╋ Chapter ⛅ The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook: The Proven Low-FODMAP Plan for Eating Well and Feeling Great for early readers ▓ Kindle By Patsy Catsos MS RD LD ◖

╋ Chapter ⛅ The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook: The Proven Low-FODMAP Plan for Eating Well and Feeling Great for early readers ▓ Kindle By Patsy Catsos MS RD LD ◖ ╋ Chapter ⛅ The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook: The Proven Low-FODMAP Plan for Eating Well and Feeling Great for early readers ▓ Kindle By Patsy Catsos MS RD LD ◖ A Revolution in IBS TreatmentWhat do apples, multi grain bread, cauliflower, yogurt, high fiber breakfast cereals, and hummus have in common These healthy foods all contain fermentable oligo , di , and monosaccharides and polyols FODMAPs , and they can trigger symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome IBS Ironically, for many years it was thought that foods like these would help everyone with IBS And even today, many health care providers still have not moved beyond traditional one size fits all fiber therapy for IBS if they give any dietary advice at all If you are reading this book, it may not come as a surprise that high fiber IBS therapy, beloved by doctors everywhere, doesnt always or even usually work If thirty three IBS patients are told to eat bran, only one of them is likely to report improvement of his or her symptoms over the next month Clearly, we need to do better.There is now proof that changing the types of sugars and fibers in your diet can help you achieve lasting relief from IBS symptoms The FODMAP approach, developed in Australia and now used around the world, is increasingly recognized as the most effective way to manage IBS with diet Up to 85 percent of patients report significant improvement of their IBS symptoms when they have followed a low FODMAP diet The 35 million Americans with IBS about 11 percent of the population are no longer left to their own devices, desperately looking for help with their symptoms There is no longer any reason for doctors to stand by helplessly, to give the same old high fiber diet advice or, worse yet, to tell patients that diet doesnt matter.When I wrote the first edition of IBS Free at Last in 2008, almost no one knew about FODMAPs outside of Australia the challenge was to get the information to the IBS sufferers who needed it Its publication coincided with exploding consumer interest in nutrition and non drug therapies for IBS Connected by social media and with ready access to published medical literature, people began to learn self help strategies directly from each other, without regard to international boundaries and without the filter of what their health care providers knew or chose to share with them This meant that patients often learned about FODMAPs from the Internet, or from my book, before their doctors or dietitians did We are witnessing a revolution, with nutrition emerging as first line therapy for IBS, and it has been a patient driven phenomenon.Today, the challenge for many IBS sufferers is actually dealing with too much information and misinformation Word spreads fast on the Internet, sometimes presented by people with a thin grasp of nutritional science Pretty recipe pictures on Pinterest and lists of high and low FODMAP foods are not enough To get the best outcome from a FODMAP elimination diet, you need a strategy and a plan You need help in cutting through the confusion about FODMAPs and IBS, and in getting down to work You deserve trustworthy guidance, and you can find it here With this book, you can conduct a dietary experiment to learn how FODMAPs affect you by eating only low FODMAP foods for a few weeks, then reintroducing high FODMAP foods and monitoring your symptoms You will learn which FODMAPs affect you and which ones dont.Thats what this book is This revised and expanded version of IBS Free at Last is your guide to understanding the science of FODMAPs and finding your unique FODMAP fingerprint And it offers fifty six delicious recipes to get you started on your new pain free lifestyle, as well as tips and plans for eating when you dont have the time and resources to cook every meal from scratch.You may wonder Why are FODMAPs so complex and Why do I need to learn so much in order to follow this diet Its because of where the FODMAP data come from how they are affected by the natural variability of food what the difference is between FODMAP data and FODMAP teaching tools, such as are included in this book and how these different tools can be used, depending on where you are in the elimination phase of the program Theres a lot of conflicting information online, so its good for you to have a little backstory before you embark on this journey.FODMAP BackgroundThe FODMAP concept was created by researchers at Monash University in Australia, and this group continues to publish most of the available FODMAP food composition data these published data tables are