↔ Online God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships page ↓ Kindle Author Matthew Vines ✝

↔ Online God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships page ↓ Kindle Author Matthew Vines ✝ ↔ Online God and the Gay Christian: The Biblical Case in Support of Same-Sex Relationships page ↓ Kindle Author Matthew Vines ✝ Reclaiming Our Lightan IntroductionI grew up singing a chorus in Sunday school about how we should share the light of our faith with the world This little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine, we sang in the classrooms at my familys church in Wichita, Kansas Hide it under a bushel No Im gonna let it shine That was before I knew I was gay.Unfortunately, in recent years, many outside the church havent been able to see our faiths light due to the rancor toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT people Increasingly, young believers in particular feel caught in and repulsed by an often meanspirited theological debate about sexual orientation They long for a charitable yet biblically sound message on this topic thats not at odds with the Jesus of the Gospels Most young people today, it seems, know someone who has been rejected by family, friends, or church after coming out Citing chapter and verse, evangelical Christians have typically offered a response like this to the gay believers in their midst We love you Its your sin we hate.To be fair, many Christians now support same sex relationships But those who do tend to see Scripture as a helpful but dated guidebook, not as the final authority on questions of morality and doctrine.That is not my view of Scripture.Like most theologically conservative Christians, I hold what is often called a high view of the Bible That means I believe all of Scripture is inspired by God and authoritative for my life While some parts of the Bible address cultural norms that do not directly apply to modern societies, all of Scripture is useful for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness 2 Timothy 3 1617, nrsv.That view of the Bible lies at the heart of our cultures polarization over same sex relationships While much of our secular society and many mainline churches have come to embrace gay relationships, the evangelical church has not Why Evangelicals beliefs are based on how they read the Bible, and most evangelicals believe the Bible condemns all same sex relationships.Today, that belief is coming under increasing pressure For years, many conservative Christians supported efforts to change gay peoples sexual orientation Some still take that approach, but in 2013, the flagship ex gay organization shut down and apologized for the false hope, pain, and trauma it caused.1 The failure of that movement has left evangelicals grappling with how to respond to the reality of sexual orientation without compromising their beliefs about the Bibles authority.Not until I confronted my own same sex orientation did my churchs crisis on this issue become a fully personal one But that crisisas I will describe for you in the pages aheadpropelled me on a quest that has resulted in the book youre holding.This book is the product of four years of meticulous research, building on four decades of high level scholarship I am not a biblical scholar, so I have relied on the work of dozens of scholars whose expertise is far greater than my own My goal has not been to break new ground, but to bring credible, often overlooked insights to light, and to synthesize those insights in clear and accessible ways for a broad audience.My core argument in this book is not simply that some Bible passages have been misinterpreted and others have been given undue weight My larger argument is this Christians who affirm the full authority of Scripture can also affirm committed, monogamous same sex relationships Instead of accepting the divide between progressive Christians who support marriage equality and conservative Christians who oppose it, this book envisions a future in which all Christians come to embrace and affirm their LGBT brothers and sisterswithout undermining their commitment to the authority of the Bible.I invite you to journey with me as we take a careful look at the six passages in Scripture that speak most directly and specifically about same sex behavior What I learned in my study has changed the views of my parents along with many other committed Christians in my life Yet I hope the argument I present in God and the Gay Christian does than change minds My prayer is that it opens up a conversation in the Christian community that is truly in the spirit of Jesus The fiercest objections to LGBT equalitythose based on religious beliefscan begin to fall away The tremendous pain endured by LGBT youth in many Christian homes can become a relic of the past Christianitys reputation in much of the Western world can begin to rebound Together, we can reclaim our light.If you are a conservative Christian, that degree of change might make you uncomfortable If you are an LGBT affirming Christian, it should give you hope If you are nonreligious, it might strike you as unlikely These goals are ambitious, to say the least But the argument you are about to read is not lightly considered This is the book I dearly needed when I admitted to myself that I was gay And it is, I pray, an instrument God will use to help bring healing, reconciliation, and hope to many who need them most.A Tree and Its FruitMy knees buckled, my stomach turned, and I felt the strength drain from my body It was my sopho fall at Harvard, and after a long week of classes, I had stopped by the campus convenience store Standing alone in the toothpaste aisle, I finally asked myself the question Id managed to avoid for years Am I gay The answer was obviousit could have been obvious for years, if I hadnt worked so hard to ignore it But it was also terrifying Even though I was going to a school that embraced gay students and living in a state that had legalized gay marriage years earlier, I suddenly found myself feeling hopeless.Life at college wasnt the problem The problem was sixteen hundred miles away, in Wichita, Kansas Id been at school for only a little over a year, and Kansas remained far important to me than Cambridge, Massachusetts But for everything I enjoyed about my home state, most people I knew there made a significant exception to their midwestern friendliness gay people My Presbyterian church, in particular, was filled with kindhearted, caring Christians But when it came to homosexuality, their views were set If you were in a gay relationship, you were living in sin Period.Still frozen in place at the back of the convenience store, my new reality triggered