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ῴ Reading ⇉ The Emoji Movie Junior Novelization quotes ῾ By Style Guide „ ῴ Reading ⇉ The Emoji Movie Junior Novelization quotes ῾ By Style Guide „ The Emoji Movie Junior Novelization Look inside your cell phone and youll find a complicated circuit board made up of tiny parts and wires Its fascinating, but not as fascinating as the world you cant see the world inside your circuit board Textopolis is part of that world Its part of a Text app, and its where all the Emojis live Each Emoji does just one thingand they have to nail it every time The Christmas Tree just has to stand there and look festive The Princesses have to wear their crowns and keep their hair combed Devil, Thumbs Up, and Poopthey simply have to show up and theyre good to go And somelike Fishcake with a Swirljust have to sit around, because nobody ever uses them For some Emojis, doing only one job is tough Crying always has to cry, even if hes won the lottery Laughing has to laugh, even if shes at the dentist And then theres Meh The Meh has to look totally over it, no matter whats going on around him But for one MehGene Mehkeeping a Meh expression all the time wasnt easy Gene lived in Textopolis inside a phone belonging to a teenage boy named Alex Genes mom and dad, Mel Meh and Mary Meh, were really great at being Meh Gene wasnt sure how they did it For one thing, Textopolis was an exciting place to live Emojis filled the busy streets, talking, laughing, and shopping In the center of the city rose the Company headquarters, a gleaming round building Every day, one lucky Emoji of each type was chosen to sit in the Company theater There, they sat and waited to be called up by Alex, the biggest honor any Emoji could hope for Today was Genes big day, and he was so excited Except he was a Meh, and he wasnt supposed to be excited at all On the way to the Company, Gene stopped and looked at himself in a store window He had spaghetti like arms and legs attached to an enormous, round yellow head with a face The expression on the face was a mix of nervousness and excitementnot Meh at all Dangit, Gene said, and tried again Slightly downturned mouth Eyes looking slightly down and to the side The reflection in the mirror had wide eyes and a goofy smile Gene was just too excited to be Meh Gene, get ahold of yourself he scolded himself He knew he had to do a good job for Alex, the owner of the phone There wouldnt be a Textopolis without Alex He was fifteen, and like every freshman in high school, his life revolved around his phone Gene knew from his training that every text Alex sent could affect his social status and reputation There was no room for error Gene knew that if Alex called on him, he couldnt laugh, or cry, or smile, or frown He had to be Meh He just had to be He slapped his face, then looked around, making sure nobody had seen him smile An Emoji wearing a Russian fur hat walked by and eyed him suspiciously Whats up Gene asked Sooo Meh right now Then he quickly turned and started walking to the Company headquarters He loved walking through the city There was so much to see Cop and Donut were drinking coffee together in the caf Dog chased after Caruntil he saw Fire Hydrant A gaggle of Hearts swooned over a muscled Bicep Gene walked past the park, where Santa was playing chess with Menorah while Jack O Lantern, Shamrock, and Rabbit looked on Old Man Emoji was painting using a Palette, while the Scream modeled for him Then a Kissy Face Girl ran up to Scream and he ran away, screaming Todays the day Ive been waiting for my whole life, Gene muttered as he took in all the sights My first day as a working Emoji But I cant get too excited or Ill blow my big chance He had reached Company headquarters He took a deep breath as he approached the Emojis waiting outside Be Meh, Gene, he coached himself Act natural I mean, dont act natural Just be Meh He strode up to the Emojis Hey, you guys Its my first day on the job The Emojis turned aroundthey were all Crying Emojis They burst out crying and ran away Oh no Gene heard one of them say That weirdo Gene is going to ruin everything I cant help it, he said sadly I have a lot of feelings I just have to express them Another Kissy Face Girl walked past him Morning he cheerfully greeted her On my way to work Kissy Face Girl blew a heart in his direction Genes eyes turned into hearts Suddenly, a Heart Eyes Emoji appeared Hey he yelled in a deep voice Im the only one with heart eyes around here Youre Meh Heart Eyes Emoji put his arm around Kissy Face Girl Genes eyes quickly returned to normal Youre right, sir, he said Sorry Then he heard laughing He saw a group of Laughing and Smiling Emojis talking to Elephant Wind was standing behind Elephants tail Alex sends me next to this guy, Elephant was saying Hilarious, right Yeah, hilarious Gene agreed Ha Ha It looks like Elephants passing gas The Laughing and Smiling Emojis just shook their heads and walked away Gene kept looking at Elephant and Wind and chuckling until he saw two Emojis coming toward him from the corner of his eye Two Meh Emojis His parents Gene, please tell me that you werent just laughing now, Mel Meh said In public Mel didnt sound angry or upsethe sounded perfectly Meh Gene often wondered how his parents did it They were total pros at being Meh Gene pointed to Elephant and Wind But look, when they stand next to each otherits like the Elephant is tooting He giggled, and then did his best to look Meh Mel took Genes arm Lets go somewhere private, he said He led Gene inside Company headquarters, and Mary Meh followed them They went inside the restroom Why are we hiding in the bathroom Gene asked I have some bad news, Gene, his father said And Im afraid youll have the wrong reaction Whats the wrong reaction Gene asked Anything other than Meh, Mel replied Im not letting you go to work today Youre just not ready, son What But there are Emojis half my age already working Gene wailed Oh, sweetie, thats not true, his mom said soothingly Two bathroom stalls opened behind them Poop and a smaller Poop emerged from them Yay Im going to work and Im only ten Poop Jr cheered Poop smiled I believe in you, little squirt Were number two Were number two Poop Jr shouted They exited the bathroom, and Gene turned to his parents See You guys dont believe in me, he said Look, I know Im different But when I need to, I can be Meh I just want to be a working Emoji like everyone else, and finally fit in You fit in, Mary said No, I dont, Mom I never have, Gene protested But I can change all thatif you just let me But what if you get sent out on the phone, making the wrong face his dad asked He sounded worried, but his face still looked Meh Ill make the right face, Dad, Gene promised He turned to Mary Mom, you guys have been working around the clock for years Never a break Let me help you, please Mary nodded Hes right, Mel Were not getting any younger Weve never taken a vacation Gene knew his mom was caving, so he pressed on Im young Im ready And Im so Meh right now, its not even funny He put on his best Meh face Mehhhhhhh His tactic worked Youre so handsome when you make that face, his mom said Mel, I think its time we share that face with the world Gene turned to his father Come on, Dad Let me prove myself to you Mel sighed If you really think youre ready I promise I wont let you down Gene said, smiling with excitement Then he quickly switched to a Meh face I mean, I promise I wont let you down Genes parents exchanged looks Their faces were Meh, but they were both worried. The Emoji Movie Sony Pictures Discover Textopolis, a bustling city where all your favorite emojis live when three unlikely friends embark on journey to save their world before it s deleted forever xkcd Movie This work is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial License means you re free copy and share these comics but not sell them More details Rotten Tomatoes The just critical flop, also metaphor for Hollywood that struggling find the line between branding audiences love resent Reviews Box Office Mojo Oct , summary of box office results, charts release information related links unlocks never seen secret inside smartphone Hidden within messaging app live, hoping be selected by phone user Tony Leondis, Michelle Fulfillment FBA service we offer sellers lets store products in fulfillment centers, directly pack, ship, provide customer Review Common Sense Media Positive messages, colorful adventure mostly meh Read Media review, age rating, parents guide Anna Faris, Maya 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