the primary sources for the program An example of FODMAP data is There are 1.2 grams of sorbitol in 100 grams of an apple We cant get too attached to such data, though Different varieties of apples, different growing conditions, and different degrees of ripeness make each apple unique, and the same holds true for each type of fruit or vegetable, as well as for every batch of grain or loaf of bread.Most people do not have the time, interest, or know how to plan a low FODMAP diet directly from the data tables published in the medical journals So health care professionals and educators create tools to communicate this information to patients and readers At the heart of each tool is a list of low FODMAP foods For example, I developed the tools in this book the Low FODMAP Pantry page 81 and the label reading tips on pages 9197 based on the available data about the FODMAP content of foods at the time of publication I built my unique approach to the data on the way people actually eat and live a methodology that has made it possible for my patients to stick with the diet and reap its benefits.Tool creators make decisions about which foods to include on a low FODMAP diet based on cut offs they have determined for what is considered a high FODMAP food There are no scientifically proven rules for determining these cut offs or deciding what the food portions should be Each tool creator or project team decides these things independently They filter the FODMAP data through their different lenses thats okay, because different tools can help different people Thats also why you can expect some minor variations in the FODMAP tools and corresponding recipes Dont worry these few minor discrepancies wont diminish the overall impact of lowering the FODMAP load of your diet.In this book, Ive determined whether a food is low in FODMAPs based on standard serving sizes, such as 1 2 cup of vegetables I made this decision, which admittedly errs on the side of oversimplification, so this complex and technical diet is easier to learn and easier for you to remember Another developers FODMAP tool might shrink the vegetable servings to as small as necessary to give those foods a green light For example, in my program, Brussels sprouts are not suitable for the elimination phase of the program because 1 2 cup contains too many FODMAPs However, in the Monash University Low FODMAP Diet app, which uses a traffic light system, a serving of two Brussels sprouts gets that green light.Conflicts can also arise when the context is fuzzy For example, if you searched the Internet to answer the question Can I eat Greek yogurt on a low FODMAP diet , you would get a variety of answers So, you need to be clear whether you are following a strict elimination reintroduction program or are eating a relatively low lactose diet after completing the reintroduction phase Now, lets answer your question No, Greek yogurt is not recommended during the elimination phase of this program because it contains several grams of lactose per serving Yes, it is a good choice for a relatively low FODMAP diet because it is lower in lactose than other yogurts So, as you see, both responses are true Greek yogurt may be a perfectly good choice after the reintroduction phase if youve found you can tolerate several grams of lactose at once You will need to remind yourself of where you are in your program as you review such confusing or seemingly contradictory information.Likewise, if you are comparing two tools created by the same person, keep in mind that the food lists with later publication dates are likely the accurate ones As primary data is published, the FODMAP status or recommended portion sizes may change For instance, the food lists in this book are up to date than those in my previous books.As you can see, learning about FODMAPs means also learning to live with some uncertainty about the suitability of the foods for your diet The inevitable discrepancies can cause a little anxiety about whether you are doing it right Dont let those worries distract you from the big picture Even with some uncertainty, substantially lowering your overall FODMAP intake will help you decide whether FODMAPs are impacting your IBS symptoms, and if thats the case, you will be able to manage these symptoms effectively.Before moving on, let me tell you a little about myself and what I do I regularly advise consumers to consider the source when evaluating any information about IBS and FODMAPs, so it is only fair that I invite you into my point of view To begin, know that I share your history of miserable gastrointestinal GI symptoms I have been in your shoes, trying to practice what I know about the science of nutrition in my grocery cart, in my kitchen, and for my body When were not feeling well, we dont have the time or the energy to read dozens of research papers and figure everything out from scratch Ive found out that it is all well and good to know what not to eat, but in our everyday lives we need