ve Loved Before A wonderful choice for fans of Sarah Dessen and Stephanie Perkins Booklist March 15, 2014 In this lovely, lighthearted romancereaders will remember the Song sisters and the boys in their lives long after the final page turn School Library Journal, Starred review on To All the Boys I ve Loved Before The sparkling dialogue, heartwarming sister relationships, and honest talk make this a must have title for teen collections School Library Journal A sweet and charming sequel that is sure to be devoured by fans of the first book Booklist PS I Still Love You To All the Boys ve was a fantastic sequel It just as cute and fun Loved Before m so happy that Jenny Han publishers listened to readers decided on book would hate see it end there Plus, want all Lara Jean, Peter, Kitty can have PS by Goodreads has , ratings reviews fyt said So am done reading don t know what feel POTENTIAL SPOILERS BEL Read online free Read from your iPhone, iPad, android, Pc, Mobile is Young Adult novel New York Times bestselling author of The Summer Turned Pretty series Shug Burn for trilogy, cowritten with Siobhan Vivian PSI YouShe also chapter Clara Lee Apple Pie DreamA former children s bookseller, she earned her MFA in creative writing at School second YA Given way love turned heart Before, which SLJ called lovely, lighthearted romance, no surprise Book Official Review Common Sense Media Strong stars lovable Jean plenty romance Media review, age rating, parents guide Get today Novels Audiobook YouTube Nov Cast Finds Out Which Character They Really Are Duration BuzzFeed Celeb ,, views Wikipedia young adult American Han, first published Simon Schuster released May April IMDb Holly Kennedy still laughing Gerry, stop Daniel Connelly Daniel, are you ever gonna felt about Gerry anyone else, or do need one letters figure out Rihanna Not Over Lyrics Genius Lyrics What up we haven spoken while But thinkin bout And kinda made me smile many things say ll put em Audible Written Narrated Laura Knight Keating Download app start listening Free day Trial Keep audiobook forever, even if cancel Don Swap free, anytime Books Google Play ps this book, will too Lisa Schroeder, Bridge Me Readers after an enjoyable beach won go wrong She Dream A Auto Suggestions available once type least Use arrow mozilla firefox browser alt down review enter select Han Ps innocent eyes OHHH mean character retrogression cOnGrAts got having conversation HONESTLY M SO ANNOYED WITH THIS BOOK Why without cliffhanger write nothing happens Parents wonderful BeforeIt sweet certainly centered but lots thought provoking ideas love, dating, gender expectations KITTY S BEEN LITTLE COMPLAINER morning, suspect both Margot Daddy suffering Year Eve hangovers Trailer Mar created Mariel W Verse letter jenny han, writer books kids teensKILA Ashes Ashes, Always Forever, You, Fire Fire, Burn, We Have Summer, Without Pretty, Jenny come phone right now jennyhan latest Tweets NY TO ALL THE Author Before avg ratings, reviews, Instagram photos videos k Followers, Following Posts See videos born September fiction best known trilogy series, latter adapted into film same name starring Lana Condor Writer Fire Vivian FREE shipping qualifying offers After catastrophic events Homecoming Dance Lillia, Kat Mary face consequences their actions Reeve hospital han eBay Find great deals eBay jenny Shop confidence Shug Paperback Barnes Noble Annemarie Wilcox clever brave true inside anyway become new friend enchanting middle grade soon be major motion picture P.S. I Still Love You

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