memories With each one came a fresh wave of anguish.Take the summer before I left for college Our pastor had lamented from the pulpit that progressives in our denomination were advocating for the ordination of practicing homosexuals Heads shook in dismay and disappointment.My parents were opposed to the gay rights movement, even though my older sister and I had become open to the issue My final year of high school, my sister, Christine, returned from college with the news that one of her close friends had come out Ill call him Josh Mom, who had known and loved Josh since he was born, was devastated.Dad questioned Joshs judgment.How does he know he can never marry a woman Dad asked Well, hes gay, Dad, I said Why would he Im not convinced he couldnt overcome this It just seems like hes decided not to try.That night, Christine and I shared our frustrations They just dont get it, she said Josh marrying a woman would be a recipe for disaster.I still didnt know what to think about gay marriage, but I wasnt all that fazed by her friends revelation The gay people Id met at school seemed normal enough, and criticizing them for not trying to be straight didnt make sense Whether it was a sin or not, gay people were still gay, and ignoring their orientation wasnt going to help.But my dad didnt know any openly gay people, and he had always understood the Bible to be against homosexuality If God was against it, Dad said, God wouldnt make anyone gay So even if some people struggled with same sex attraction, he was confident they could develop heterosexual attractions over time.Other students came and went from the convenience store, but I stood there, ashen I stared blankly at rows of toothpaste, thinking about the year Josh came outand what would happen when I did too For Josh, coming out to his family had been agonizing Our church, he rightly guessed, would not have been any happier to hear his news.Not wanting to subject himself to widespread rejection, he left town for his out of state college.He left church too.This was a young man who often shared his musical talents with our church, singing and playing original songs in front of hundreds on Sunday mornings He was one of the smartest kids in high school, and he was voted onto homecoming court his senior year Now when people talked about him, it was in hushed tones The sense of shame over what people assumed to be his decision was palpable.Feeling rejected by our church and alienated from God, Josh started much of his life over on the West Coast In time, he found it impossible to keep believing in a loving God As he saw it, the God of the Bible required him to hate a core part of himself Not surprisingly, he also gave up on the Bible, since it had been the instrument that taught others to reject that part of him too Thankfully, his family came around over time, and they now embrace him But much of the damage from our churchs stance had already been done Joshs faith, along with the church community that first nurtured it, was already lost.I walked home from the store that night feeling sick All weekend, I could barely eat or sleep Trying to concentrate on my philosophy paper or my Spanish assignment was impossible.In the days and weeks ahead, I did my best to figure out a way forward Joshs pathas much as I empathized with himdidnt seem bearable to me The losses would be too great My faith had been of central importance to me for as long as I could remember When I was two years old, my parents bought me a childrens Bible, which I studied diligently over the years One Sunday, while riding home from church at the age of three, I asked Jesus to come into my heart I would repeat this request countless times before I made it to middle school, just to make sure it worked My parents nurtured a faith in Jesus in me and my sister, giving us a moral and spiritual anchor as we grew up Just as importantly, Mom and Dad lived out their faith in loving and authentic ways, daily confirming for us the value of placing Christ at the center of our lives So even though I was now facing up to the fact of my sexual orientation, my faith in God was not in jeopardy Besides, after doing a Bible study of the issue the year before, I had already come to question whether Gods views on gay people matched what Christians back home seemed to think they were.But while my faith felt secure, my relationship with my parentsand with our entire church communityhad never felt fragile Homosexuality, to the limited extent it was discussed in our church, was little than a political football, a quick test of orthodoxy The progressives in our denomination supported it, but anyone who trulybelieved in the authority of the Bible, I was told, did not In all this, the concerns, lives, and dignity of gay people were not mentioned As than a few parishioners would later tell me, they had never stopped to think whether there might be any gay people in our church By some strange feat of the will, I had been able to suppress my own awareness of my sexual orientation until I was nineteen But I knew that wasnt the case for many others, maybe most others For a young kid who realizes she is gay and has no one at home or church she can talk to, it can be an impossibly heavy burden For a young man like Josh, who internalized rejection from our church with barely a word spoken, it can drive a wedge between him and God.And what would become of me Weeks passed After deep prayer and several long conversations with my sister and with some friends, I realized what I had to do I packed my bags that Christmas, boarded a plane home for Kansas, and anxiously peered out the window Boston would soon be slipping away, replaced by the familiar terrain of the Bible Belt But this time, going home would be different This time, I was going to come out From the Hardcover edition.Praise for God and the Gay ChristianFor anyone whowants to know why some evangelicals find that the Bible does not condemn same gender marriage, Matthew Viness book answers the question Christians who oppose gay marriage should consider what he has to say Tony Campolo, professor emeritus, Eastern University co author of Red Letter ChristiansMany people believe you can either hold a high view of Scripture or affirm gay relationships, but not both Matthew Vines proves them wrong Provocative and relentlessly Bible focused, God and the Gay Christian offers hope and insight for Christians who have felt conflicted on matters of sexuality Justin Lee, author of Torn Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays vs Christians DebateA must read for all Christians, but especially parents Matthew Vines brings great insight and wisdom to the conversation so urgently needed by