✊ Read any Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body Reprint, Neil Shubin - Amazon.com ͥ PDF by Neil Shubin ᾥ

✊ Read any Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body Reprint, Neil Shubin - Amazon.com ͥ PDF by Neil Shubin ᾥ ✊ Read any Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body Reprint, Neil Shubin - Amazon.com ͥ PDF by Neil Shubin ᾥ Oliver Sacks on Your Inner Fish Since the 1970 publication of Migraine, neurologist Oliver Sacks s unusual and fascinating case histories of differently brained people and phenomena a surgeon with Tourette s syndrome, a community of people born totally colorblind, musical hallucinations, to name a few have been marked by extraordinary compassion and humanity, focusing on the patient as much as the condition His books include The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, Awakenings which inspired the Oscar nominated film , and 2007 s Musicophilia He lives in New York City, where he is Professor of Clinical Neurology at Columbia University Your Inner Fish is my favorite sort of book an intelligent, exhilarating, and compelling scientific adventure story, one which will change forever how you understand what it means to be human. The field of evolutionary biology is just beginning an exciting new age of discovery, and Neil Shubin s research expeditions around the world have redefined the way we now look at the origins of mammals, frogs, crocodiles, tetrapods, and sarcopterygian fish and thus the way we look at the descent of humankind One of Shubin s groundbreaking discoveries, only a year and a half ago, was the unearthing of a fish with elbows and a neck, a long sought evolutionary missing link between creatures of the sea and land dwellers. My own mother was a surgeon and a comparative anatomist, and she drummed it into me, and into all of her students, that our own anatomy is unintelligible without a knowledge of its evolutionary origins and precursors The human body becomes infinitely fascinating with such knowledge, which Shubin provides here with grace and clarity Your Inner Fish shows us how, like the fish with elbows, we carry the whole history of evolution within our own bodies, and how the human genome links us with the rest of life on earth. Shubin is not only a distinguished scientist, but a wonderfully lucid and elegant writer he is an irrepressibly enthusiastic teacher whose humor and intelligence and spellbinding narrative make this book an absolute delight Your Inner Fish is not only a great read it marks the debut of a science writer of the first rank. Photo Elena Seibert A Note from Author Neil Shubin This book grew out of an extraordinary circumstance in my life On account of faculty departures, I ended up directing the human anatomy course at the University of Chicago medical school Anatomy is the course during which nervous first year medical students dissect human cadavers while learning the names and organization of most of the organs, holes, nerves, and vessels in the body This is their grand entrance to the world of medicine, a formative experience on their path to becoming physicians At first glance, you couldn t have imagined a worse candidate for the job of training the next generation of doctors I m a fish paleontologist. It turns out that being a paleontologist is a huge advantage in teaching human anatomy Why The best roadmaps to human bodies lie in the bodies of other animals The simplest way to teach students the nerves in the human head is to show them the state of affairs in sharks The easiest roadmap to their limbs lies in fish Reptiles are a real help with the structure of the brain The reason is that the bodies of these creatures are simpler versions of ours During the summer of my second year leading the course, working in the Arctic, my colleagues and I discovered fossil fish that gave us powerful new insights into the invasion of land by fish over 375 million years ago That discovery and my foray into teaching human anatomy led me to a profound connection That connection became this book Click on thumbnails for larger images The crew removing the first Tiktaalik in 2004 Ted Daeschler and Neil Shubin propecting for new sites Credit Andrew Gillis The valley where Tiktaalik was discovered credit Ted Daeschler, Academy of Natural Sciences The models of Tiktaalik being constructed for exhibition Tyler Keillor, University of Chicago Me with one of the models John Weinstein, Field Museum Fish paleontologist Shubin illuminates the subject of evolution with humor and clarity in this compelling look at how the human body evolved into its present state Parsing the millennia old genetic history of the human form is a natural project for Shubin, who chairs the department of organismal biology and anatomy at the University of Chicago and was co discoverer of Tiktaalik, a 375 million year old fossil fish whose flat skull and limbs, and finger, toe, ankle and wrist bones, provide a link between fish and the earliest land dwelling creatures Shubin moves smoothly through the anatomical spectrum, finding ancient precursors to human teeth in a 200 million year old fossil of the mouse size part animal, part reptile tritheledont he also notes cellular similarities between humans and sponges Other fossils reveal the origins of our senses, from the eye to that wonderful Rube Goldberg contraption the ear Shubin excels at explaining the science, making each discovery an adventure, whether it s a Pennsylvania roadcut or a stony outcrop beset by polar bears and howling Arctic winds I can imagine few things beautiful or intellectually profound than finding the basis for our humanity nestled inside some of the most humble creatures that ever lived, he writes, and curious readers are likely to agree Illus Jan 15 Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc All rights reserved. Your Inner Fish A Journey into the Billion Year Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download free Kindle App Then can start reading books on smartphone, tablet, computer About Book, Awards Reviews Praise for Your is my favorite sort of book an intelligent, exhilarating, compelling scientific adventure story, one which will change forever Episode HHMI BioInteractive AVAILABLE FOR ORDER DVD The PBS series delves deep in past reveal startling truth Hidden within human body story life Earth Movies TV Product Description reveals This takes viewers from Ethiopia Arctic Circle hunt many ways that our animal ancestors shaped anatomical destiny Explore Animals PBS Explore completely new way interactive surprising origins amazing annoying features Meet Ancestors Time Neil Shubin, University Chicago scientist who led team dug up Tiktaalik, went write best selling about it, titled That three part Twisting Fish Twisting Yoga Studio run by highly experienced 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Skating Biographies isuresults Figure Men AND Andorra Marc CASAL Elvis CAUBET ARG Argentina Mauro CALCAGNO Denis MARGALIK Your Inner Fish: A Journey into the 3.5-Billion-Year History of the Human Body Reprint, Neil Shubin - Amazon.com

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