to know what we can eat.I am a registered dietitian nutritionist with two degrees in nutrition, from Cornell University and Boston University, and have experience as a research dietitian and nutrient database manager at Tufts New England Medical Center As a medical nutrition therapist with a focus on digestive health, I see patients three days a week in Portland, Maine I spend the rest of my work time teaching or attending scientific events, as well as reading and writing about FODMAPs I rely on peer reviewed, published primary sources for my data, but I use my own ideas to create tools such as menus, label reading tips, recipes, and shopping lists for my patients I wrote this book to share these tools with you.My own interest in digestive health goes back to when I was a 22 year old dietetic intern at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston I presented my first case study on a patient, whose name and face I still recall, with ulcerative colitis As I studied and wrote about the diagnosis and treatment of bowel disorders, little did I know that I, too, was about to be diagnosed with ulcerative colitis As a patient, I have had both good years and bad Indeed, I have had enough bad years to deeply empathize with my patients who suffer from painful and disabling GI symptoms These symptoms take a huge emotional toll.I feel hesitant, even now, to talk briefly about my own challenges and health problems How will readers react Will my symptoms and special dietary needs be taken seriously Will people think it is all in my head After all, I look healthy enough It can be hard to get past the stereotypes and judgment that IBS sufferers endure every day People with gastrointestinal problems all too often suffer in silence because of social stigma or because theyve been told they just have to learn to live with their symptoms.Many of my patients tell me they have felt isolated by their IBS I hope this book will offer you the comfort of knowing that you do not have to face your problems alone I understand how embarrassing it can be to discuss your symptoms, even with a physician, family members, or close friends I have experienced many of those same awkward moments and difficult social situations, so I can appreciate why reading a book like this about diet and IBS is a discreet way to get some help.Since 2009, when IBS Free at Last first appeared, I have interacted with thousands of patients and readers One thing is clear citizens of todays world are passionate about their food People identify strongly with their food philosophies In the past, with limited interaction and travel outside the local community, people had little choice but to eat like their neighbors Today, with food and health information streaming to and from almost every corner of the world, food trends emerge quickly and circulate widely within days.I want to make sure you understand my point of view, so you can decide whether this is the right book for you I believe that humans are biologically omnivores and that anything edible is fair game as food At this time in history, many of us choose to limit our intake of certain foods for social, ethical, health, environmental, or religious reasons, and I respect that Some of my clients prefer to eat gluten free, vegan, paleo, non GMO, or organic, while others are interested in eating affordable, convenient food My job as a dietitian is to encourage each person to work within his or her own preferences so as to eat a wide variety of nutritious, well tolerated foods I hesitate to call a low FODMAP diet a lifestyle, since it does not come attached to any particular set of values, except that it should be approached experimentally to see what works and what doesnt work for you All this is to say that the recipes in this book are all low in FODMAPs, and they are made from a wide variety of whole, real foods The rest of your food philosophy is up to you.How to Use This BookThe IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook is written primarily for lay people, although it is also a resource for medical practitioners I have done my best to translate the latest research into terms that anyone can understand Most readers will benefit from reading the next few pages to get acquainted with the vocabulary and the ideas behind the diet.Part 1 IBS and FODMAP Basics provides a description of IBS symptoms, describes the FODMAP elimination phase, and gives some useful general information on the program Part 2 The Two Phase Program is an eight step program of the two phases elimination and reintroduction with the latter offering three approaches to that reintroduction of FODMAP foods, ranging from the most aggressive to the gentlest You can pick and choose, depending on your personality and the severity of your symptoms You should first work your way through Part 1, so as to learn about the diet and determine if its right for you but if time is short and you already have a firm diagnosis of IBS, it is