ಪ Many ᘝ The Laser That's Changing the World: The Amazing Stories behind Lidar, from 3D Mapping to Self-Driving Cars ಶ Ebook Author Todd Neff ೦

ಪ Many ᘝ The Laser That's Changing the World: The Amazing Stories behind Lidar, from 3D Mapping to Self-Driving Cars  ಶ Ebook Author Todd Neff ೦ ಪ Many ᘝ The Laser That's Changing the World: The Amazing Stories behind Lidar, from 3D Mapping to Self-Driving Cars ಶ Ebook Author Todd Neff ೦ Chapter 1Flat screen monitors display pointillist renderings of mountains, rivers, roads, bridges, buildings, and power lines with little regardfor the usual relationships between actual pigmentation and color In place of those are schemes generally favoring deep blues at the base that then loosen into greens, yellows, oranges, and reds with increasing elevation There are enough screens with enough color that one has the sense of being courted by many amorous peacocks The screens belong to exhibit hall booths, which, for the duration of the 2017 International Lidar Mapping Forum at the Hyatt Regency Denver, belong to dozens of data providers, point cloud software developers, and makers of very pricey laser and other hardware Many have sci fi names Quantum Spatial, Network Geomatics, Terrasolid Many have sci fi products too, though they happen to be real.Drones resembling paper airplanes, stealth fighters, helicopters, and propellered crabs have alighted on many tables and stands I pause to consider the Pulse Aerospace Vapor 15, a black chopper with its rotors folded back like the wings of some immense cricket If it were a carnivore, I would be lunch.I just had lunch, standing over a ham and cheese sandwich from the buffet with a semiretired guy named Brad Weigle He grows bananas and mangoes in his Florida backyard but wont be there much over the next couple of years Hes moving to Hawaii to map the National Tropical Botanical Gardens in high resolution using lidar that flies on drones like the Pulse Aerospace Vapor 15 As we talked, Chuyen Nguyen, a graduate student from Texas AMCorpus Christi whom Weigle had met earlier, stopped to say hi and somehow mistook me for someone capable of grokking something called multiscale voxel segmentation for terrestrial lidar data as pertains to swamp mapping, the subject of her PhD work I smiled and nodded pleasantly and said things like Wowand Amazing at what seemed be appropriate intervals When she moved on, Weigle assured me That stuff is cutting edge Its going to be a really big deal.Over at the Velodyne Lidar booth, a sales engineer named Jeff Wuendry tells me that self driving vehicles that constantly lidar scan their environments so they, for example, dont smash into things could, if that data were crowdsourced and stored in the cloud, obviate the need for lidar mapping drones, at least in a lot of urban environments Wuendry also tells me that he used to work for a German company called SICK, now a big name in lidar It started out with light curtains so metal stamping machines wouldnt inadver tently crush the hands of their minders, he says.I walk the few steps over to the Harris Corporation booth, where Blake Burns, a senior sales engineer, explains that with one of Harriss multimillion dollar Geiger mode flash lidar rigs, from an aircraft flying 330 miles an hour at an altitude of twenty seven thousand feet, can render a three mile swath of whatever lies below in photographic detail rainbow coloration notwith standing not to mention, he adds, three dimensional exactitude to about four inches in any direction The US military has been using similar Harris systems for two decades, he says, though this was only declassified a couple of years back Just three of the civilian units exist, and they have better things to do than hang out in an exhibition hall.Right next door, so to speak, Katie Fitzsimmons of Leica Geosystems tells me that Leicas single photon lidaranother multimillion dollar black box, an example of which is on hand and, were it turned on, would be collecting breathtakingly detailed imagery and elevation data of the Hyatt carpetoperates like the equivalent of one hundred typical lidars at once, firing off six million laser pulses each second The company is in the process of elevation mapping the continental United States and Western Europe to an accuracy of a foot or less with these machines, Fitzsimmons adds She speaks with enthusiasm, but also matter of factly than the situation seems to warrant, like someone reciting for the umpteenth time the technical specs of a space time portal.Her colleague Josh Rayburn describes the companys Pegasus Backpack, a twenty eight pound carbon fiber reinforced wonder with five cameras and two spinning Velodyne lidars so someone can walk around and capture detailed 3D renderings of indoor or outdoor spaces It costs about as much as a Ferrari Its right about now that my brain starts to hurt.Its not only being overwhelmed by all the shiny objects, preening flat screens, and jargon its also the weight of knowing that the lidar mapping that this entire conference is dedicated to represents just one of many realms in which people are using lidar That knowledge both