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→ Relié Download [ The Edge of Winter ] For Free ⇲ PDF Author Luanne Rice ∝ → Relié Download [ The Edge of Winter ] For Free ⇲ PDF Author Luanne Rice ∝ Chapter OneShane West held the flamethrower, stunned when he realized he wasn t alone He d come to the deserted beach to make his stand His teachers were always saying he wasn t working up to potential, but this was just a different kind of potential Two girls rode by on their bikes just then perfect but terrible timing He recognized Mickey Halloran as she turned to stare at him, saw the fire She looked panicked, and she must have thought he needed help, because suddenly she came charging at him on her bike He tried to gesture go away, but she flew at him like a two wheeled missile, and he had to admire her for it He knew single minded purpose when he saw it But just then she went into a skid and took a header over her handlebars Dousing the fire in a sand dune, he ran across the road, as the other girl Jenna Carlson, he thought jumped off her bike, ran back, and dropped to her knees next to Mickey Shane pushed past her and crouched, leaning over to look into Mickey s eyes He had never talked to her, but he d noticed her around school Her face was pretty, pale, lightly freckled her enormous eyes were light green Two long brown braids hung from beneath her dark blue knit cap He could tell in one glance that it wasn t good She had hit her head when she landed, and blood was pooling on the pavement But her eyes were still open Mickey, why d you turn like that Oh God Jenna was crying, almost hysterical Don t move, Shane said to Mickey They re going to move the U boat, she said And they re acting like it s a public service Her lips were blue Shane knew she might be going into shock Not if I can help it, he said You were on fire, she said Shhh, he said Pretend you didn t see that Her eyes rolled back, and her eyelids flickered Whoa, he said, panicking His heart accelerated, full blast He hadn t been there for his father, but he was here now Back then, things had gone so wrong This time he d make sure they went right He stared down at the girl They were in the same class, but different crowds No going to sleep Talk to me Your name s Mickey, right Yes, that s her name, the friend said And I m Jenna, and she s right, you were holding fire in your hand What was that Mickey, hey, Shane said, ignoring her friend Stay with me here Dismantling the U boat, taking it away Changing the surf, and the way the beach is formed How badly would that suck Mickey Terrible, she said, coming back from the brink, those green eyes bright again, full of life Can t happen The birds snowy owl need the beach the way it is Yeah, Shane said, thinking how sweet she looked, seeing how hard she was trying to stay alert And surfers need that U boat Birds and surfers Fly by air, fly by sea Come on, Mickey Stay awake He looked up at her friend We have to get her an ambulance Where How Jenna asked, starting to cry again She might not know exactly what was wrong with Mickey, but she could see the blood, and like Shane she knew it was bad She was willowy and blond, and Shane took note of her pretty powder puff looks and hoped she could be tough right now We re five miles from the main road, and cell phones don t work down here, she said Shane had come the back way, through the frozen bog His car was broken down, and he had no money to fix it His mother was out of town, so he couldn t borrow hers Besides, cars left tire marks, and any idiot with a TV had seen enough forensics shows to know that treads could be traced So he d fit everything he needed into his pockets, carried the rest, and come to do what needed to be done I ll run for help, he said, peeling off his parka It was old, patched in places by silver duct tape You keep her awake and talking no matter what you hear me Yes, Jenna said Don t move her, he said Not even an inch Mickey was trembling As he tucked his coat around her, careful not to jostle her, Shane touched her face it was ice cold She gazed up at him as if he was some kind of savior The look in her eyes caught him like a fishhook because he knew he held her life in his hands Does it hurt he asked Her mouth moved, but no sound came out Think of that snowy owl, he said Just stay wide awake, and wish, and the owl will fly overhead Just keep your eyes open so you don t miss it You saw it Mickey managed to whisper Of course, Shane said, staring into Mickey s green eyes Every time I surf It s been here all winter Then, to her friend, Remember what I said keep her awake Okay Hurry Jenna said Shane jumped up Watch for the owl, he said to Mickey, and then took off running In another phase of his life, he d been on the track team His event had been the hundred yard dash, but he wasn t a bad distance runner Right now, although he had five miles to cover before reaching the state road, he ran as if it were a sprint flat out, as fast as he could go He d been young when his father had died, but if he could have run for help like now, he would have Today, he knew failure was not an option Surfing all winter, powering through the Atlantic cross chop, kept him lean and mean, and he used the look in Mickey s eyes to make him run faster than he ever had He headed up the road, the dunes at his right The thicket had thinned out here, and an icy wind blew full force off the ocean Sand had drifted right onto the pavement he saw the drifty remains of the girls bike tire marks and admired them for riding down here on such a day Hardly anyone loved this remote winter beach the way he did, not even most of his surfing buddies They went for easy access, at the town beach Mickey had mentioned the snowy owl Was the bird the reason she d come all the way out here in twenty degree weather When he got to the ranger station, his stomach tightened This wasn t going to be pretty He saw O Casey s green truck parked outside the low one story building Painted gray blue, the color of the February sea, the ranger station blended into the sea and sky, into the beach itself Shane tore up the steps, into the office O Casey sat at his desk, dressed in his khaki uniform, glancing up over his reading glasses, looking just like the hard ass authority figure that he was Ex Marine, people said Shane wouldn t be surprised, and he thought of his mother down at Camp Lejeune Jerks Standing there, not wanting the ranger to see how out of breath he was, Shane glared down He watched O Casey tense up, his hand inching toward the desk drawer Did he keep a sidearm in there Jesus Christ, Semper Fi What brings you back here O Casey asked Call 911, Shane said to his old enemy What are you talking about There s a hurt girl, Shane said Hurry up All at once the ranger was on his feet One hand reaching for the radio static cracking, the police dispatcher taking the information as Shane relayed it Injured girl, bike wipeout, Beach Road, mile marker 3, near the jetty other hand grabbing his jacket, a bulky green government issue job, just about as beat up as the one Shane had left covering Mickey In that second, registering that Shane didn t have a coat, O Casey thrust his at him Shane refused to take it He backed toward the door, hating to stand by the ranger At six foot four, O Casey towered over him His shoulders were huge, but he somehow managed to look fit and trim for an old guy His skin was weathered and lined, his hair nearly all gray The way his eyes looked behind those reading glasses like he d spent most of his life either in battle or looking for one That look sent a shiver down Shane s spine Locking the door behind him, O Casey followed Shane down the steps They climbed into the beach truck The bench seat was cluttered up with coiled lines, binoculars, gnarly old leather gloves, and a printer s box of new Refuge Beach brochures ready for next summer What s that smell O Casey asked as he backed out of the sandy lot Shane knew he reeked of kerosene, but he just stayed silent, staring at O Casey It was a combination of disbelief and dare disbelief the ranger could ask that when a girl was lying hurt in the road up ahead, and daring him to figure out what Shane was planning next You re on probation, O Casey said As far as I m concerned, they should have taken your board away Just for surfing the tail end of a hurricane Shane asked Try thinking about the rescue workers who would have had to go in after you, O Casey said, and that shut Shane right up He felt himself go red, as if he d suddenly gotten a sunburn Mile marker 3, you said the ranger asked, staring down the road Right there Shane said, pointing But everything was different than he d left it The road was empty the broken bike had been hauled off to the side, and Mickey and Jenna sat huddled together under Shane s jacket Shane wasn t sure he d ever felt this relieved she wasn t paralyzed Jumping out of the truck, Shane ran to her Her brown braids and thAn involving tale of love, loss, and redemption, then deepens the story with a resonant appreciation for nature Booklist From the Hardcover edition. 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