ጐ [PDF]-Free Read The Genesis of Evangeline (The Lost Royals Saga Book 1) ᘌ Book Author Rachel Jonas ᪉

ጐ [PDF]-Free Read The Genesis of Evangeline (The Lost Royals Saga Book 1) ᘌ Book Author Rachel Jonas ᪉ ጐ [PDF]-Free Read The Genesis of Evangeline (The Lost Royals Saga Book 1) ᘌ Book Author Rachel Jonas ᪉ An intriguing mix of romance, fantasy, and heart pounding action.I love Evie Shes a fighter, but its her kind heart I adore the most And the boys dont even get me started on them Too many book boyfriends to choose from here I cant wait for the next installment in this series I need to know what happens Five fantasy stars from me Jaymin Eve, USA Today bestsellingauthor of the Supernatural Prison series. This book is a wild ride of fun, adventure, and magic Its like nothing Ive read before and everything I didnt know I was craving Ashley Gallegos, author of Last Chance Baby and The Houseboat founder of Indie Book Connect Subscription Box.I stared at my feet planted on her ugly, burgundy carpet, feeling the weight of her stare, but never looking up.Id like to know about the dreams, Evangeline Im willing to bet theyve got something to do with your discovery a few years ago.I took my seat again.In truth, the dreams had nothing to do with how I was or wasnt processing being told Im not a Callahan by blood For one, the dreams started a whole year later I simply made the mistake of mentioning them briefly in one of my sessions with Alice and she never let it go.Apparently, Dr Cruz was going to follow in those same footsteps.One has absolutely nothing to do with the other, I sighed.How can you be so sure It was hard to forget the looks on my parents faces when my grandmother accidentally let the cat out the bag over dinner Grams battle with dementia made it commonplace for her to spill all of her, and everyone elses, secrets I just dont think any of us expected that particular secret to tumble from her mouth over a meal of cabbage rolls and glazed carrots.Was I in shock Yes.Did I feel strangely disconnected from my family For a while, yes, but I was seriously past all that now My mom and dad loved me and I didnt need Dr Cruz, or anyone else, to help me see that.Evangeline I asked how you can be so sure the two are unrelated Shes so pushyBecause I dont know what dreaming through the eyes of some random guy Ive never met, have never seen, has to do with being adopted.Vivid imagery flooded my thoughts the next second At first, these visions, or dreams, or whatever they were they used to only happen maybe once a month Even every other month on occasion But now, I couldnt remember a night I hadnt had one lately.And this guy you say youve never met him before Anxiety had me choosing my fingernails to snack on instead of the meatloaf.I answered by shaking my head.She wrote.Are there any distinct characteristics or traits that stand out about him in these dreams Closing my eyes helped me visualize and the first thing I saw were arms.His arms.They were tanned like he spent a lot of time in the sun, or maybe his skin was just naturally that way the color of desert sand Dark ink stained them both from his knuckles well past his elbows.Tattoos, I sighed A lot of them Sleeves on both arms Lots of color, but I cant make out what any of them are And there are always these two leather bands on his wrist Both brown They look old, I shared, touching my own wrist as I explained.Does he speak to you Dr Cruz asked.I shook my head again No I can only see Theres no sound.That was always frustrating I dreamed of this guy having full conversations with people, but had never heard a single word Once, a dream consisted of nothing but him sitting on the couch, reading an old classic, and I simply observed in silence.Have you ever seen his face No Never When he passes mirrors its like I searched for the words to explain Its blurry Intentionally blurry Like, Im not supposed to see it My foot tapped the ugly carpet and I remembered something else There was this one time, he was at a train station or maybe it was a bus station I distinctly remember him showing the clerk his I.D., but there was this this distortion over his face in the photo.Id taken my thumbnail down to a nub, but my teeth were still working on it Talking about this made me sound crazy and I was sure Dr Cruz was thinking it.I know this may be difficult to answer because youve never been able to see his face, but, if you had to guess, how old would you Twenty My answer came too quickly It was too solid, too sure, and I immediately regretted not hesitating Twenty You sound very firm on that.I was I couldnt explain how or why, but I knew, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that was his age.His name came to me the same way about a year ago I hadnt seen it written on anything in my visions Definitely hadnt heard it I just knew.He was Liam.The blank look on Dr Cruzs face made me tremble, but I clasped my hands tightly in my lap to hide it Not because I felt afraid, but rather because I felt exposed Like Id let her in too far.Can you tell me about your most recent episode Episode the term rubbed me the wrong way.Last night, I dreamed he was here in Seaton Falls.Is that usually the case she asked Is the setting of these dreams always where you live To get a clearer mental picture, I closed my eyes When they first started, he was inCalifornia I distinctly remember him driving up the coast at night.I left out that there was a bottle of alcohol in his hand as he swerved Swerved and sped.Like he had a death wish.Itd be just my luck that Dr Cruz would interpret that as a cry for help, a warning that I, myself, was suicidal So, I didnt mention it.That night, Id seen the moon and stars brighter than Id ever seen them in my life ThroughLiams eyes.My fingers wandered through my hair, letting it settle on my shoulders as I decided to tell her There were fewer tattoos then.So, he changed Her pen went still Thats interesting.The tone of her voice bordered on condescending and it brought me to my senses, reminding me not to say too much.It isnt really, I countered with a dismissive shrug Its just tattoos.Dr Cruz may have noticed that I clammed up because she moved on quicker than expected What came after California I exhaled and leaned deeper into my chair.A lot of endless road Sometimes on foot Sometimes bumming rides off anyone willing to stop and pick him up It was like that for months Then, eventually, he was in Chicago where I was living at the time I recognized the Wilson Viaduct.A vivid memory of waking up from that particular dream, crying inconsolably, made me pause before sharing the rest Id never been afraid in my entire life than I was when living through Liams eyes that night It didnt matter that it wasnt real.It felt real.What was significant about the viaduct she asked.I swallowed, wishing I could forget He slept there.Her eyes met mine as she repeated my words He slept there.I nodded Yeah.Is he always homeless You mentioned a moment ago that he was taking rides from strangers to get to his next destination.Liam always seemed like somewhat of a nomad to me Like he was constantly on the move Always searching For what, I wasnt sure, but there was a keen sense of being unsettled when I saw the world through his eyes Like I, or he, was out of place.Out of time.Restless.Its hard to tell, I finally answered But that was the only time I can recall him sleeping outside.And when he sleeps, when he dreams do you see that, too It was hard to tell if she was being facetious, but I assumed this was a question any shrink would ask, so I answered.No, it just goes dark It feels like it stays that way for hours, I guess.Dr Cruz wrote in complete silence and, looking at my thumb, I realized Id drawn blood In a desperate attempt to regain just a strand of credibility, I blurted the words, Im not crazy.The outburst earned me an awkward stare from my new psychologist, but I explained myself anyway Im fully aware that these dreams arent real Theyre vivid and strange, yes, but I know the difference between reality and fiction.And whether Dr Cruz still believed me or not, I knew Liam was just that.Fiction. 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