ഗ Format Kindle ꯯ Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions ඒ Kindle By Peter R Breggin M.D. ඝ

ഗ Format Kindle ꯯ Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions  ඒ Kindle By Peter R Breggin M.D. ඝ ഗ Format Kindle ꯯ Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions ඒ Kindle By Peter R Breggin M.D. ඝ An engrossing self help guide Breggin conveys empathy and maintains a clear, conversational tone while spelling out his prescriptions for overriding destructive impulses in a variety of real world situations.Publishers Weekly Guilt, Shame, and Anxiety is brilliant, clear, hopeful,inspiring, and rooted in science It should be read by every person seekingfreedom from painful emotions ortrying to help othersno exceptions ROBERT NIKKEL, MSW former Oregon commissioner of mental health and addiction 20032008 member of the executive committee, Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health CareA thoroughly original discussion of what Peter Breggin calls negative legacy emotions, the leftovers from humanitys evolutionary past that no longer serve adaptive functions Breggin takes his readers on a step by step journey to help them replace these negative emotions with life affirming attitudes that will enhance love and well being If you think that nothing new can be said about the human condition, read this book it is filled with unique insights and procedures that can transform its readers, their lives, and their relationships This is a work of breathtaking originalityand usefulness STANLEY KRIPPNER, PHD, coauthor of Personal Mythology, professor of psychology at Saybrook University, and winner of the 2013 American Psychological Associations Award for Distinguished Lifetime Contributions to Humanistic PsychologyA new theory on negative emotions lies in these pages If you take it in, it will change both your life and your view of yourself and your relationships Arising from Peter Breggins nearly eighty years of life experiencesscientific, clinical, and personalthis book culminates in a very personal reflection on the primacy of love and the possibility that every person can become a source of love Provocative and even startling at times, it is beautiful, poetic, and inspiring.DOUGLAS C SMITH, MD, psychiatrist and clinic director, St Anne s CenterBreggin captures the essence of the human condition by intertwining wisdom, insight, empathy, and brilliance A must read JEANNE STOLZER, PHD, professor of child development at University of NebraskaKearney From the first page, I felt an emotional response that brought me to tears, knowing this is a book we all have been waiting for It is for every one of us who have emotions we struggle with Its a great testament to humanitya groundbreaking work in wisdom and conceived in love MICHAEL CORNWALL, PHD, Jungian Laingian therapist, Esalen conference leader, and blogger for Mad in AmericaWith the first unified theory of guilt, shame, and anxiety, this pioneering psychiatrist and critic of psychiatric diagnoses and drugs examines the causes and effects of psychological and emotional suffering from the perspective of biological evolution, child development, and mature adult decision making Drawing on evolution, neuroscience, and decades of clinical experience, Dr Breggin analyzes what he calls our negative legacy emotionsthe painful emotional heritage that encumbers all human beings The author marshals evidence that we evolved as the most violent and yet most empathic creatures on Earth Evolution dealt with this species threatening conflict between our violence and our close knit social life by building guilt, shame, and anxiety into our genes These inhibiting emotions were needed prehistorically to control our self assertiveness and aggression within intimate family and clan relationships Dr Breggin shows how guilt, shame, and anxiety eventually became self defeating and demoralizing legacies from our primitive past that no longer play any useful or positive role in mature adult life He then guides the reader through the Three Steps to Emotional Freedom, starting with how to identify negative legacy emotions and then how to reject their control over us Finally, he describes how to triumph over and transcend guilt, shame, and anxiety on the way to greater emotional freedom and a rational, loving, and productive life. 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