todays church God and the Gay Christian has the information I was searching for when my son, Tyler Clementi, came out to me This book will have a great impact on families, freeing parents of misunderstandings about their LGBT children while letting them hold securely to their faith Jane Clementi, co founder of The Tyler Clementi Foundation Matthew Vines has accomplished a rare feat in this book, combining a detailed mastery of a wide range of material from the ancient world and the Christian tradition, a clear and articulate writing style, a deep commitment to his Christian faith, and an incisive judgment that can cut through complex arguments and mountains of data, and identify the core issues and their implications for human life This book makes significant contributions, not only to ongoing scholarly conversations but also to the average person who wants to probe deeply how to think about God and the gay Christian It is the breadth of his reach and the integrated character of his vision that makes this book particularly worth reading Dr James Brownson, Reformed theologian and professor of New Testament author of Bible, Gender, Sexuality God and the Gay Christian is a game changer.Winsome, accessible, and carefully researched, every page is brought to life by the authors clear love for Scripture and deep, persistent faith.With this book, Matthew Vines emerges as one of my generations most important Christian leaders, not only on matters of sexuality but also on what it means to follow Jesus with wisdom, humility, and grace Prepare to be challenged and enlightened, provoked and inspired Read with an open heart and mind, and you are bound to be changed Rachel Held Evans, author of A Year of Biblical Womanhood and Faith Unraveled Few things in todays world divide churches and Christian communities deeply than the issue of homosexuality What lies at the very heart of the matter is the Bible and its interpretation The very few biblical verses that touch upon same sex related matters say nothing about love and enduring relationships between people of same sexon the contrary, these texts condemn harshly the activities they describe, such as attempted rape, debauchery, or depriving a person of his male honor This has led theologically conservative Christians to condemn altogether what is today called homosexuality As the consequence of such an interpretation of the authoritative Scripture, hundreds of thousands of members of Christian communities have faced the difficulty, if not impossibility, to live out their non heterosexual orientation while maintaining their Christian identity Matthew Vines dedicates his book to all those who have suffered in silence for so long He reads the Bible and biblical scholarship as an evangelical gay Christian, giving a voice both to the biblical texts and its readers He takes seriously the biblical text which for him represents the authoritative word of God historical scholarship that reads the biblical text against what can be known of its historical context and the experiences of Christians who read the Bible today Importantly, his own personal voice is to be heard throughout the book, which only adds to its credibility A careful scrutiny of the six biblical passages that somehow address same sex behavior leads Vines to make a compelling argument against mandatory celibacy for gay Christians More than that, he argues that Christians who affirm the full authority of Scripture can also affirm committed, monogamous same sex relationships Matthew Viness well read and well argued book deserves to be read by all those who have suffered in silence, but also by members and ministers of Christian communities struggling with the recognition and appreciation of their gay members Martti Nissinen, professor of Old Testament Studies, University of Helsinki, author of Homoeroticism in the Biblical World A Historical PerspectiveMatthew Vines lives at an intersection of identities a committed, theologically conservative Christian who also happens to be an out gay man In offering both a scholarly and profoundly personal reconciliation of a duality often depicted as hopelessly at odds, he performs a public service that is valiant, hopeful and long overdue He points the way forward for all those still stranded at the intersection Leonard Pitts, Jr., Pulitzer Prize winning columnist author of Freeman Matthew Vines brings within reach of non specialists the rich store of scholarly work on what Scripture does and does not say about same sex relationships Coupled with his poignant descriptions of the damage done by traditional exclusionary interpretations, his book is an essential resource for all who seek to find their bearings in the current debate over the Bibles teachings for gay people Dr Mark Achtemeier, Presbyterian theologian author of The Bibles Yes to Same Sex Marriage God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines God is a game changer Winsome, accessible, carefully researched, every page brought to life author s clear love for Scripture deep, persistent faith Definition of Merriam Webster Washington Post, Gods soccer Ronaldo, Messi like you ve never seen them, June The title tale from this collection short stories about death old deities reveals that Earth was given over an angry, insane god God, Trump meaning morality Post Jul , He felt telling him go into ministry, years later, here he was, pastor First Baptist church who had gotten where could discern voice all time Exodus Kings Wikipedia Exodus epic biblical adventure drama film directed produced Ridley Scott An international co production 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Reformation Project Biblical Case in Support Same Sex RelationshipsHe lives Lenexa, Kansas attended Harvard University Matthew born March LGBT activist, known viral YouTube video Debate Homosexuality related book, Project, based, non profit organization seeks reform teaching on sexual orientation gender identity took leave studies at research what says homosexuality topic has been featured media worldwide, including USA Today, Post QA Q Briefly, when initially acknowledged yourself are gay A I didn t even let myself think whether might be Reasons Loves Christians Time Celibacy gift, not mandate honors celibacy as good way living celibate, after but also makes must voluntary choice Listen another parable There Hear certain householder, which planted vineyard, hedged round about, dig wine press it, built tower, out farmers, went far country Hale jurist Sir SL November December influential English barrister, judge lawyer most noted treatise Historia Placitorum Coron, or History Pleas 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