reinforces and seriously complicates my desire to make the technology and its evolution clear to people who, like me, might otherwise suspect a voxel to be a Toyota subcompact.Lidar is a technology capable of measuring continental drift, determining the composition of Earths atmosphere, discovering lost cities, tracking the biomass in forests, assessing flood risk and hurricane damage, measuring the melting of glaciers, detecting submerged explosives and the level of the seas in which they lurk, listening to stinkbug conversations, guiding missiles and self driving cars, and a whole lot I have become fascinated with this most striking macroscopic application of quantum physics, which, were it not for its milquetoast name, would surely have soaked up a lot popular love by now, considering its growing importance to science, industry, and government I have decided its time to tell lidars story, starting at the beginning and hanging tough until a sort of techno Darwinian explosion sent the technology radiating into niches than any reasonable tome might possibly hold Then I will have to pick and choose.The beginning is straightforward, though The extraordinary technol ogies arrayed at this technical conference in the Mile High City share an improbable common ancestor lidars first flicker occurred between the ears of a self educated, mentally troubled Irish savant who lived with his parents on the outskirts of Dublin and corresponded with Albert Einstein He dreamed up ways to see the impossibly tiny and the impossibly distant, to be realized long after he was gone.Todd Neff has dug deep to tell the fascinating stories behind a technology that has been quietly examining the world around us for years Lidar has helped pilots land safely, found hidden archaeological sites, mapped Mars and Earth, measured changes in the Greenland ice sheet, and guided robots around laboratories Neff ably introduces us to the inventors behind the lasers and their next big challenge lidar serving as eyes for the self driving cars of tomorrow A great insight into how technology works Jeff Hecht, author of Lasers, Death Rays, and the Long, Strange Quest for the Ultimate WeaponHere is a grand tale of genius, grit, and serendipitya sweeping history of the unsung invention that is transforming modern life Just as lidar has revolutionized how we see, comprehend, and navigate our world, this timely book will open your eyes to the fast changing technological environment that surrounds you David Baron, author of American Eclipse Provides a rich history of laser scanning and lidar that will fill in many of the missing pieces of the development puzzle of this soon to be ubiquitous technology GPS became mainstream, but lidar will be important Gene V Roe, PhD, founder of Lidar News A masterful presentation of the development of optical remote sensing from its very beginning, using searchlights to study the sky With the advent of the laser, lidar was born, and this book follows the explosive development of the revolutionary impact that lidar continues to have in fields as diverse as meteorology, surveying, 3 D imaging, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicle guidance The reader gets to know the key people in each of these fields and effectively joins their team in responding to the complexity of the challenges and the array of advanced technologies involved A captivating and fast moving adventure, meticulously researched and documented, this book is essential reading for everyone interested in the expanding impact of science and technology on the modern world Allan I Carswell, CM, FRSC, FCAE, FCASI, PhD, DSc, PEng, Professor Emeritus, York University, and founder of Optech Incorporated and president of the Carswell Family FoundationNeff has pulled off a seemingly impossible trick by making this complex, era defining technology extremely easy to understand The Laser Thats Changing the World illuminates the historyand huge potentialof lidar with clarity, style, and even humor Sean Higgins, editor, SPAR3D.comLidar has a fascinating history and future that impact how we live and work, all too often being underappreciated Todd Neff deftly gets his hands around this broad based technology thats sure to be as fun to read as it is interesting Larry Boyer, author of The Robot in the Next Cubicle American Laser Skincare America s Authority Short shorts, swimsuits, skinny jeans, even clingy, unforgiving knits No problem You can wear it all with total confidence Whatever your body goals, American has a service that help you achieve China Claims This AK Can Set On FireKILA China ZKZM non lethal laser assault rifle is billed as reportedly ready for mass production Here why shouldn t worry Laser Technology LaserSoft SpeedCapture App Measurement Products core products are engineered pulse technology aka reflectorless measurement resulting in the ability to measure both distances and speeds USA Jammer Laws Guys of LIDAR The LIDAR 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World: The Amazing Stories behind Lidar, from 3D Mapping to Self-Driving Cars

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