possible to skip that and jump directly into Part 2 Steps 1 through 5 will help you begin eliminating FODMAPs from your diet thats the elimination phase It is here you will find menus, shopping tips, and lists of suitable foods There are also tips on monitoring your symptoms Then, in Steps 6 through 8, you are led through the process of reintroducing FODMAPs, a very important part of the program Please dont miss this important point the FODMAP elimination phase is a temporary learning diet it is not meant to be a permanent lifestyle At its completion, you need to reintroduce nutritious, high FODMAP foods and eat as much of them as you can tolerate for your long term diet Finally, the program offers a way to evaluate your results, and it addresses many common questions about the program.T horoughly researched and well thought out and executed resource for patients and practitioners alike I know I ll reference the book the next time I work with a client needing FODMAP restriction Today s Dietitian In this book, Patsy Catsos has done an exemplary job of helping people both identify and then manage IBS.For some, this may be a miraculous shift Thank you, Ms Catsos, for your clear delivery, excellent organization and empathic writing style Your book with be a blessing for many, and can also serve as a handy reference for the professional as well Brenda Watson, CNC, New York Timesbestselling author of The Skinny Gut Diet As a digestive health dietitian and IBS expert, I can attest to the low FODMAP diet as an effective nutrition solution for the majority of those who suffer with IBS The low FODMAP diet can truly be a life changer Patsy Catsos unravels the complexities of the low FODMAP diet for the reader providing all the details of the low FODMAP elimination and re introduction diet in this comprehensive guide The Q and A format that Ms Catsos provides throughout the book will answer all the readers burning questions and Kate Scarlata, RDN, New York Times Bestselling Author and IBS ExpertDietary triggers are the most notorious provocateurs of IBS symptoms The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook by Patsy Catsos, a leading nutritionist and FODMAP expert, is a must have survival guide Her delightful book is an authoritative but user friendly resource of how to use the right food as powerful medicine for IBS Gerard E Mullin, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, and author of The Gut Balance Revolution, The Good Gut Guide and The Inside TractLong a leader in IBS and low FODMAP education, Patsy Catsos dives deeper than ever before in this book, with up to date medical insight and real world strategies This is aninvaluable resource for my IBS patients Miechelle O Brien, MD, PhD, co Founder TrueSelf Foods Low FODMAP Foods Made Easy Whether you re a health care professional or a consumer trying to filter through the flood of information on IBS, you definitely want to pick up a copy of The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook Patsy does a wonderful job getting right down to exactly what you need to know to get your IBS symptoms under control with a nutritious and varied diet that is manageable and gets results Beautifully referenced with a scientific based bibliography, you will find yourself coming back to this gem of a resource over and over Dr Sheila Dean, DSc, RDN, CCN, CDE, IFMCP, Integrative Functional Nutrition Academy, Co Founder Patsy Catsos IBS Free At Last Feb , Patsy Catsos, MS, RDN, LD is a medical nutrition therapist, FODMAP expert, and author The focus of her Portland, Maine practice digestive health, including irritable bowel syndrome, gluten related disorders, inflammatory disease RD WebMD RD, registered dietitian in She provides counseling to clients with GI disorders food sensitivities helps them day management Exclusive Interview Nov from Joins Us for an Exclusive I first became aware the very same was introduced low diet MS RDN CatsosIBSFreeRD Twitter expert at Last now Elimination Diet Cookbook Nutrition recipe developer, professional educator Maine, USA ibsfree Joined April RDKILA Flavor without FODMAPs series editor blog IBSfree Ms earned BS Nutritional Science Cornell University Boston completed internship s Beth Israel Hospital An LD Jul PC ve had ulcerative colitis myself since my twenties, daughter diagnosed Crohn as pre teen So, always been interested IBS Edited by LD, Low resources people syndrome Tools workshops health care providers Author PATSY CATSOS, leader field A nutritionist based master degree University, she maintains Consultant Expert LDN Karen Warman, pediatric Welcome Works, LLC Works accurate, up date evidence information, personalized you We offer many different education programs assist developing strategies be successful achieving your individual goals The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook: The Proven Low-FODMAP Plan for Eating Well and Feeling Great

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